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How to Grow a YouTube Channel – Proven Methods

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms available today. In fact, it is actually more of a search engine than just an entertainment platform.

Think about it, everyone is searching for stuff these days, and where do they go to find it usually… YouTube! I know I often consult YouTube to find the answers to things. For instance, last week I needed to know how to tie a neck tie for an event my son was going to. I looked it up on YouTube and found a very helpful instructional video.

Millions of people are doing the exact same thing at any given time on YouTube and if you can tap into even a fraction of that, you can become successful.

Growing a YouTube channel is not that difficult if you follow these 4 steps. These are the exact things that all the successful YouTubers are doing because it works!

1. Be Consistent

The number one key to building a large following on any social media is to be consistent and this especially applies to YouTube. The more videos you create the greater your chances of getting views which often leads to subscribers.
create consistent content

Another reason to be consistent is because YouTube loves it! They want to see that you are always creating more content and that you are going to stick around a while.

The more videos you create, the more YouTube will start recommending you to viewers as well as rank you higher in the search.

When I first started my channel, I didn’t maintain much consistency and that really hurt me. But once I realized that I needed to constantly be producing content, my subscribers started to increase and my views went up dramatically.

The best way to be consistent is to try to create a new video and upload it every single day. Now this doesn’t make sense for some channels, but it does for most of them. Aim to create a video per day.

One of the things that I do is create a schedule for my week. So for instance, one day I will research all the topics I want to cover that week. Another day I will actually record the videos. And one day I will spend editing them and adding tags and descriptions. Then I set them up to be published… one per day.

Another strategy would be to just record, edit and publish all in one day. Do this every single day and you are good to go. Just do what works best with your own personal schedule. The key is to just keep creating!

2. Create Longer Videos – 7 to 10 minutes at least

The second thing you need to do if you want to grow your YouTube channel is to create longer videos. The point is to keep people on YouTube longer and with videos that last about 10 minutes on average, you will see better rankings within search.

Keep in mind that you want the viewer to watch the entire video and not just leave after 2 minutes, so make sure your content is useful and engaging. grow a youtube channel

A good tip is to tell the viewer that you are going to explain something (or show them something) at the end of the video. Use words like, “stay tuned til the end…” and “at the end of this video I’ll reveal my number one recommendation for….”

Creating listicals (videos that list things out) is another great way to get them to keep watching the entire video. For instance, do a video listing the 5 best cameras for vlogging or 10 websites that save you money. By listing things out, people will be forced to watch so that they can find out what the 5 things in the list are. Make sense?

3. Get More Engagement

Another thing that YouTube really likes is when people engage with your videos. By this I mean that they do more than just watch the video.

Different types of engagement include, liking the video, sharing on social media or email, commenting, and even subscribing. These are all things that you want your viewers to be doing with each and every video you create.

But how do you get people to engage with your videos? I have found that just asking them is a very effective approach. For instance, I will tell viewers to “like” my video if they found it useful. I also ask them to subscribe if they are not already a subscriber to my channel.

⇒  Click Here to Subscribe to My YouTube Channel ⇐

Simply providing a call to action like this actually gets people to take action. A lot of people forget that they can like or share a video, so if you remind them, they will most likely do it.

Asking a question of your viewers during your video is a great way to get people to comment. It can honestly be anything, but try to keep it relevant to the topic if possible.

4. Keep Viewers on YouTube

The final thing you should be doing is providing a way for your viewers to stay on YouTube even longer. Remember that YouTube wants people to stay on their platform… obviously… and rewards those channels that do this.

By adding cards to your videos linking to either one of your other videos or to another YouTuber’s video, keeps people on YouTube longer. You can also utilize the end screens to suggest another video and most people will click on it.

Place links to your other relevant videos within the description area and you might also mention that you have more videos on a particular topic that people can check out.

All of these things will get people to stay on the platform longer and thus give YouTube a reason to like you even more!!

Final Thoughts – Treat YouTube like a Business

Getting over 100k subscribers and massive hours of views may seem daunting, but if you apply these simple steps and remain focused, you WILL see success with YouTube.

The best advice I can give is to treat it like a business. Work hard and work consistently as if you were working a 9 to 5 job. This is after all YOUR business and the effort that you put in is equal to the success that you will achieve.

