Affiliate Marketing Training – Making Money with Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers with a huge brand name that everyone uses. Think about it, you have probably bought something on Amazon in the last year if not more recently.

The potential to make money with Amazon is enormous and a great place for beginners to start. As an Affiliate Marketer you can leverage the brand recognition of Amazon and earn commissions for promoting products.

It’s relatively easy to get started making money with Amazon. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

1. Amazon Associates – Sign Up

The first step is to sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program called Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

It is free to sign up and you can earn up to 10% commissions from promoting different products.

The Affiliate Program has various levels of commission rates (10% currently being the highest). So depending on what type of products you choose to promote, you can earn a percentage at the given rate.

For instance, luxury beauty products will earn a 10% commission while baby products will earn a 4.5% commission. Therefore, it is important that you know what kind of product you want to promote. Which brings us to step 2

Amazon Associates Commission Structure

2. Find Products to Promote

The second step is to pick a niche and find products on Amazon to promote. While you can literally promote ANY item on Amazon, you will want to focus on a specific category like beauty products or camping gear. This is called a niche and you will use it to build a specific audience.

Amazon Products

Your audience should be interested in the products you are promoting to them and if you target a specific niche, you will be much better off.

So once you have decided on the type of products you will be promoting, you need to grab your unique affiliate link. Within Amazon Associates, you are given an affiliate ID and each product will have a link associated with it that is assigned to you.

This link is how you will get paid. A customer clicks on your affiliate link and then decides to purchase the product within Amazon. At this point, Amazon pays you the commission percentage for each sale.

3. Create a Review of Product

At this point, you will want to begin promoting products and the best way to do this is to create a review. People love reviews and they typically research a product before purchasing, so if you create a review there is a good chance that someone who is interested in the product will check it out and make a purchase.

In your review, you should give details about the product, photos, and price information. Also, you will want to talk about the benefits that the product offers. A pro vs con list is a great way to do this.

Within your review, you will place your affiliate link to the product you are discussing. This will give the potential customer an opportunity to purchase the product.

A review can be a written blog post or a video that you upload to YouTube. Some people do both. But whichever way you choose to promote, you will want to be consistent and give plenty of information. People want to be thoroughly informed before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

I personally like to use a blog post to promote Amazon products. I have a camping website where I often do gear reviews. Check it out if you want to see how I utilize product reviews within my blog.

The Texas Camping Girl

4. Optimize Content – SEO

Once you have created product review content, you need to make sure that you optimize it. What does this mean? Basically, it is a way to get ranked higher within the search engines.

So by optimizing your content (whether it’s a blog or a video), you tell search engines like Google that you exist and to rank your content higher. People have a better chance of finding your posts if you are ranked on the first page.

For instance, when they search for “Best Dog Toys for Golden Doodles,” your product review post shows up on the first page and they click on your link to read more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not hard to do, if you know a few tricks. They are not really tricks, but more like strategies to implement when you create content.

Here’s a basic overview:

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Include Keyword in Title
  • Add Meta Description and Meta Title
  • Submit post link to Google Crawl
  • Add internal and external links within posts
  • etc

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5. Collect Commissions

The final step in making money with Amazon is collecting your commissions. Once you have traffic going to your product reviews, you will begin to see the commission payouts roll in.

By the way, Amazon pays you commission no matter what the customer purchases. For instance, if you send someone to Product A but then they start looking around Amazon and find Product B instead and purchase it, you STILL get the commission.

This is great because most people buy more than one thing at a time when they are on Amazon. So you will earn on whatever they end up buying even if it is not the original product you linked to.

There are plenty of reports and tools available within the Amazon Associates program. These reports give you a better idea of what links are getting clicks and what campaigns are producing revenue for you.

Final Thoughts – It’s Easy to Make Money with Amazon

If you’re an Affiliate Marketer and you haven’t already signed up with Amazon Associates then you are truly missing a great opportunity.

With the majority of the population using Amazon every day, the potential commission you could be making is enormous. The brand recognition alone is worth it to me. Like I said before, who hasn’t heard of Amazon?

Get Started – Sign Up with Amazon Associates Today!

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