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What are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs? The 5 BEST

What are the highest paying affiliate programs


For Affiliate Marketers, making money is the goal and doing so quickly is what most online entrepreneurs desire. While Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick endeavor, there are strategies that make it easier to make money faster.

Finding and promoting the highest paying affiliate programs is one of the best ways to accrue a six figure income in less time.

If an affiliate programs pays more per lead/conversion then you essentially have to convert less people than if it pays very little.

For instance, let’s say Affiliate Program A pays $10 per sale and Affiliate Program B pays $1000 per sale. If your goal is to make $5000 in one month, then you would have to make 500 sales with Program A but only 5 sales with Program B.

It’s obvious that making 5 sales is probably easier (and more worth your time) than trying to make 500 sales. This is why it’s important to have a high ticket affiliate program in your portfolio.

1. Legendary Marketer

If you are looking for a program that has a high converting high ticket offer, then Legendary Marketer is for you. Not only is there the opportunity to earn $1000 per sale, they have a completely “done-for-you” system in place with dedicated sales consultants that work on your behalf once you have brought in the lead.

Legendary Marketer

Founder David Sharpe


So in essence, all you have to do is drive traffic to your affiliate link and they will take care of the rest. In the meantime, you get $1000 commission for every sale of their high ticket offer.

Think about it…. just drive 100 visitors to the link and if even 1 of those visitors decides to purchase, you have pocketed a cool $1000.

I love the fact that they have a sales team in place that are experts in making conversions. I’m not a sales person, so I’d rather leave that up to the professionals.

Legendary Marketer is probably the BEST high ticket affiliate program out there. I signed up and went through the core steps and then started driving traffic. Within the first 2 days, I already had several leads and got my first commission within a week.

Earning a Six Figure Income with this program is attainable and a lot easier than the lower ticket programs. I have enjoyed getting there quicker and I also feel like my efforts are not being wasted because of the huge commissions coming in.

2. MaxBounty

With the motto that their rates are the highest, MaxBounty offers its Affiliates the opportunity to earn high commissions with high converting advertisers.

MaxBounty is actually an Affiliate Network and there are over 1500 campaigns that can be leveraged. Advertisers include a variety of popular niches, such as diet, finance, dating, real estate, etc.

The affiliate sign up process is easy, however they may reject you if you don’t seem like a high quality affiliate. If you are accepted though, Max Bounty often runs promotions that offer bonuses to their affiliates for their performance.

3. Amazon Associates

One of the best things about Amazon Associates is that virtually everyone has heard of and most likely shopped on Amazon. This makes it incredibly easy to earn commissions from higher ticket products. Because people trust the Amazon platform, you have the benefit of tailgating on the brand.

Amazon Associates

With Amazon however, there are different commission structures for different categories, so you will want to choose the higher percentages and also the more expensive items.

Don’t waste a lot of your time promoting a $5 widget, only to get a 2 percent commission. Try to find a few good $300 products or better yet that $1200 product. One sale can equal a pretty good payday.

With Amazon selling everything and anything, the potential to find a high priced product to promote is extremely likely! That’s why I like the Amazon Associate platform. Plus, even if you don’t sell the $1200 product because the customer decides to go with the lower end product, you STILL get the commission on it.

4. Clickbank

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, odds are you have heard of Clickbank and you may already be a member. If you are not, you should check out what they have to offer.

Clickbank offers mostly digital products that are easily distributed and therefore relatively easy to sell. The categories are endless and no matter your niche, you are bound to find a high ticket product that will bring in a nice paycheck.

Keep in mind that there are also a ton of cheap products available, but as I mentioned earlier, it is important to promote the higher priced products if you want to achieve a six figure income with less effort.

There are plenty of Clickbank products that offer over $100 commissions per sale. The key is to filter them out and find out which ones you would like to promote. Be sure to make use of the promotional tools that most good advertisers will provide. These tools include things like email swipes, landing pages, and ad copy.

For those affiliates that are looking to up their game and learn how to earn 7 figures, Clickbank offers Clickbank University – an excellent course that is taught by experts and designed to teach you all you need to know to make money with Clickbank.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

5. Wealthy Affiliate

One of my favorite affiliate programs ever has got to be Wealthy Affiliate. It is so much more than just an affiliate program however. It is an entrepreneur back office and training platform.

Not only can you host and build websites here, you can also take numerous courses on Affiliate Marketing and Online Business. The amount of training and information available at Wealthy Affiliate makes it worth it alone, but the fact that it has an incredible Affiliate Program built in is why it is one of the Top programs available.

The commission structure of the Affiliate Program allows you to earn at the Free level as well as the Premium level. Obviously you earn more if you are a Premium member, which is what you want to do if you are trying to reach a six figure income level.

Another AWESOME aspect of this program is that it is Recurring income. Meaning that you earn the commissions month after month. This can be a game-changer if you think about it!

Why only earn a one time commission, when you can continue to receive it month after month!?!

Wealthy Affiliate Earnings

Learn more about the Earning Potential at Wealthy Affiliate here

Conclusion – Which One is the BEST?!?

So in my opinion, all 5 of these programs are great and offer high commission levels. But everyone always wants to know which one is the absolute best?

And the Answer is….. Legendary Marketer

If you are truly looking to create a six figure income, then promoting a program that is high converting as well as high ticket is the way to go.

So promoting Legendary Marketer with a commission of $1000 per sale means that you would only have to convert 100 leads in order to reach $100,000 in profit!