Leave me a comment below if you have used any of these YouTube techniques to gain more traffic and get more views. I would love to hear about your success.

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Sep 18

The Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to Promote

The Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to Promote

It seems like everyone is getting on the YouTube bandwagon these days. Let’s face it, if you have access to the internet you have probably watched a few YouTube videos. The potential to make money with YouTube is huge, but most people don’t really understand how these YouTubers are making most of their money.

You might be surprised to learn that most successful YouTubers don’t make the majority of their income from the YouTube ad revenue. Sure some of it comes from that, but the majority of them make money through Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to promote. YouTubers like Erik Conover, Maxx Chewning, and Christian Guzman utilize these Affiliate Programs to help supplement their online income.

So if you are trying to make your living through the YouTube space, you might want to check some of these out.


Amazon – Absolutely Anything and Everything

The first Affiliate Program is a catch-all of products and fits virtually any niche. Amazon is the perfect Affiliate Program to promote because anything you could ever want is being sold on Amazon and thus making it easy to promote.

Amazon Associates

One of the ways that YouTubers promote Amazon products is through the use of the description box. The description box is located below the YouTube video and lets you add content and links. This is where they will add the links to the Amazon products.

For instance, in the description box area some YouTubers list links to the camera gear and equipment they are using. I’ve also seen where they have listed the decorations that are found throughout their home. This is particularly useful after an apartment/home tour video.

People see the products in the videos and can easily click on the link and purchase the exact same widget or knick-knack for their own home.


Fitness & Nutrition Products

One of the most popular niches within the YouTube space is that of Fitness and Nutrition. Whether it be diet advice, weight loss trends, or workout routines, YouTubers are flocking to the Health and Wellness niche.

Fitness Nutrition Programs

Promoting products within this niche is relatively simple. Most people hear about a new product and are eager to give it a try, so affiliating with some of the top Fitness and Nutrition Companies is how a lot of YouTubers make their money.

From Protein Bars and Powders to Fitness programs and diets, there is an abundance of products available for YouTubers to review and promote.

  • Shakeology
  • PEScience Protein
  • P90X Workouts
  • Ghost Nutrition
  • Calorie Counter Programs
  • Recipe Books
  • Diet Programs

The products are endless and sell like crazy. For some YouTubers that have a huge following, mentioning one of these products can earn them thousands of dollars in commissions with just one video.


Style & Fashion Products

Similar to the Fitness and Nutrition niche, the Style and Fashion niche gets a lot of attention on YouTube. YouTubers in the Fashion niche are able to create Lookbook videos with their outfits or make-up tutorials that feature certain products.

Makeup Videos

Jessica Clements is a perfect example of this. In her makeup videos, she lists links to the products that she uses in the description box. Anyone who is interested in creating the same look as her can simply click on the links and purchase the same eyeliner or concealer.

Fashion is another avenue where YouTubers can affiliate with stylish companies that offer products such as watches, shoes, or sunglasses. MVMT watches is a great example of a company that pays its affiliates a commission for every purchase. They even offer some influencers a discount code to offer to their followers.

YouTubers like Maxx Chewning will often promote MVMT watches and other fashion products within his videos as he is almost always wearing the product. Showing the watch on his arm and offering a discount code typically gets viewers to purchase.



Courses & Tutorials on How to Make Money

The MMO niche (Make Money Online) also has a huge following on YouTube. Viewers are always looking for ways to make money online and YouTubers can offer affiliate links to courses or tutorials on how to make money.


Some people promote Clickfunnels and other Clickbank digital products and courses, while others choose to promote software such as email autoresponders and screen recorders and editing software.

On my YouTube Channel, I choose to promote the program where I learned how to build this website and make money with affiliate marketing… Wealthy Affiliate!

My channel is dedicated to helping others learn how to make money and a passive income online, so that’s why I promote this particular program.



If you are starting out on YouTube or even thinking about it, you will most likely want to look into affiliate marketing and partnering with affiliate programs in order to maximize your earning potential.

YouTube is one of the easiest ways to promote affiliate products and by doing so, you can create a very generous passive income.

Educate yourself first… that’s my number one recommendation! You will save yourself a lot of time and start earning even faster if you get the right training.

Find out exactly how to join affiliate programs and how to become an affiliate marketer here!







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