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How to Write an Article with SiteContent – Create Quality Content Fast

Being able to write quality content fast is extremely important for anyone who owns a website or blog. Creating consistent content gives you a significant boost in SEO rankings and can drive enormous amounts of traffic your way.

However, it’s not always easy to crank out content on a daily basis. You need to have tools at your disposal that aid in making the process smoother and more efficient.

SiteContent is a relatively new product that offers an efficient, easy to use writing platform. In fact, this particular blog post (as well as the majority of blog posts on this very site) was written using the help of SiteContent.

What is SiteContent? The Ultimate Writing Platform

SiteContent is a writing platform designed by the creators at Wealthy Affiliate (the #1 online entrepreneur training university). It was designed with the sole purpose of giving content creators the ability to write with ultimate efficiency.

The convenience and ease of use makes this writing editor far superior to most other content editors online. It also allows you to track your progress, Google indexing status, and writing goals. We all need to stay on track, and SiteContent keeps you up to date with how many articles you’ve published, words you’ve written, and articles indexed in Google.

With SiteContent, you can also add compressed images and check for spelling and grammar errors before publishing the article directly to your website. It’s an all-in-one platform that enables productivity in a convenient form.

Another great feature of SiteContent is the ability to create templates for future articles as well as the organizational features where you can neatly manage all of your articles.

In order to access SiteContent, you need to create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. Once inside you can start utilizing the incredible platform and see just how powerful it is.

Learn MORE about ALL the Incredible Tools Available at Wealthy Affiliate

Creating an Article or Template

SiteContentTo get started writing, you simply choose whether you want to start with a blank document or use a template. SiteContent comes with 3-4 templates preloaded. These include a Privacy Policy page, Affiliate Disclosure, About Me, and Keyword Rich Document. You can use these and modify them as needed.

Or you can start with a blank document. Of course you can always make any document into a template. So if you finish writing an article and think you might want to use that basic structure again, you can make it into a template for the future.

Within the editor, you have the ability to use different Headings, font features like bold and italics, and align your text. You can also attach links to your text. These links can either be an outside URL or a link to one of your existing website articles.

There is also the bullet feature, where you can create a bullet list in either an ordered or unordered format. You can also indent or outdent to create sub points within either format (as shown below).

Ordered Format:

  1. Point number 1
  2. Point number 2
    1. Sub Point
    2. Sub Point
      1. 2nd Sub Point
  3. Point number 3

Unordered Format:

  • First Item
  • Second Item
    • sub item
    • sub item
      • 2nd sub item
  • Third Item

It’s easy to write and edit all of your content in one place with SiteContent and I love the fact that it is a distraction free zone for the most part, where I can really focus on my writing and get it done.

Adding Images – Thousands of Free Images or Upload Your Own

SiteContent has made it extremely easy to add images to your content. You have a choice of using one of the over 1,000,000 optimized images within SiteContent or uploading your own image.

Finding images is one of the most challenging things when it comes to creating content, and the fact that there are over 1 million free optimized images right at your fingertips is incredible.

SiteContent ImagesOnce you’ve chosen an image, you have the ability to format it by choosing alignment, cropping, and adding ALT tags. You can also attach a URL link and have it open in a new window if desired.One of the cropping features I love within SiteContent is the choice to have the image in a square or in a circle. This is something that I haven’t seen on most other editors or writing platforms.SiteContent Image Cropping

Spelling & Grammar Check

When you get on a roll and really start cranking out the content, sometimes your spelling and grammar skills take a hit. We all get in a hurry at times but you never want to have misspelled words or sentences that don’t make sense in your blog posts. It’s just not a good look.

SiteContent has a built in Spelling and Grammar check feature that you can utilize before you publish any posts. This comprehensive checker looks at punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and grammar.

SiteContent Grammar Check

The grammar check finds possible errors (“Write greatest“) and gives suggestions as to what you might want to use instead. You can simply click the suggestion (“Write the greatest“) or you can make your own correction. You can also choose to Ignore the Error.

SiteContent Spelling Check

The Spelling checker also finds possible errors (“amzing“) and gives several suggestions. In this case, I would choose the correct word “amazing” and it would automatically correct it.

There are some cases where you might want to ignore the word. For instance, a proper name or a word that the checker just doesn’t recognize. In today’s modern world, a lot of the words society uses tend to be slang or acronyms and the spelling checker doesn’t always know that. But you can simply ignore the word, and the checker moves on to the next error.

The Spelling and Grammar checker is a real lifesaver for me because it allows me to write my content much faster without having to constantly double check my spelling and sentences. That used to slow me down quite a bit, but now I just write away and then before publishing I let the SiteContent grammar checker do all the work.