Success with Legendary Marketer is directly correlated with the amount of work and commitment you have to it. But in my opinion only having to sell 100 products to reach $100,000 is much better than having to sell thousands and thousands of products to achieve the same result.

So Legendary Marketer would have to be the BEST when it comes to high ticket products that can get you to a six figure income much faster!






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Crowdtap Review – How Easy is it to Earn Money?

Crowdtap Review How easy is it to earn money

I first heard about Crowdtap a few months ago, but like most survey sites, I was skeptical. How easy was it going to be to make money and more importantly would it be worth my time?

I’ll answer both of those questions in this post, but before we get into Crowdtap specifics, I want to first say that I only sign up for programs that are going to be beneficial to me and that are legitimate ways to make money (even if it’s just a little bit).

The easier the better…

Taking surveys and answering questions for rewards or cash is a great way to earn extra money, but sometimes survey sites can be complicated and time-consuming.

I hate to waste my time and prefer easy tasks or questions. If I had all the time in the world, I would probably have a spotless house and be lounging around all day. But like most people, I don’t have a lot of time so the easier the surveys, the better.


My Review: First Impressions Of Crowdtap…

Upon signing up at Crowdtap, which was free to do… I filled out my profile and got started answering questions.

I immediately noticed that the questions were incredibly easy and took about 2 seconds a piece to answer.

Crowdtap question

So far, I was liking this format. Answer a question, get a few points. To the left, I could see my point tally going up with each question I answered.

Crowdtap offers you thousands of questions every day. Spend a little time each day and you can quickly rack up a bunch of points.

The premise of this survey site is simple… Give your opinion. Get rewarded.



What Can You Earn With Crowdtap

For every question that you answer, you will receive some points. The points vary but it’s very easy to accumulate them quickly.

Once you have reached 1000 points (only took me 2 days), you can redeem them for rewards.


  • 1000 points
    • $5 Amazon gift card
    • $5 Walmart gift card
    • $5 Sephora card
    • $5 Target card
    • $5 Ulta Beauty card
    • $5 Steam card
  • 2000 points
    • $10 Adidas card
    • $10 PlayStation Store
    • $10 Amazon gift card
    • $10 Walmart gift card
    • $10 Sephora card
    • $10 Target card
    • $10 Ulta Beauty card
    • $10 Steam card

3000 points are equivalent to $15 cards and 4000 points are equivalent to $20 cards.

Crowdtap rewards

As you can see, there are a lot of varied rewards that you can receive if you redeem your points.

This is a terrific alternative way to save up for a Christmas or Birthday gift, or just to treat yourself. I prefer the Amazon card because you can find anything and everything on Amazon.


Crowdtap Compared With UserCrowd

I recently wrote a review of another popular survey site called UserCrowd. These are very similar websites because they offer “pay” for completing extremely short surveys/questions.

Crowdtap vs User Crowd

I would say the real difference between the two sites is that UserCrowd pays you with PayPal. You accumulate real money per survey, whereas Crowdtap gives you points to redeem.

Also, it can be a little harder to get surveys with UserCrowd. You have to take the survey immediately or else it goes away. With Crowdtap, you simply log in and there are thousands of questions ready for you to answer.

Do I prefer one over the other? Not really… they both have their pros and cons. I actually use both as well as a few others. By using more than one of these types of websites, I accumulate money faster. It all adds up!


Crowdtap Pros & Cons

Earning extra money is always fun, but if it takes up too much of your time or is too complicated then is it really worth it? With Crowdtap, I noticed that not only was it easy and fun to complete the questions, it also didn’t take too much time.

I can quickly log in and spend about 10 minutes answering questions and earn about 300 points in that time.

It doesn’t take long to add up to 1000 points.


  • Quick and Easy
  • Pays out in gift cards
  • Points add up quickly
  • Free to sign up





Check Out My Results From Using Crowdtap

While I’ve only been using Crowdtap for a short amount of time, I quickly earned points and was able to redeem them.

The process was rather smooth and I received my reward in no time. Here’s a look at what I’ve received so far.

CrowdtapAmazon Gift Card




Conclusion: Crowdtap is Legit, Easy, and Fun

It’s not often that I find websites that are fun as well as an easy way to earn a little extra money, but Crowdtap is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to tap into every day.

I tend to log on to the site in the morning and spend about 10 minutes answering questions. Then I return throughout the day when I’m taking a break or just bored.

By the end of the day, I have usually racked up about 400-500 points. And on average it takes me about 2-3 days to get to 1000 points ($5.00). So if you do the math, it is easily possible to make $40-$50 per month.


Wealthy AffiliateOverall, I find that Crowdtap is user-friendly, not complicated, and a fast way to earn extra cash.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to answer questions in exchange for compensation.

It’s not going to make you a millionaire, but it can help you save up for something you want or a gift for a family member.


I hope this review answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below.

OPTIONAL Websites to Try:

If you are interested in trying out other websites that can earn you extra money online, then check out a few of the ones that I use on a daily basis.

These all pay money/rewards for taking surveys, completing tasks, or watching videos. They are also all free to sign up!







Nov 29

My UserCrowd Review – Easy Way to Make Extra Cash

What is UserCrowd

Making extra cash online is actually possible and easier than you think. While you won’t make millions, you can make enough to pay for one of your monthly bills or save up for something you really want.

Some people think that everything online is a scam and not worth your time. I have seen it all… scams, legit websites, and sites that are just not worth it.

