May 31

Tons of Traffic, Facebook Likes, and Retweets

LED_traffic_lightIf you have a website, you are probably constantly trying to figure out how to drive traffic to your site. You may not even know how to get more website traffic free. I struggled with that for quite awhile, but then I discovered an excellent site that gets my website as well as my affiliate offers in front of thousands of people.

The beauty of this platform is that not only can you drive massive traffic to your pages, you can also get tons of retweets and facebook likes.  I actually got most of my Twitter followers from this site.

Traffup Twitter FollowersMy social media following and activity has sky-rocketed since I started using this site every day.  Here’s another look at my retweets and twitter likes.

Traffup ReTweetsThis is just a small example of the Twitter traffic I’ve received. In reality, it’s incredibly simple to get these retweets.  All you do is sign up (it’s free) and then you have several choices in order to earn points…. I’ll explain each of them below.  Once you have accumulated points (usually takes me about 5 minutes per day), you add YOUR website, twitter, facebook, instagram, tweets and watch the traffic flow in.

How do you get points

I created a quick video walkthrough


View other people’s websites:

Traffup Website viewsOnce you click on a website to view, the top of the page will countdown (15 seconds) and then you will see the message “Please identify the picture to continue”.  Simply click on the word that identifies the picture.

Traffup points earnedAt this point, you will see the message “Thank you for visiting this website. You have earned 50 points.” Then click the “x” in the corner and select another website to view.  I continue doing this until I get the amount of points I’m looking for (typically about 2300 per day).

Follow People on Twitter:

Traffup Twitter FollowSimply click on the blue “Follow” button for whoever you want to follow and earn 50 points each.

Retweet Other Tweets:

Traffup Retweet pointsOnce again, it’s simple to earn points… just click the red “Retweet” button and get 50 points. It’s up to you who you retweet.

Like Facebook Pages:

Traffup Facebook likesBy liking Facebook pages, you can earn 50 points plus 25 in most cases… giving you 75 easy points.

Buy Points:

Traffup Buy PointsYou can also buy points if you don’t have time to earn the points or you simply want more exposure and are willing to invest.  The prices aren’t bad at all, especially if you are used to paying for Bingads or Google ads.

How to Get Free Website Traffic?

If you need traffic to your website, twitter, facebook, or instagram…. just CLICK HERE… remember it’s FREE!

Free Website Visitors

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