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CryptoCurrency is gaining popularity and with more new coins being introduced all the time, many people are seeing the benefits of investing in Crypto. But for those that want to add to their investment and earn even more money, there are websites available where you can wager (gamble) your crypto coins and make a profit.

Keep in mind that these sites are gambling sites and if you have a gambling problem or addiction, you should probably stay away. But for those of us who know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em, sites like Lucky Games are a great way to earn a lot of money.

But what is Lucky Games? I’m glad you asked…. keep reading below for a brief overview.

Lucky Games Overview

Ok, so there are many cryptocurrency gambling sites that are available online, but this blog post is going to specifically talk about Lucky Games. I recently stumbled upon this website and I ABSOLUTELY love it! It is so simple to use and it has never given me any problems with deposits or withdrawals.

Lucky Games offers several different games that you can play and wager your bitcoin, litecoin, etherium or virtually any cryptocurrency that you own. The games currently available are listed below (I’ll go into more detail on each later in this post).

  • Balls
  • Dice
  • Roulette
  • Cells
  • Hacker (currently in Beta)

Most of the games have both manual and auto options for you to play around with. Basically this just means that you can manually place each bet, or you can set up a set of rules and then let the game run automatically. Personally I like the manual option best because I can be more in control of the bets as the game is being played.

Another great feature that Lucky Games offers is their “Lucky Coin” which is basically a fake coin that you can use to practice the games with and develop a strategy before wagering your actual Bitcoin, etc. Upon signing up, you get 500 Lucky Coin to start with. I love this because I was able to check out the games and how the wagering and auto system worked.

Luckygames - Bitcoin Gambling, Dice Game

CryptoCurrency Options Available – 130 Coins Currently

So like I mentioned earlier, Lucky Games allows you to wager virtually any cryptocurrency that you own. Simply purchase the crypto coins on sites like Coin Base and then send it to your Lucky Game crypto wallet address (specific to each coin).

If there is a Cryptocoin out there, they probably have it on LuckyGames. Truth be told, there are about 30 coins available that I’ve never even heard of. But of course, they have the standards like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple, etc. I won’t list all of the options here, but I’ll list about one third of them below (and I’ll include a few obscure ones).

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Etherium
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • Vertcoin
  • Zcash
  • Monero
  • etc, etc, etc

Games Available

So as I mentioned before there are several games that you can play to earn more cryptocurrency using this site. So listed below I will briefly describe how each one works.


This game consists of 11 “magnetic” balls that you choose from and then run a “magnet” over the top. The ball that the magnet picks up is the winner. So you simply bet on which ball you think will be picked up. You can choose more than one… I believe it is up to 9 balls. Of course, if you choose only 1 ball and it wins, you will earn MORE!!

Lucky Games Ball Game


In this game, the player chooses a number between 1 and 98 and predicts whether the dice will roll OVER or UNDER that number. For instance, the player may choose 50 and predict “Roll Over”… so if the dice lands on anything above 50 (63 for example), the player wins!

The odds and multiplier (how much you win) are determined by which number is picked as well as which over/under is specified. So for example, if the player picks Roll Over 95 and the dice lands on 97… the player wins by a multiple of 24.75 but the win chance is only 4%.

Lucky Games Dice Game


Roulette is played basically like the traditional Roulette tables you might find at a casino. This particular one only has 1 green 0 space (also known as European Roulette). The betting is done by placing chips on the numbers you think will hit and then spinning the roulette wheel.

Lucky Games Roulette


Cells is actually a multiplayer game, meaning that the board is being played by more than one person at any given time. The grid/board is set up with 156 cells and you can win up to 5 times your bet. The rewards are randomly placed around the board with each new round.

Cells Game Lucky Games


Hacker is currently in Beta still (as of 8-20-19) so you can only use Lucky Coin with it for now. The idea is that you are a “professional website hacker” and you have to attempt to hack as many websites as possible before getting busted.

There are 40 cells/websites available to hack and you can choose up to 38 to try to hack in a row. You can also “escape” at any time.

Lucky Games Hacker

    Deposit and Withdrawal Options

    When it comes to depositing and withdrawing your crypto funds, Lucky Games has made it very easy. With each Crypto coin you are given a specific deposit address that you can send it to. I use Coinbase to buy most of my coins, so I just send it to the deposit address from there.

    The confirmation typically only takes about 5 minutes (at most). The withdrawal is just as simple… all you have to do is click the withdraw button and follow the easy instructions to send it to your wallet or to a website like coinbase if you want to deposit it into your bank account.

    Lucky Games

    Final Thoughts – How I Earn $20 per day

    As I mentioned before, this website is technically a gambling site for Cryptocurrency. If you have a gambling problem or don’t have crypto coins you are willing to possibly lose, than don’t join this site.

    However, if you like to double your coins playing relatively easy and definitely fun games, then Lucky Games is perfect for you. I would suggest practicing a bit with the bonus Lucky Coins that they give you upon signing up to get familiar with the games and to develop your strategy.

    I personally am able to make an average of $20 per day using this site. I mostly play the dice game with either my Bitcoin or Litecoin. I also make sure that I have the current price for the coin pulled up in another tab so I can figure out when I have reached my goal (usually $20 or $25). I also use a spreadsheet that I built to help me determine when I’ve reached my goal and when to cash out for the day.

    Believe it or not, I actually made over $200 one day, but I decided that I should start with a more conservative strategy and cash out when I reach $20 per day. I may decide to raise my goal to $30 per day here in the near future, but I would suggest playing it safe and accumulating money slowly at first. $20 per day isn’t bad (for playing games)… that translates to about an average of $100+ per week (over $400 per month).

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    Luckygames - Bitcoin Gambling, Dice Game

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