Publish Your Article Directly to Your Site

The hard part is over… you’ve written your content, added images, and checked for spelling errors. Now all that’s left to do is Publish your article and with SiteContent, it’s easy.

You can publish directly to your website as a page or a post. You can also assign an author if you have different users that you use. Just pick the site you want it to post to, choose page or post, click on a user, and hit Publish. From there you can view the post or go directly to the WordPress editor to continue editing.

Keep Track of Your Writing Stats

Knowing your goals and what progress you’ve made is important because it keeps you on task and improving in your business. SiteContent lets you keep track of your goals and keep an eye on your writing stats.

You can set Work Count Goals as well as Published Article Goals. Within each one you set an ending date or deadline and can keep track of how much you’ve accomplished and more importantly, how much you have left to do.

SiteContent Goals

Final Thoughts on This Incredible Editor

There are so many awesome features within SiteContent that make it the Ultimate Writing Platform. My publishing frequency has tripled since I started using SiteContent and I’ve seen a huge spike in my traffic as a result.

If you have a website or want to start one, you will greatly benefit from the SiteContent Editor for sure. I’m a big proponent of any tools that aid in making my business more efficient and easier. This editor is definitely one of best tools in my bag and I recommend it to anyone looking to up their game.

For a complete walkthrough of the SiteContent Platform, check out the video below.

SiteContent Walkthrough
Start Writing GREAT Content NOW with SiteContent… Sign Up for a FREE Account at Wealthy Affiliate

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Mar 20

How to Build Your Own Website for Free and Make Money

Build your own website
The ability to build your own website has never been easier and the fact that you can make money with a website is even more of a reason to get started.
Most people who want to make money in the online space don’t always want to invest up front, so building a website for free really appeals to the majority of people out there.

If you are one of those who really wants to break into the market and make money with your own website, then continue reading to see how you can do it for FREE.

*One note before we begin, if you truly want to create a long term income for yourself, you will need to invest time, energy and even some money. That’s just the reality of business. But getting your feet wet with a free website is possible and if you decide in the future to take your business to the next level, it is extremely easy to convert to a paid website.

Pick a Niche – Decide What Your Website Will Be About

The first step to building your own website that will make money is to figure out what you want your website to be about, aka “a niche”. A niche is basically the subject of your website or the market you will be targeting.

Truth be told, a lot of people struggle with this at first. But there are several things you can ask yourself to help you determine what your niche will be.

  1. What do you know a lot about? (What do you enjoy learning about?)
  2. What need or want can you offer to others on your website?
  3. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? (ie – your hobby or passion)

I find that the best niche to build your website around is one that you will enjoy working on. Nobody likes to spend time writing about something they can’t stand to do in real life. But if it’s a genuine passion of yours, you can easily pump out content because you enjoy sharing your knowledge with other about the subject.

There are literally thousands of niches that you can choose from. And you can even narrow those niches down a bit more and get a hyper specific niche that can be extremely profitable. Below are a few random niches…

  • Gaming Camera Equipment
  • Dog Training
  • Health & Fitness (I recommend narrowing this one down)
  • Fashion Trends
  • Photography & Equipment
  • Anxiety Help
  • RV Accessories
  • Camping
  • Quiltmaking
  • Mystery Novels
  • Survival & Defense
  • Sports Training Tips
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Food & Wine

Most of the niches listed above are fairly broad, but it’s a starting point. Wine Making

Maybe you are into food and wine, but you really want to focus more on homemade wine making. You could build a website that offers “how to articles” as well as promoting wine making equipment.



Or maybe you are into RVing… you could easily narrow that niche down to only Airstreams and promote vintage Airstream products or ways to renovate/repair them. You get the idea.

Once you have a niche nailed down, you have a direction for your website and the next step is to choose a name and secure a Domain.


Choose a Domain Name – Check Availability with Site Domains

A domain name is essentially the beginning of your brand online. The name should reflect what the website is about it is advisable that it be easy to remember/recall.

This is the point where you will decide if you want a free website or a traditional dot com site (paid). Personally, I suggest that you go with the paid if you are serious about making money and working towards a full time income.

Keep in mind that a “paid website” does not mean expensive. I’ll explain how to get a quality premium website for an extremely great price in just a few minutes.

For a free website, I use SiteRubix. It has a ton of features including some great themes to choose from. SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, which includes a Community, Training, Tools and Support. So in reality, it’s more than just a website.



It’s easy to use and all you have to do is type in a domain name and see if it’s available. For instance, “BobsDogTraining”…. as you see in the image above, it’s available. Simply click “Build my Free Website” and www.bobsdogtraining.siterubix.com belongs to you… for FREE!


Now let’s take a look at a Premium Website! I like to use a platform called “Site Domains” to check whether a domain name is even available. It also offers suggestions for alternative names.