But when I ran across UserCrowd I knew it was LEGIT…

I am always on the lookout for ways to make money online…. quick and easy ways as well as full time income opportunities. But recently I came across a new website that offers pay for taking short (I mean really short) tests/surveys.

I’m sure you have tried out a survey site that promises great money in return for taking a survey…. only to waste your time realizing that you are “not qualified” for the survey. I HATE when that happens!!

Immediately after signing up with UserCrowd I realized that this was different and not likely to waste my time. Every survey/test was quick (less than 4 questions and 2 minutes tops).


My Review: Honest Thoughts and Opinions Of UserCrowd…

When I first discovered UserCrowd it was actually called something different…. Usability Hub. But everything else has stayed the same.

Like I said, I’m always looking for easy money making websites that pay out well but don’t waste my time. UserCrowd met all of these criteria.

I signed up for FREE and filled out my profile info. After that, I waited for a “test” to become available. The first test I took was so quick and so simple… it was actually one 1 question. For this I was paid $0.20.

I could immediately tell that this website was going to be worth my time. But I also realized that I needed to check back often for tests. The tests are only available for a limited time and if you don’t take them in the allotted time, you lose out.

PRO Tip: Fill out the “notifications” section in order to get notified when there is a test available. Also, keep the website open at all times in a tab. This will ensure that you will not miss a test.

After a few weeks of playing around with this website, I had finally met the minimum requirement to request a Payout. Currently the minimum is at only $10. This is easily achievable and I tend to reach this minimum about every 10 days.

Payments are made through PayPal so you will want to have an active PayPal set up. Also, at the time of writing this, the payouts are under review for about 30 days. This is likely to lessen with time, but for now they have a heavy request load which is taking longer for them to process.

I can say, however, that I have never had an issue with getting paid. And while I wait for the payment to come through, I generally reach the minimum again and can request another payout. So at any given time, I usually have about 2 or more $10 payouts in process.

UserCrowd Payout Proof



How Do You Make Money with UserCrowd

The format is simple…. UserCrowd will give you “tests” that will take up anywhere from 1-5 minutes of your time.


UserCrowd Test

The tests usually consist of questions about a brand or a website design. You will be asked different questions about what you see and your experience or expectations with the images shown.

For Instance… questions like the ones below:

  • Which Logo design do you like better… and why?
  • Where would you click if you wanted to find out more information about product A?
  • What would you expect to happen if you clicked on the “filter” button?
  • Etc


UserCrowd Test


Each test pays between $0.10 and $0.50… but for a simple 1-2 question test, that’s pretty good compensation.

Other survey sites out there have surveys that can last 20-30 minutes. If you ask me, I’d rather take a simple test with only a few questions than waste my time with complicated surveys.

I’m just looking to get a little extra cash with these survey sites so it’s not worth it to me if it takes up half of my day. I’d rather spend my time working on my full time income source.



UserCrowd Compared With Paid Viewpoint

I always like to do a little comparison between like products or websites, so in this case I want to offer a comparison between UserCrowd and a similar survey site called Paid Viewpoint.



  • Make Money by taking short (1-2 min) surveys/tests
  • Payout minimum is $10
  • Payout through PayPal Only
  • Sign up is FREE


Paid Viewpoint:

  • Make Money by taking short (3-4 min) surveys (average of 10 questions each)
  • Payout minimum is $20
  • Payout through PayPal, Amazon, or Walmart Gift card
  • Referral Program allows you to earn even more money
  • Sign up is FREE


As you can see, both of these websites are very similar and both offer a great way to earn extra money. I personally like them both and I also use them both on a daily basis.

I find that these websites don’t give you a TON of money, but if you use them in combination with other similar websites you can double the money you do make.



UserCrowd Pros & Cons



  • Short tests – usually only take about 1-2 min tops
  • 1-3 questions per test
  • Each test averages about $0.30
  • Payout Minimum is only $10
  • Payout is made through PayPal



  • Payout processing is currently taking about 30 days
  • No Referral program



My Results From Using UserCrowd – Payment Proof

I’ve only been using UserCrowd for about 4 months, and I’ve already received 5 payments.

My PayPal Proof

UserCrowd Paypal Payments

It’s easy to get started and I earned money super quick, so I would definitely recommend this website to anyone looking to make a little extra pocket change. So far (as of Nov 2018) I’ve earned a total of $43.00.




Conclusion: Very Happy With UserCrowd


Overall, I am really impressed with this survey site. I have made money with it in a very short amount of time and it is something that ANYONE can do. If you have a few extra minutes every day, you can make a few extra dollars. It’s a Win-Win.

Wealthy Affiliate

I highly recommend UserCrowd to anyone that likes to have a little extra spending cash. It’s literally the easiest website I’ve run across.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of UserCrowd. I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below…




BONUS: Looking to Make a Full Time Income Online?

While making a little extra money here and there on Survey websites is fun, I prefer to make a Full Time Income Online. I’ve been building an online business since 2015 and I have to say that the amount of money I make from my online business is FAR MORE than the little bit that I make from websites like UserCrowd or other Survey Sites.

Want to learn more about what I do to make a Full Time Income? Check out My #1 Recommendation HERE or watch my video below about How to Make $1500 per Month!









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What is the Best Email Marketing Service?

What is the Best Email Marketing Service

If you have a blogging website, an online business or even a YouTube Channel, you NEED an Email Marketing Service to help take your business to the next level.

