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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

This is my personal success story as a member of the Top Affiliate Marketing Training Program – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Member since 2013


As a result of the training, tools and community at Wealthy Affiliate, I have built a successful online business that I continue to grow to this day.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate over 5 years ago with the intention of creating a financial future for myself and my family. I wanted to learn everything I could about affiliate marketing and how I could use my passion to make money online.

Like most people, I didn’t want to work for someone else and I wanted to have the ability to work from anywhere. I love to travel and I knew that having a business I could take with me would be ideal.

In my pursuit of a legitimate business that I could create, I found an article describing the benefits and details of Wealthy Affiliate. I could immediately see that this was a program that I wanted to be a part of and that would set me up for success.

I finished reading the article and decided to join. It was free to join and as soon as I logged in, I filled out my profile details, added a picture, and quickly got started with the very first lesson in Course 1.


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

In 2005, two young men (Kyle and Carson) started a membership site called Wealthy Affiliate with a focus on providing keyword lists for members. They soon went on develop the site into a training platform that helps people learn how to create their own successful online business.


Kyle and Carson truly wanted to help people and they had a vision to create the BEST online training platform for affiliate marketing. As a result, the training and the tools provided at Wealthy Affiliate are always up-to-date and innovative.



What’s Included with Wealthy Affiliate?

The easiest way to get to know Wealthy Affiliate is to sign up for free and take a look around. But I’ll outline what you can expect with a membership here.


The main purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach others how to build an online business and how to be successful as an affiliate marketer. Comprehensive training and certification courses are offered in abundance at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Core Training
      • Offered with the free starter account
      • 1 Course (Online Enterpreneur Certification Course)
      • Course has 10 lessons
  • Certification Courses
      • Total of 5 Courses (2-5 offered with the Premium Membership)
        • 1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
        • 2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
        • 3. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!
        • 4. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
        • 5. The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
  • Live Training
      • Weekly Live Training (every Friday evening)
      • Topics relevant to internet marketing, website building, ad campaigns, etc
        • All previous replays available
  • Classrooms
      • 13 classrooms full of training
      • Ability to ask questions within classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms



As you go through the training, you begin to realize that there are important tools that you will need to implement in your business. These tools make your job easier and also give you a leg up on competition. Wealthy Affiliate has a range of incredible tools that can be used to help you along the way.

  • Keyword Tool
      • Provides Google search information
      • Keyword search
  • Website Builder
      • WordPress websites (installed in 60 seconds)
      • Build a website in 4 easy steps
  • Website Hosting
      • WordPress Optimized Hosting
      • Daily backups
      • 24/7 website monitoring
      • Email accounts
      • 2 Free websites (as a Starter Member)
      • 25 websites (for Premium Members
  • Website Domain Names
      • Purchase domain names within WA
      • Cheaper than GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc
      • $13.99 per year
      • Privacy Protection included

Community & Support:

Not only are an abundance of training and tools available at Wealthy Affiliate, but also expert support and an active community. If you ever have a question or problem, there is someone available to offer advice and help. This is extremely comforting especially as you begin your online journey.

  • Live Chat
  • Q&A sessions
  • 24/7 support
  • Site Comments from members
  • Site Feedback



Results From Using Wealthy Affiliate

There are thousands of success stories from the members of Wealthy Affiliate. Almost every day when I log in, there is a new post from a member who is reaching their financial goals.

Check out a few of their stories below:



Wealthy Affiliate Price: Free vs. Premium Memberships

There are 2 price points for Wealthy Affiliate. I started out with the free membership and then 3 days later, I upgraded to Premium because I could see that this platform could offer me so much more than any other online program.

Free Starter Membership:

  • $0
  • 2 free websites
  • Course 1 only
  • You can remain a starter member forever (if you wish)

Premium Membership:

  • $49/month
  • 50 websites
  • All Training Courses
  • Live Video training
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Click here to get Premium membership for ONLY $19 for the first month


My Conclusion of Wealthy Affiliate

Since I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been able to pay off debt, work from home, and create a full time income. I personally recommend it to anyone who wants to build an online business. There is no better program online for equipping you with everything you need to be successful.

If you commit to following the training and applying what you learn, you can easily find the same success that so many other members already have.

Wealthy Affiliate WORKS!

I became a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 and I haven’t looked back since!!