> > > Click HERE to go to Site Domains < < <


With Site Domains, most domain names are only about $13 per year. That’s a great deal. I personally combine my domains with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership in order to get the most bang for my buck. For only $49/month, I can host up to 50 websites, get free SSL certificates for my websites (something Google is now suggesting), and much more.


Learn More about WA Premium Membership and Why You Need It!!


Choose a Theme – Simple and Clean Works Best

When you are ready to build your site, you will need to choose a theme. WordPress has some of the best themes available and the majority of them are free.

You may be tempted to get a theme with all the bells and whistles, but that’s not at all necessary and can sometimes be a distraction to your visitors.

Choose a relatively simple theme with clean lines that is easy to navigate and to read. Have you ever been to a website where there is just too much going on and trying to read the content was almost impossible? It’s annoying and you probably ended up leaving the site. You don’t want your visitors to do that, so keep it simple.

Within the SiteRubix platform, you will be able to try out a few themes to see what you like best. Once you find one, just click choose and within seconds your website is built and ready to be customized by you.

SiteRubix Theme


Create Content – Consistent Content is Key

Now you have a website, what next? Time to start writing! The way that most websites make money is through blogging. Website owners write content (articles) that pertain to their niche and in doing so, drive traffic (visitors) to their site.

The key to driving tons of traffic is writing consistently. The more content you create, the more visitors you attract.

Pumping out 12-15 blog posts a month is a great place to start. I usually aim for over 1000 words as well.

Writing content is fairly easy if you know what you are doing. Finding the right keywords and utilizing SEO optimization strategies within your writing will boost your rankings enormously.

> > > Click HERE to Learn More About How to Write Content Efficiently < < <

Start Making Money – Partner with Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

Once on the website, the traffic can be monetized by different ways…

  • the use of ads
  • promoting products
  • ecommerce stores
  • etc.

By far the most common and easiest way to monetize your website is through the use of Affiliate Marketing. This is simply a way to earn commissions for products you recommend by placing an affiliate link on your website. The visitor clicks on the link that is unique to you and you earn a percentage of the sale if they purchase.Affiliate Marketing


The beauty of this is that you don’t have any inventory, overhead, or shipping costs. You are simply the middleman that directs the potential customer to the product being sold.

With the internet market growing every single day, finding affiliate programs or products to promote is easy. There are millions of products that you can promote.

Affiliate Programs
Did you know that even Walmart has an affiliate program? Think of all the products you can promote from Walmart alone.

There are even Affiliate Networks that allow you to connect and partner with many different companies all at once.

A Few of the Main Affiliate Networks:


Conclusion & My Personal Suggestion

Making money online with your very own website is a great way to supplement your income or even generate a full time income. I’ve laid out the basics here within this article, but I always suggest people get the most hands on training they can in order to be successful.

Education is so important when it comes to the ever-changing internet market, and having real expert support at your disposal is priceless.

Sign Up with the Leading Affiliate Marketing Community and Training Program at Wealthy Affiliate HERE


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Mar 01

Get Paid to Blog From Home – Top 3 Ways

Blog from home
Working from home has its advantages and there are literally thousands of ways you can make a living right from your living room. Some of them require more skill or time or investment than others. But if working from home is something you are interested in doing, there is definitely opportunities that you can take advantage of.

For instance, did you know you can get paid to blog from home? If you can write and you have knowledge or a passion about something, then you are already qualified to be blogger and start making money.

It’s not that difficult and there are several extremely good ways to get started with your very own blogging business. I’m going to highlight the Top 3 blogging jobs, plus an extra bonus one at the end!

1. Create Your Own Blogging Website

By far, the absolute best way to make money by blogging is to build a website and write your own blog posts. This is how I started and I love the freedom that it affords me.

I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want. That’s what makes it enjoyable and easy to do. You have to love what you do and if you are writing about something that interests you, you have a much better chance of success.

But how do you get paid doing this? There are several ways that you can make money with your own blog. You can place ads on your website, sell your own product, or get commissions through Affiliate Marketing.

By having your very own website, you get to control what goes on there and what products you will promote. I personally love this, as I like to drive my own business and be in complete control.


Examples of blogging websites:

  • This website – Focused on teaching people how to build a business online
  • The Texas Camping Girl – Another one of my websites focused on camping and survival
  • KetoConnect – A blog about the Keto Diet that includes recipes and nutrition information
  • The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond’s blog site that started as a blog about recipes and ranch life


2. Write Blog Posts For Others – Guest Blog

Another great way to make money blogging is to write blog posts for other websites. Other people may not have the time to consistently write posts, so they pay people to write for them.

If you are good at writing and if you enjoy writing then guest blogging is probably one of the best side jobs that you can get.