There are a bunch of options when it comes to Email Marketing Services…

  • Mail Chimp
  • Aweber
  • Get Response – MY Personal Recommendation (Best Value, Best Service)
  • Constant Contact
  • iContact
  • Etc…. the list literally goes on and on

But with so many options available, what is the best email marketing service for you and your business?

Should you go with the Free options (by the way, the answer is NEVER) or should you go with a paid service. What does the service offer and will it be able to grow with my business?

These are all great questions, but let’s start at the beginning… What is an Email Marketing Service and Why do you need one?


What is an Email Marketing Service?

An Email Marketing Service is also known as an Autoresponder. The service allows you to collect email information from potential customers (called leads).

Wikipedia defines Email Marketing as the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people via email.

Here’s an example of how it works: A visitor to comes to your website and reads one of your blog posts. Before leaving the page, a pop-up appears offering the visitor something free in return for their information. This is referred to as an Opt-In.


After entering their email address, the visitor now becomes a “lead” and their information is captured in the Email Marketing Service. From this point, you have the ability to email the lead with other offers and valuable content by setting up an Autoresponder (a set of emails that are automatically sent out).

In addition to sending out autoresponders, you can also send out broadcast newsletters. Imagine uploading a video to your YouTube channel and immediately being able to send an email out to your list letting them know they can view the new video. Game Changer!


Why You Need an Email Marketing Service

An Email Marketing Service is a great tool to keep you in contact

with your visitors and potential customers. By capturing their information, you now have the ability to reach out to them at any time with any offer.

An email list is vital to any online business. You don’t want to lose contact with people who have visited your site, because there’s no way of knowing if they will ever come back to your site.

With an Email Marketing Service, you can create landing pages or opt-ins that allow you to build your business and your audience.

Once you have their email information, you can contact them anytime you want with a new offer or just to offer them some valuable content that might help their business.

Imagine being able to tap into an already warm client base that is interested in what you have to say or offer. The conversion rate is going to be so much higher if you have touched base with your customers in the past and they trust what you have to say.


Get Response – The Best Email Marketing Service

So what is the Best Email Marketing Service to use? The answer is that there are many services out there and some are better than others.

Get Response

My personal opinion is that Get Response is one of the best available for the beginner as well as the expert. I started out with Get Response and have loved everything about it so far.

With Get Response, I can easily design and create beautiful and engaging opt-ins and landing pages that make people want to leave their info. There are a ton of incredible templates that can be tweaked to suite your needs.

Here’s an example of one of the Opt-In Templates available at Get Response:

Get Response Opt In Template

I also love their autoresponder format. I can schedule when each email is delivered to each lead.

The website interface is so easy to use and it’s very professional. The price points are reasonable for any budget as well. So if you are just starting out, you can get in the door for very little and then upgrade as your business starts to grow.

They also have a course available where you can learn more about how to generate leads and make the most of your email strategy. This is valuable information in my opinion because the more you know, the better you’ll be.



Key Features of Get Response

Get Response is an All-In-One Marketing Tool that has a lot of great features for any business. I’ll list a few of the most useful below:

  • Create Multiple Professional Email Campaigns
    • Autoresponders
    • Email Templates
    • Perfect Timing
    • Rss to Email
  • Marketing Automation
    • Automation Templates
    • Assign Scores to Customers
    • Web Event Tracking
    • Cart Abandonment
  • Landing Pages
    • Drag & Drop Editor
    • Landing Page Templates
    • Track Opt-In Responses
  • Webinars
    • Nurture Leads with Webinar Marketing
  • ECommerce
    • Ecommerce Tools
    • Platform Integrations
  • Forms and Surveys
    • List Builder Apps
    • Online Surveys
  • Analytics and Optimization


Try Out Get Response for Yourself

I’ve always been an advocate of equipping yourself with the best tools for the job. It is no different with online business… investing in first-rate tools is the absolute best thing you can do if you are looking to be successful.

If you are a website owner or blogger, and you don’t already have an email list, you MUST get started building one immediately. Everyone will tell you that an email list is the number one thing that you need to focus on in order to make your business sustainable in the future.

Like I said, Get Response is one of the best email marketing service available because of how versatile and helpful it is to automate your business. It fits into anyone’s budget and you can get started even if you are a beginner.

If you are serious about building a full time income online with your business, then you NEED to build you list.

Try out Get Response Now and get a $30 credit






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How to Get Traffic with Quora

How to get traffic with Quora

In today’s post, I want to talk about another excellent way to get traffic to your website. As I’m sure you know, the more traffic you get, the more likely you are to have conversions and thus make more money.

Although there are many different ways to get traffic, I always suggest picking 2-3 reliable ones to get started and once you have mastered those, you can start slowly adding more.

So if you are wondering how to get more traffic for your website, this just might be a good strategy to try out.

The strategy I want to talk about today is using to get more traffic.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer platform where people can ask questions and others can submit answers to those questions. Questions are asked within categories and people who have knowledge of those categories can answer.

Categories include topics such as…

  • YouTube Videos
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Websites
  • Blogging
  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Etc, Etc, Etc

Literally ANYTHING you can think of is a “topic” in Quora. So if you have knowledge in a specific niche, you will be able to answer other people’s questions and point them towards your website or other links.

This is how you will gain traffic through the use of Quora. By answering questions that others have and also utilizing the other areas within Quora that allow you to place links. Keep reading to find out exactly where you can place your website links.

It is free to sign up at Quora and begin answering questions. Once you sign up, you can fill out your profile area and let people know what you are an expert in.