Wealthy AffiliateI highly recommend this powerful training platform, because it has worked for me and allowed me to live my dreams.

Everything you need to create and grow a successful online business is included!

If you decide to join WA, I will be there to help you along the way. Feel free to check out my profile page by clicking on my image.

I honestly hope you at least take a free look at everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer by creating your free starter account TODAY. If so, I look forward to working with you and celebrating your future success.








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Mar 27

My Personal Wealthy Affiliate Payment Proof


My Proof that Wealthy Affiliate WORKS – You CAN Make Money

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof


When I first started searching the internet for ways to make money and work from home, I came across a lot of scams, bad information, and outright lies. At first, I was disheartened and frustrated.  It took me quite a while to weed out the bad sites. But my hard work paid off and eventually I found Wealthy Affiliate.  It was truly eye-opening to finally have my hands on a legitimate website that solely exists to help people build online wealth and businesses.

I was incredibly impressed from the minute I landed on the home page. There was no doubt in my mind that I had found my answer.  I was face to face with real people who were honestly making real money.  So as your reading this, you may be asking yourself “can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate?”

wealthy affiliate income proof

The Answer:  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!

It didn’t take me long to realize that this Online University was more than just a tutorial on “ways to make money”.  It was a life-line that literally saved me from drowning in debt. I needed a way to work from home and make solid money month to month.  After implementing the tools and skills that I learned by following the courses, I actually started to make real money.

I started out by taking the course for a test drive (free membership), and quickly realized that this was literally gold in my hands.  I upgraded immediately and for only $49/month, I got access to a world of information, tutorials, community help and live video webinars. I was given EVERYTHING I needed to SUCCEED.

After about 2 months, I got my first “referral” and $22.50/month.  Another month later, I received another referral and my monthly recurring income was now $49/month…. this literally paid for my membership.  Just 2 referrals and I was breaking even.  Every referral after the first 2 gave me pure profit.

Payment Proof

I like to be transparent with people and showing them proof of payment is one way that I can do that.  It’s not a way of bragging, but more of a reassurance that it is possible to make money.  Not just money, but recurring money.  Every month I get a guaranteed check and with every new referral I bring in, that check increases by almost $24.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

As you can see from the image above, these are my most recent earnings (within the last month).  The $8 Sale amounts are for the first month someone signs up. After that, the amount goes up to $22.50/month. At the beginning of every month, Wealthy Affiliate automatically pays me my commissions (via Paypal) which is extremely convenient.


Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Wealthy Affiliate Payment Proof


How Much Can You Earn?  The Power of Numbers

So if you are following along, you will see that the more referrals you get, the more your monthly check will be.  It breaks down like this….

wealthy affiliate earning potential

The two scenarios presented above show just how much potential earnings one can make simply by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  The program sells itself, so getting referrals is not too difficult…. read my full review here.

So Why Wait Any Longer – Start Making Your Own Money

I only endorse programs that I use and that I truly believe in.  I know that there are thousands of people out there searching for honest legitimate ways to make money online.  I hate when people get scammed or are simply let down by an inferior product.  If you are looking for financial freedom, ways to get out of debt, or just extra money every month, you have come to the right place.

Don’t wait any longer, start making money and find your very own success online.  Do what I did, and take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive. See for yourself how amazing this programs is. Sign up today for FREE!



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Jul 05

How to Start Making Money with a Website – Secrets Revealed

Wealthy Affiliate
Before you can build a website and make money online with it, you need to have the proper training and learn the skills it takes to be successful.  Anyone can create a website these days, but knowing how to market it and what to do after that is key to either success or failure.

Successful websites have the same thing in common with other successful websites… they all learned what works best and applied it to their website. But how do you know what works best?  Where do you find the best keywords that will get you higher rankings? How do you create quality content that will bring more visitors to your site?  Which SEO strategies work and which ones are a waste of time?


Get Educated

If you are ready to start your online career and begin making money (REAL money), then follow these 3 easy steps (the exact same steps I followed) and get started today.  Get the education and training from the experts that already make money.  Why wait any longer for the success that is out there waiting for you?

Step One:

1. Sign up for a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate

This is an online University that trains people just like you in a step-by-step, easy to understand format. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, the training here is the Best there is. Wealthy Affiliate is the only community in the world where you achieve an education in Online Business, build a reputation, interact with like-minded people, and have access to all tools required to achieve lasting success.

