Easy Ways to Make Money by Saving Money

Save-Money2How can you make more money easily?  Try saving money in order to “make money”.  What do I mean by this?  It’s simple really… just look at where you spend money and find ways to keep a little in your pocket.  For instance, we all have to buy groceries, but if instead of buying the brand name cereal, choose the store brand which can often times be a dollar cheaper.  Here are some other ways to keep the money from just flying out the door.

Grow a Garden – Even if you don’t have alot of space for a full garden, you can grow a small tomato plant and some of your favorite herbs in very little space.

Use cloth towels instead of paper towels – By simply using cloth towels to clean papertowelsyour counters, you can save hundreds on paper towels over the years. I use old t-shirts that I’ve cut to a normal hand towel size. I still buy paper towels for the big messes, but I don’t use nearly as much.

Use your warm up water to water plants or the dog – The water that gets wasted while you wait for it to warm up before taking a shower, can easily be captured in a bucket or large pitcher.  Use this water to give your plants a drink or to fill pets water bowls. I also use that water to pre-soak dirty dishes.

Take your lunch to work – This is an oldie but a goodie. Having to go out to eat for lunch can get expensive quick.  Plan ahead the night before and pack a lunch using leftovers or whatever you have on hand. There are plenty of great lunch kits available now days.

Know when to buy things – Do a little research and find out what things are on sale. If it’s something you purchase on a regular basis, then buy several (if it’s not perishable) when it’s at it’s lowest price.

Cut your dryer sheets– Use only half of a dryer sheet per load. You won’t notice the difference and you will essentially DOUBLE your box of dryer sheets. I pull them out (in bulk), cut them in half and replace in their original box.Dish Scrubber

Cut your dish scrubber– If you use one of the sponge type scrubbers to get your dishes clean or scrape off a little stuck on food before loading the dishwasher, then you can easily cut them in half and double your use. I like to use the green rough scrubbing pads, but they are a little too big, so I just cut straight down the middle and it’s perfect.

Clip Coupons Everyone has clipped a few coupons in their life. But if applied correctly using coupons can really save you money. Often times, new items will be introduced and high dollar coupons are put into circulation in order to get new customers interested in the product. This can really save you money if you combine it with a store sale.  Clipping coupons is easy these days as well. You can literally hop on your computer, clip the coupons you want, and print them out. Check out the link below for coupons you can use to save your money!



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