Utilizing the Profile Area

When it comes to getting traffic, you want to attract people who are interested in your particular niche. This leads to more conversions if you are helping people who are actively searching for an answer to a question. So be sure to utilize the profile area of Quora.

Within the profile area you can give a brief description of yourself and how you can help others. Also include any education, training, and any other relevant information.

This is a great place to add a link to all your Social Media…

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Channel
  • Etc

How to Answer Questions and Add Links

When you fill out your profile area, you will be asked about what subjects you know about. Then when people have questions in that subject, you will be notified at the top of the Quora page.

Once you find a question that you want to answer, you simply click “answer” and a text box will appear where you can write, format and add links.

How to answer questions on Quora

It is important to be thorough in your answers because those are the ones that tend to get “upvoted” and stay at the top. Therefore you will get more exposure as others come to that question to see the answers.

If you are looking to get traffic with this method, you will definitely want to add links to your website and specifically to a post or page that pertains to the question being asked.

Always remember to add value and provide links only if they will help in answering the question more fully. Don’t spam your links within Quora because no one likes that and you will eventually be known as a spammer.

To add a link to your text, simply highlight the words you want linked and then click the “link” button at the top right of the answer box (or hit CTRL+K). Insert the link to the page you want and then click “add”. This will add your link to the text.

You can also add pictures and graphics to your answers, however I would only advise doing this if it helps clarify the answer. I don’t usually add pictures to make it more appealing looking…… save that for your website. People just want answers on Quora and can get turned off by too many pics.


Proof of Views and Exposure

Answering other people’s questions is a great way to get more traffic. I’ve been using Quora for a little while now and I’ve already seen a huge increase in traffic because of the exposure I’ve gotten on the platform.

Some people click on the links in the answers, while others visit my Quora profile and click to my website from there. Either way, I’m getting more traffic and it’s generally from people who are searching for help… this means that they tend to convert much higher.

Here’s a look at my stats from Quora over the last 30 days.

Quora Views


Final Thoughts on Traffic and Quora

Quora is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic because it is free and your answers (links) stay on the site forever…. so the more you answer, the more exposure you will get and the more recurring traffic you can generate for the future.

Like I mentioned before, I always recommend finding 2-3 ways to generate traffic and spend some time mastering those and then slowly add more over time. The time that you spend getting this traffic will pay off for years to come.


If you want more ways to generate traffic to your websites, be sure to take a look at the following:


How Can I Get More Traffic to My Blog 2018 – 6 Free Strategies For Beginners

7 Brilliant Traffic Strategies You Must Know in 2018


Want to Boost your Online Business/Website?

Get the resources and proven strategies that the Best Entrepreneurs use!




Oct 11

How to Earn Extra Cash from Home – 5 Awesome Ways

How to Earn Extra Cash from Home


When trying to find ways to earn extra cash from home, you need to focus on programs or websites that don’t take up too much of your time but also provide a decent amount of income.

What I like to do is combine several well-paying programs together in my daily/monthly routine… This results in more money overall in my wallet.


1. Take Surveys Online

Taking online surveys is one great way to earn extra cash, however you need to find the ones that will give you the most pay for your time. In other words, don’t waste your time trying to “qualify” for surveys only to find out you aren’t allowed to take it.

I have found 5 Online Survey sites that in my opinion are the best, mostly because they pay out big and they aren’t a huge waste of time.

Online Surveys for Cash

I use these every single day and have been making money from each of them consistently every month. The key is to log into them every day and spend about 5 minutes or so on each one.

Placing them in your bookmarks is a great way to stay on top of them and remember to log in.

  • PaidViewpoint – Short Surveys that pay well (no need to pre-qualify)
  • Swagbucks – Surveys as well as other tasks ($10 sign up Bonus)
  • Inbox Dollars – Surveys as well as reading emails and other tasks (payout is in the form of a check)
  • UserCrowd– 1-2 minute (average) surveys about brands and landing pages (payout is in PayPal)
  • Slice The Pie– Give your opinion about music, fashion, brands, and products.

2. Invest Your Money

If you have a little bit of money to spend, investing your money is a smart decision that will earn you more money in the long run. Let your money grow and make more money for you.

There are several ways you can invest your money, including putting it in a high interest rate Savings Account. Rather than let your money sit in a bank (or under your mattress), you can let your money grow through investments.


Here are a few good investments you can put your money in…

  • Lending Club
    • Peer to Peer Lending
    • Invest in 3 or 5 year notes
    • Diversify your risk
    • Earn 3-8% annual returns
  • Real Estate Investment
    • – Online Real Estate Investment Platform
    • Design your own portfolio
    • Earn 8-12% annual returns
    • $500 minimum investment to get started
  • Savings Account
    • Find one with a high interest rate
    • Look for savings accounts that are online (tend to have less fees)
    • Aim to invest more money every month
  • Bitcoin
    • Invest in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency)
    • Buy Bitcoin using Coinbase – get $10 free bitcoin when you sign up and invest

3. Start a Blog

Starting a blog just like this one can make you a full time income if you know what you are doing. I started this blog website over 5 years ago and it has turned into my main source of income.

Best of all, it consists of passive income… which means that I continue to earn money even while I’m sleeping (or traveling the world).

Start a Blog

Building a website and starting a monetized blog is not as difficult as it may sound. There is lots of training on how to do this online, but my favorite training program and my NUMBER ONE RECOMMENDATION is Wealthy Affiliate University.