Step Two:

2.  After you sign up, complete your profile (add a description and a profile picture)

Here’s a look at my profile…. Capture2

Step Three:

3.  Start your First Lesson – Click the GREEN “Training” Button.  It will be located on the left side bar. Here’s what it looks like:

Wealthy Affiliate Training


Support and Follow Up

Having a support system and mentors to help you along the way is extremely important.  I even wrote an article about it recently.  The Importance of Support and Online Business Success

Once inside the Wealthy Affiliate program, I will be contacting you and letting you know that I will be there if you ever have any questions or need help with anything.  Not only me, but the entire community (as well as the owners) are there to lend a hand. No other training program has this kind of support. It is the key to success as far as I’m concerned.


Upgrading to Premium

While this training program is FREE and includes 2 websites, there is an option to upgrade to Premium Membership.  With this membership upgrade, you get even more training and even more valuable information.  It is very affordable too…. $19 for the First Month and then $49 per month.

Here’s What you Get by Going Premium:

  1. Hosting for 50 Websites
  2. Control Panel – Manage All your websites from here
  3. Keyword Tool – This is vital for getting rankings and traffic
  4. Earn 2x as much as an affiliate marketer of Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Certification Courses and More Training
  6. Access to the WA Community
  7. Comments and Feedback – other members offer website feedback  as well as post comments.



Earning Potential

Wealthy Affiliate not only offers world class training, but you can also earn money while you learn.  Below is a breakdown of the earnings you can make promoting WA.


Consider the following scenarios…. the sky is the limit



As you can see, it is possible to make a lot of money with this training program.  Get the skills you need to make money and find the freedom you’ve been looking for.  Follow the 3 steps and stop sitting on the sideline waiting for success to fall in your lap.


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Jun 03

What is Wealthy Affiliate and What Does it Offer?

If you want to know how to build a money making website, you should take a look at the training and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides. It is perfect for the newbie or the experienced.  I have never been more pleased with the wealth of information that I received immediately upon signing up.  I started with a FREE Starter account, however I quickly realized that this program was my launching pad into online success.  Finally, I found something that worked!!! So I upgraded to Premium and within the first 6 months, I had 2 different websites that were already generating money.  3 years later, I’m making a full time income and have the flexibility to work from anywhere I want.

So what do you get with Wealthy Affiliate?

Below is a breakdown of the 2 options… Starter Membership and Premium Membership.  Both have incredible tools, however I really love the extra affiliate training offered in the Premium as well as the fact that I earn 2 times more for the affiliate program.  Having just 2 referrals actually pays for my monthly Premium membership.  I love that!

If you are really serious about making a living online and becoming your own boss, than Premium is the way to go.  The Starter Membership is great for those who are still on the fence.  Either way, Wealthy Affiliate has been a life changer for me and it can be for anyone else who gives it a try.

Here’s a snapshot of my first month’s earnings… it wasn’t HUGE, but it began to snowball quickly and has now grown to over $500 per month.

Next paycheck

Are you ready to start earning? 

Don’t wait any longer… get the tools, training, websites, and advice you need to NOW! Learn how to create a money making website from the freedom of your couch.

⇒⇒ Click here to sign up and I’ll see you on the inside! ⇐⇐






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Aug 16

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate is a great question and one that is worth investigating.  I have personally loved my experience at Wealthy Affiliate and have gained valuable knowledge that has led to my financial success online.  I’ve already outlined a personal review of WA, but in this post I wanted to include a very brief video that explains what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it can help you… take a look!

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate today for free

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Wealthy Affiliate Review




Name: Wealthy Affiliate University
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium,
$49/month  (Join Here)
Rank: 10 out of 10
Overall Opinion:
Absolute BEST Program for Success, Training, and Support


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

CaptureWealthy Affiliate is a unique approach to affiliate marketing training. The creators, Kyle and Carson, have developed an entire program that allows ANYONE of any skill level to build a website and begin monetizing it easily and quickly. They explain EXACTLY how you will be making money and give you a step by step guide to accomplish it. This program is FILLED with information that will help anyone who is serious about making money get on the right track.

If you are looking to earn money online, network with other successful entrepreneurs, and learn from the thousands of experts at WA, then you’ve come to the right place.

Personal Note:

This is the exact training program that took me from being a
complete Newbie to making over 2,000 per month in less than 3 years.

What’s Inside?

