Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing​ Your Website

Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing Your Website

When it comes to marketing your website or blog, utilizing the power of social media can mean the difference between very little traffic and a virtual highway of traffic flooding your site daily.

It’s also important to know which ones are the most useful and how to effectively use each one. Being a member of a social media platform is not exactly the same as being a website promoter on social media. The tactics and strategies are slightly different.

For instance, your personal Instagram account might be full of pictures of your kids or meals you’ve thought were “instagramable.” But if you want to effectively promote your website, you need to make sure that the pictures you post are purposeful and nurture your brand.

Don’t get me wrong, being personal is also a good idea… you want to come across as human and approachable, but too much of that just dilutes the overall message you are trying to get out there.

So what are the best social media platforms for marketing your website?

1. Facebook

Practically everyone and their mother has a Facebook account. This is why using Facebook to market your website is such a good idea. EVERYONE will see it!

There are several ways you can go about using Facebook depending on how deep you want to get into it.

  • Personal FB Account – you probably already have one of these
  • Create a Seperate Page – Fan Page, Business Page, etc
  • Incognito FB Account – This is basically a second Personal account where you will only be promoting your site
  • Facebook Ads – I only recommend this is you know what you are doing and have an advertising budget
  • Join Groups – find ones that are in your niche

The easiest way to get started promoting your website with FB is using your personal account (or secondary one). Some people create a second personal account that they can set to public, this way their original personal account stays private and just between family and real friends.

Either way, you can simply start posting your most recent blog posts to your Facebook account and get engagement that way. I like to post immediately after I’ve published a blog, this way I don’t forget about it.

Make sure that you write a little bit about the article when you share on FB and try to ask a question to get comments and engagement. See below for an example…

How to make a Facebook Post with link

You can also create a Facebook Page in order to promote your website. This is a great way to separate your business from your personal page and also great if you have more than one business or webpage, because you can create multiple pages.

No matter what you do, I would suggest joining FB groups that are in your particular niche. This allows you to interact with like-minded people and most of the time you can also promote your website within the group.

One thing I might add is that you need to make sure that you are commenting and liking other FB pages and profiles. You also want to make sure that you are not just posting your recent blog posts. Change it up a bit and share a funny meme or a motivational quote every once in a while. This way you don’t look like just a spam account.

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2. Pinterest Pinterest

If you are not using Pinterest to promote your website, you are missing out. I discovered the power of Pinterest about a year and a half ago and it is one of the biggest sources of traffic for me.

The cool thing about Pinterest is that you can create different “boards” and pin pictures and content that relate to those boards. For instance, I have a “Work at Home” board and an “Affiliate Marketing Tools” board, among many others. So when I post a blog that has to do with either of those subjects, I make sure to pin it within that board.

Pinterest Work From Home Board

People will follow your overall profile as well as just the boards, so it is important to make use of them.

When you post to Pinterest, you can easily copy your recent blog post URL and then paste it into Pinterest. Pinterest will then pull any photos that are on that page. You can then pick which photo you want to post and then assign it to a board.

Check out all my Pinterest Boards here

After every blog post that I publish, I go over to Pinterest and Pin it to a board. I also write a little blurb about the post to entice people to click on it or re-pin it.

Keep in mind that if you paste the URL and pick a picture that way, the URL will be attached to the post and anyone who clicks on it will instantly be taken to your webpage.

3. Instagram

Instagram is another powerful way to build a brand and promote your website. You’ve probably heard the term “Instagram famous.” This refers to those people who have become famous and well-known just as a result of Instagram.

Now you don’t need to be Instagram Famous to successfully promote your website or build a strong brand. All you need to do is build a following of people who are interested in your niche.

Instagram allows you only one clickable link located on your profile page. So obviously this link should point to your website. You can choose to have it point to the homepage or to a high converting post.

Here’s a look at my Instagram…

Instagram Profile

So how do you build your following? It’s easier than you might think. Don’t just wait for people to find you on Instagram… you need to be proactive in order to get seen.

Here’s what I do…

  • Add relevant hashtags to all your Instagram posts
  • Like and comment on other people’s posts (make a few of them popular influencers, like Tony Robbins, etc.)
  • Follow a few new people each day (don’t go crazy with this or Instagram will get mad)
  • Alternate between posting your recent blog articles and something fun like a motivational meme

4. YouTube Youtube

While YouTube is not for everyone, if you can make videos and are comfortable either on camera or speaking on camera, then YouTube can be a valuable medium.

By taking blog posts that you’ve published and simply turning them into videos, you can have endless content to upload. I like to use the main subject of my blog posts and do screen casts to explain what I’m talking about.

Here’s a few of my YouTube videos that I took straight from my website….

The powerful thing about YouTube is that you have the ability to add links in your description box. Take full advantage of this!!! Also mention the links within your video so people will know they are there. This is called a Call to Action. If you tell people to click the link in the description, they will most likely do it.

You can use screen capture programs like Screencast-O-Matic that are extremely easy to use and capture video of your screen as you move about online.

Conclusion – The Social Media Age Social Media

Using Social Media is just a part of marketing now days. Everyone is on at least one of the platforms several times a day. They have access to it on their phones and to be quite honest, most people are addicted.

You might as well take advantage of the opportunity for this free traffic and exposure. My recommendation is to pick one and master it… learn everything you can about it and become extremely familiar with what it has to offer.

Then once you’ve built a following and have mastered that platform, add another one to your marketing portfolio. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of wasting time on these platforms. Market your website and move on. Because if you are not careful, you could waste hours lurking around when you could use that time to write another blog post or watch a training video.

Just remember that Social Media can be an asset as long as you don’t let it overtake you.

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