Once you understand how to make money with a website, you can literally start making a monthly income as soon as you implement the strategies and techniques.

Quick Breakdown of how to make money with a Blog:


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising
  • ECommerce

4. Make Money with Google

Make Money with Google

Google even has a unique way for you to earn extra money… it is called Google Opinion Rewards. This is basically a reward based program in the form of an app.

By answering surveys that Google sends you, you earn rewards that can be redeemed within the Google Play Store. So this is not exactly cash in your pocket but it is Play Store credit that you can use to buy apps.

I believe that iPhone users are paid via PayPal, which does translate to actual cash. But if you are an android user, you will have to settle for Play Store credit.

5. Cash Back on Everyday Purchases

If you think about it, getting cash back for things you are already buying is kinda like earning extra cash. It’s a more sophisticated type of coupon system.

I prefer to get cash back credit cards and use those for major purchases as well as everyday purchases, but only if I can pay off the credit card every month. So in other words use cash back credit cards instead of using the money in your bank account and simply delay paying for the item and get cash back for the purchase.

Cash Back

Besides the traditional cash back credit cards, there are also other sites and apps that allow you to get cash back on your purchases.

I’ve listed my favorites below:

  • Dosh
    • App available in Play Store and Apple Store
    • Connect your credit and debit cards to the account
    • Shop and Dine out using your linked cards
    • Earn up to 10% cash back
    • Free and Easy to Use
    • Get $5 for linking your first card
  • Ebates
    • Shop with Ebates and earn (in store and online)
    • Get paid with a check or PayPal
    • Double Cash Back Stores available
    • Refer friends and family and get $25

Final Thoughts & Advice

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to earn extra cash from home. The key is to figure out which ones are best for you and your situation. You may not have a lot of money right now to get into investing, but maybe you can earn cash back or start a blog.

With any of these methods, you will want to at least invest your time in order to make the most of them and reach the most potential income.


Pro Tips and Tricks:

  • Log into each Survey Site every day (twice a day if possible)
  • Start with a high interest Savings Account if you only have a little bit of money to invest
  • Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE to learn how to make money with a blog
  • Use Cash Back Credit Cards only if you can pay them off every month





Oct 03

What is a Keyword Research Tool and Can It Help You Rank

What is a Keyword Research Tool

One of the biggest factors in getting a high ranking within Google or other search engines is picking the best Keywords. Keywords are simply the search terms that people type into the search engine.

If you use the right keywords within your blog posts, you can end up on page 1 or even better rank as Number 1. I’ve had several blog posts positioned at Number 1 one on Google just by picking the right keyword.

Here’s where a Keyword Research Tool can help. Using this tool, gives you more information about a particular keyword so that you can make a better decision about whether to use it or not.

Factors like Monthly Search Volume and Competition are helpful indicators and if you use them correctly, you can focus in on the very best keywords to use.


What are Keywords?


As I mentioned earlier, Keywords are words or phrases that are used in search engines to help people find what they are looking for. Someone searches for a phrase in Google, and a list of blog posts and websites that contain that keyword appears in the results.

That person then becomes a website visitor when they choose to click on one of the results. This is why keywords are so important. If you rank one the first page for a commonly searched keyword, you can get a ton of traffic each month.

Some keywords get a lot of searches each month, while others may not get searched very often. A Keyword Research Tool can tell you exactly how many searches you can expect.

Keyword Research Tools – What Can They Tell You?

Knowing how many searches a keyword averages per month can help you to determine if it is a good one for you to use or not. There are other factors to consider as well, and this is where a Keyword Research Tool is beneficial.

A good Keyword Research Tool will tell you several things…

  • Average Number of Searches per Month
  • Amount of Traffic you can Expect (if ranked on page one)
  • Number of Competing Websites
  • Related Keywords (other suggestions)

When you consider all of this information together, you can make a very well-informed decision about a particular keyword.

Google Search

Consider you are targeting the keyword “how to find a husband” and you do some research with a keyword tool. You would find the following results…

  • Average Searches = 316
  • Expected Traffic = 54
  • Competition = 150

So what does this all mean? Put simply, this means that if you use the keyword “how to find a husband,” there will be an average of 316 searches for this keyword per month. You can expect about 54 visitors to your site every month if you rank on the first page. And there are 150 other websites currently ranking for this keyword.

This is a good keyword (not great, but good). The reason for this i

s that it gets a good amount of searches and the competition is not too high. Obviously the lower the competition, the better the chance that you will rank high.

A Good Keyword Research Tool can tell you more than just this type of information. Knowing your Site Rank is something we all want to figure out and it’s so much easier to do with the use of a keyword tool. Find out where you are ranked for a particular keyword within seconds instead of wasting your time looking for your website within the search engine results.

Below is an example of one of my blog posts that is ranking for the keyword “monthly subscription boxes with affiliate programs

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool Results


Low Competition – High Search Volume


The key to finding a GREAT Keyword is to look for low competition and a high search volume (as I mentioned above). Obviously the fewer websites you are competing with, the better chance you have to rank high in the search engines.

The rule of thumb that I always try to aim for when looking for a good keyword is less than 100 in competition and more than 100 in search volume.

When looking for a GREAT keyword, I try to aim for those with less than 50 in competition and more than 300 in search volume.

You get the idea! The combination of low to high when it comes to competition and searches is key! There will never be a “perfect combo” of these two, but you can get really close.