The program has a classroom/university type feel to it, which I personally enjoy. This type of comprehensive training allowed me to take serious steps toward making money and helped me become more knowledgeable in the process.

There are Certification Courses, Classrooms, Tutorials, Videos, a Bootcamp and a Live Chat Room

Resource Image      Resource Image  


Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 free websites to begin your online business. With the free membership you get access to tons of training and can even build a website in less than 30 seconds. With the premium membership, you have even more access to training and unlimited websites.

The free membership is great because you get to “try it before you buy it”. Just like test driving a car… you are under no obligation to purchase… but everyone wants to know what they are potentially buying!! You can even stay at the free membership level FOREVER if you wish.  You just won’t have access to ALL the benefits of the training program.

I initially signed up for the free membership and within 3 days, I was convinced that this was the program for me.  The training videos are so easy to follow and offer so much more information than anywhere else on the internet.  I signed up for the premium membership immediately and haven’t looked back.

Since signing up, I’ve started 4 money making websites in several different niches.  I have a camping blog, a fitness website, and of course I promote Wealthy Affiliate with this website. All of them are profitable and have allowed me to quit my part time jobs and work from my own home.

Here’s a look at one of my websites: I turned my passion for camping into a money making business

The Texas Camping Girl


Pros vs. cons


  • Extensive Training via videos, tutorials, and courses
  • Huge Community of members willing to help (700,000 plus members)
  • 2 FREE websites
  • Interactive Classrooms (13+ Classrooms)
  • Live video training
  • 24/7 live chat for real time support
  • Secure and Fast Web Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts and Millionaires
  • $0. Yes, FREE!



  • Not a “get rich quick” program – it takes work… but overall there are very few cons to this program that I could find.


Wealthy Affiliate Product Overview

This program is very community oriented and the insight that you get from not only the mentors, Kyle and Carson, but also the vast community of members is priceless. These are people just like you that have gone through the same training and are making it work.  It doesn’t get any more comforting than that.

When you get stuck or have a problem, someone from the community is more than willing to help you out. Most of the time the owner Kyle himself will take a few minutes to answer your questions.

There is truly an expert quality to this program beyond what I have found anywhere else on the internet. The amount of training you receive is incredible and I personally learned so much about affiliate marketing and how to drive traffic to my websites in the first 10 days.


What Kind of Work Will You Be Doing?

After you join Wealthy Affiliate, there are 2 basic paths you can take.

  1. You can either follow your passion (like video gaming or health & fitness) and create a full time business. (This could be ANYTHING you are interested in)
  2. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate (as it has a great Affiliate Program)

Within either of these 2 options, you will be learning step by step how to create a website that is going to bring in traffic and earn you money… either through affiliate programs, ads, or various other ways.

It’s going to set you up for the long-term and be completely easy to duplicate time and time again.  For instance, I started with my camping website and later created a website focused on health and fitness.  If you are curious about how you will make money, you can read about that in my “how do you make money online” post.



There are 2 price points for Wealthy Affiliate:

Starter Membership: $0 aka FREE (sign up here)

Premium Membership: $49 per month  (sign up here)  <== Get a discount ($19 for 1st month) if you upgrade within the first 7 days.


The free membership is great for those who are wanting to check out what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and if it is something they would like to do.  You still get a lot of stuff when you sign up as a Starter Member… including access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool, etc.

The Premium Membership is the “be all end all” package if you are serious about really making a living online. Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is included in Wealthy Affiliate Premium. You will become an expert in no time.



My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

Join WA for FREE, I mean it’s only $0.  Take a look around and if you like what you see, you can start your online business right away.

Take action TODAY and I’ll Throw in An Awesome BONUS!Bonus

Join the starter membership today, it’s FREE… and upon joining, I will make sure to get in touch with you within the first hour and let you know how to claim your bonus.

All I ask is that if you do join, promise me you will set up your account. It is super simple and you will be walked through it upon joining WA.

Side note: I actually have a contest going with a fellow member to see how many people choose the cute little kitten over the sports car as their profile picture.  So far he’s winning. If you do join, feel free to pick the kitten picture… you can always change it later.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, $0 Starter Membership Here!


If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of Wealthy Affiliate or you have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear from you.

You will never know what you could potentially be making until you take that first step and take a closer look inside of Wealthy Affiliate


CaptureAre Kyle and Carson Real?  Read it here….

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