And if a keyword has virtually no competition but gets over 20 searches… GUESS WHAT… you are going to rank number 1 for that keyword and even though it has a low search volume, you will probably get all of the traffic from those searches! So don’t discount those keywords that are low in searches (as long as there is very very little competition).


Where to Place Keywords to Help Your Ranking

Where to place keywords

Now that you have found the best keyword for your blog post, you need to place it strategically in order to have a greater chance of ranking high. While you don’t want to overdo it here, there are 3 main places where you will want to add your keyword.

Placing the Keyword in the title is something I always try to do. It makes sense, because the title usually denotes what the blog post is going to be about and therefore placing it within the title lets readers know what they are about to read.

Besides placing it within the title, I like to also incorporate it somewhere in the first few paragraphs and above the fold. Google seems to like this and since I usually give a brief introduction of what the blog post is about within the first few paragraphs, this seems appropriate.

Lastly, I like to put the keyword in the Meta Description area. The Meta Title and Description is what shows up in the search results, so having it there will make your post seem relevant to the person that just searched for that keyword.

So to recap, be sure to place your keyword within the following 3 areas:

  1. Title of Blog Post
  2. First few paragraphs
  3. Meta Description

My Favorite Keyword Research Tool

Back to the topic of Keyword Research Tools!! As you can see, picking the right keyword can be monumental in helping you rank higher in the search engines. So having a reliable, powerful, and comprehensive Keyword Research Tool is a must for any blogger.

My favorite Keyword Research Tool that I use every time I write a blog post (including this one) is JAAXY.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is so easy to use and it has everything from Keyword Searches to Site Rank Trackers. But it doesn’t end there. Here are some of the incredible features of this amazing tool:

  • Keyword Search (Search Volume, Traffic, Competition, Domain availability)
  • Create Keyword Lists
  • Alphabet Soup (variations on keywords alphabetically)
  • Brainstorming
  • Affiliate Program
  • Site Rank (history and tracking ability)

Having this tool in my back pocket has saved me time and helped me to rank on page one numerous times. Check it out for yourself by typing in a keyword below.



Sep 25

How to Quit Your Job and Make Money From Home

How to Quit Your Job and Make Money from Home

There are hundreds of reasons why you might want to quit your job and make money from home. It could have something to do with wanting more freedom or becoming your own boss or a desire to avoid the daily commute to a traditional job. Or maybe you need to stay home because you have young children to take care of.

That was my situation…. I was needing to find a way to stay home and still make money so that I could take my two young kids to school every morning and be there to pick them up in the afternoon.

Whatever your reason for wanting to quit your job and take on the opportunity to work from home, you need to know a few things before you take the leap.

Pull the Trigger – Decide It’s What You Really Want

How to Quit Your Job

The first step to quitting your job and working from home is to mentally decide that this is what you really want. We’ve all been there at the end of a long work week, tired and frustrated with the rat race. Making rash decisions is never a good idea.

But if you have given it a lot of thought and weighed the pros and cons, then deciding once and for all to move forward is the first step to your new career.

So now that you know that you are ready to take the leap, now you have to pull the trigger and quit your job. But before I get ahead of myself, knowing when to quit is equally as important.

Some people choose to quit immediately and have the finances to get them through until the money starts flowing in. Others may want to begin building their home based business and then quit once they have a steady flow of income. This all depends on your situation and where you stand financially.

You need to realize that it will take some time to start generating money, so set yourself up for success by making sure you can sustain yourself in the meantime.

Create a Blogging Website – It’s Easier Than You Think

Start a Blog

So now that you’ve decided to quit your job, the next step is to build your business foundation. This is going to be how you make money, so it is an important step for sure.

Working from home can mean a lot of things… you could create your own T-shirt business or start a day care out of your house. But personally I believe that the best way to make money from home is to build an online business and literally reach millions of people.

Creating a blogging website is the best way to get started because you can pick anything that you are interested in. For instance, maybe you have extensive knowledge about building model trains. You could easily build a website devoted to model trains and teach people the skills and techniques that you know.

If you already have an interest that you are passionate about, use the box below to start your business by building a free website.



Monetize Your Website – The Art of Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is rather easy and for those that have the gift of writing, it can be quite enjoyable. But the point of a blogging website is to MAKE MONEY. So how do you monetize your website?

This is where Affiliate Marketing comes into play. If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works, I’ll give you a brief explanation.

You promote other people’s products on your website and when visitors come to your site and click your unique affiliate link and purchase the product, you are paid a commission.

Here’s a visual to help it all make sense:


Affiliate Marketing


By partnering with companies that have Affiliate Programs, you can get commissions every time someone purchases through your link. There is no overhead or inventory or shipping to deal with. You are just linking to their product and collecting commissions.

To learn more about Affiliate Marketing click HERE


Invest Your Time – Working from Home Still Requires WORK

Business Building

After you have built your website and placed a few affiliate links within it, you might start to see a bit of income rolling in. But the work is not over. Just like any successful business, you need to continue to put in the work in order to see results.

In fact, the probability that you will see significant income within the first 6 months of starting a website is very minimal. But don’t let that stop you from continuing to build out your website and create a solid foundation.

Many people simply give up too soon because they don’t see results immediately. That’s where they fail. Continue working and realize that once income starts flowing in, it will begin to snowball quickly and start generating what we call “Passive Income.”

Passive Income is simply income that is the result of previous work done. So all those months when you were working hard building your website correctly will pay off when you are sitting on a beach somewhere and someone comes to your website and clicks on an affiliate link. Believe me, I’ve had this happen!!!


The MOST Important Part – Learn From the Experts

Learn from Experts

Building a blogging website and making money through Affiliate Marketing sounds easy in concept, but in reality there are a lot of things that you need to know and implement in order to be successful.

Gaining knowledge from experts and people who are seeing success with their own websites is invaluable. Just like a college education, you need to learn all you can before you dive right in.

I can tell you that if you take the time to get the proper training, you will be successful so much quicker than if you just tried to do it all yourself. Learn from others mistakes so that you can avoid them in your business.

There are a ton of programs and courses out there that can teach you the process of building a website and monetizing it, but the ONE PROGRAM THAT I RECOMMEND to people is the same one I use. I say “use” because I’m still a member there and I am constantly learning from the community even now.

The program I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate and it has a unique “learn as you earn” type of environment. There are step by step courses that walk you through the process, so that you can get started right away. Simply complete each lesson and then implement what was taught on your very own website.

Having mentors and experts show you the ropes will help you get going quicker and it will keep you from getting stuck, especially in the beginning.

Click HERE to take a look around the Wealthy Affiliate Platform for FREE

If you use the link above, I will personally be your coach and will be more than willing to offer my assistance at any time. If you ever have a question or want some feedback on your site, just contact me through the community platform. I’m active on the platform virtually every single day!!

Here’s a link to my profile:  Elizabeth Zeringue





Sep 18

The Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to Promote

The Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to Promote

It seems like everyone is getting on the YouTube bandwagon these days. Let’s face it, if you have access to the internet you have probably watched a few YouTube videos. The potential to make money with YouTube is huge, but most people don’t really understand how these YouTubers are making most of their money.

You might be surprised to learn that most successful YouTubers don’t make the majority of their income from the YouTube ad revenue. Sure some of it comes from that, but the majority of them make money through Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to promote. YouTubers like Erik Conover, Maxx Chewning, and Christian Guzman utilize these Affiliate Programs to help supplement their online income.

So if you are trying to make your living through the YouTube space, you might want to check some of these out.


Amazon – Absolutely Anything and Everything

The first Affiliate Program is a catch-all of products and fits virtually any niche. Amazon is the perfect Affiliate Program to promote because anything you could ever want is being sold on Amazon and thus making it easy to promote.

Amazon Associates

One of the ways that YouTubers promote Amazon products is through the use of the description box. The description box is located below the YouTube video and lets you add content and links. This is where they will add the links to the Amazon products.

For instance, in the description box area some YouTubers list links to the camera gear and equipment they are using. I’ve also seen where they have listed the decorations that are found throughout their home. This is particularly useful after an apartment/home tour video.

People see the products in the videos and can easily click on the link and purchase the exact same widget or knick-knack for their own home.


Fitness & Nutrition Products

One of the most popular niches within the YouTube space is that of Fitness and Nutrition. Whether it be diet advice, weight loss trends, or workout routines, YouTubers are flocking to the Health and Wellness niche.

Fitness Nutrition Programs

Promoting products within this niche is relatively simple. Most people hear about a new product and are eager to give it a try, so affiliating with some of the top Fitness and Nutrition Companies is how a lot of YouTubers make their money.

From Protein Bars and Powders to Fitness programs and diets, there is an abundance of products available for YouTubers to review and promote.

  • Shakeology
  • PEScience Protein
  • P90X Workouts
  • Ghost Nutrition
  • Calorie Counter Programs
  • Recipe Books
  • Diet Programs

The products are endless and sell like crazy. For some YouTubers that have a huge following, mentioning one of these products can earn them thousands of dollars in commissions with just one video.


Style & Fashion Products

Similar to the Fitness and Nutrition niche, the Style and Fashion niche gets a lot of attention on YouTube. YouTubers in the Fashion niche are able to create Lookbook videos with their outfits or make-up tutorials that feature certain products.

Makeup Videos

Jessica Clements is a perfect example of this. In her makeup videos, she lists links to the products that she uses in the description box. Anyone who is interested in creating the same look as her can simply click on the links and purchase the same eyeliner or concealer.

Fashion is another avenue where YouTubers can affiliate with stylish companies that offer products such as watches, shoes, or sunglasses. MVMT watches is a great example of a company that pays its affiliates a commission for every purchase. They even offer some influencers a discount code to offer to their followers.

YouTubers like Maxx Chewning will often promote MVMT watches and other fashion products within his videos as he is almost always wearing the product. Showing the watch on his arm and offering a discount code typically gets viewers to purchase.



Courses & Tutorials on How to Make Money

The MMO niche (Make Money Online) also has a huge following on YouTube. Viewers are always looking for ways to make money online and YouTubers can offer affiliate links to courses or tutorials on how to make money.


Some people promote Clickfunnels and other Clickbank digital products and courses, while others choose to promote software such as email autoresponders and screen recorders and editing software.

On my YouTube Channel, I choose to promote the program where I learned how to build this website and make money with affiliate marketing… Wealthy Affiliate!

My channel is dedicated to helping others learn how to make money and a passive income online, so that’s why I promote this particular program.



If you are starting out on YouTube or even thinking about it, you will most likely want to look into affiliate marketing and partnering with affiliate programs in order to maximize your earning potential.

YouTube is one of the easiest ways to promote affiliate products and by doing so, you can create a very generous passive income.

Educate yourself first… that’s my number one recommendation! You will save yourself a lot of time and start earning even faster if you get the right training.

Find out exactly how to join affiliate programs and how to become an affiliate marketer here!