Guest Blog
Most people that own websites, they need a lot of content… meaning they need a lot of blog posts. But how do they get the content. They either have to write a lot of blog posts or get someone else to write them.

And some people that own these websites may not be good at writing or maybe they don’t enjoy it, so they basically farm it out and this is where you come in. You can essentially be a guest blogger on their established website and earn money in the process.

You can make an average of about $50 per post with most guest blogging jobs. The posts typically need to be around 500 words or more… with most of them closer to 1000 words.

They may have a specific topic that they want you to talk about. And most of the time they will give you some keywords as well. All you have to do is write out the blog post… and you get paid $50.

If you do 5 of these a week and you are looking at $250 per week. That’s a great income!

Guest blogging has become something that is very lucrative. You don’t have to have your own product… basically what comes out of your brain and gets typed up is what you are selling.

If you don’t enjoy writing, this would not be for you. But if you enjoy writing and you are good at it and it just comes naturally for you, then this is an excellent way to make a couple hundred dollars per week. That can translate into a couple thousand dollars per month.

Fiverr is another great way to get hired as a guest blogger. If you aren’t familiar with Fiverr, check out my recent article about how to make money with Fiverr HERE.

3. Find Sites that Pay You Per Article

This strategy is very similar to guest blogging but in my opinion is a little easier. Believe it or not, there are several website platforms that pay you per article.
One of these platforms is called TextBroker. Here you are paired up with people who need content. You basically choose from thousands of orders based on your quality level.

Your quality level is noted by a star rating that you get based on how good your content is. The better you write, the better your star rating and the more money you get per word.

With a top quality rating of 5 stars, you can earn 5 cents per word. So if you have a 1000 word post, you will get $50.

Upwork is another great platform where you can find these types of writing jobs. Upwork hires freelancers and matches them with jobs. As a freelance writer at Upwork, you set your hourly rate for any work that you are hired to do.

There are many other sites like TextBroker and Upwork, but these are 2 of the best that I’ve found. They are relatively easy to work with and they pay out consistently.

Bonus – Write E-books From Home

Write an E-bookAs promised, I decided to give you one more way to get paid to blog at home. Writing your own E-book is just like blogging, however it is typically a little longer than a traditional blog post.

An E-book is an extremely easy way to generate passive income because one you have it written, you are essentially done with most of the work. Selling the book online is the next step.

If you choose to promote your book through email marketing, you would need a list in order to really profit from that. But if you have a large email list, then this is an easy way to get some sales.

Another great option is to put it on Clickbank or another affiliate network and get others to promote your product for a small commission.

Once again, if you have your own website, you can promote the E-book there as well.

Final Thoughts & My Personal Recommendation

While writing can be an easy way to make money online, most people don’t know how to get started. The top 3 ways that I’ve listed (and the bonus) are some of the best ways to generate a writing income.

I personally suggest that most people start with building their own website blog and practice their writing skills first. This gives you the opportunity to set up your own brand as well which can mean more income down the road as you become an authority in your field.

If building your own website sounds too difficult, let me calm your fears…. its much easier than most people make it out to be. I actually recommend that you start with the exact platform that I used to build ALL of my websites. Everything you need to learn, build, maintain, and thrive in an online business can be found within this platform.

Click Here to Learn EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Get Started Today!



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Sep 06

How to Backup a WordPress Site

How to Backup a WordPress Site

If you have a WordPress website, you will want to backup the data from that site in case you ever need it. This is something that I try to do every week. Backing up a WordPress website is actually very simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. It is also relatively easy to recover a website if you should need to do so.

Why Backup Your WordPress Site?

There are several reasons why you should perform regular backups of your site. It is similar to the way you should always save the work you are doing in a word document or a spreadsheet. If you make a major change to your website and it either doesn’t work great afterwards or if you actually end up breaking your site, you can easily recover a previous version and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Here are a few reason why you should backup your website:How to Backup a WordPress Site

1. Uploading/changing the theme

2. Change or add significant code to the editor

3. Adding new plugins (especially if you are unfamiliar with them)

4. You have written a lot of new content/posts and don’t want to accidentally lose it.

Since it literally only takes a few seconds to backup, you should really be doing this every week. I personally do this every Monday. This just works with my particular schedule, but you can choose whichever day works best for you. I like to actually pick a specific day of the week to do this, because if I don’t then before I know it I’ve gone months without backing anything up. We all have good intentions of doing something, but unless you put it on your schedule there’s a good chance it will get forgotten about.

How to Backup a WordPress Site

How to backup a wordpress site

As I’ve already said, this process is so simple and quick… there really is no excuse not to do this on a regular basis. Give yourself some peace of mind and leave room to worry about other things.

First you will want to log into your WordPress site… obviously. Next click on “Tools” and then “Export”. Once on the Export page, you will see a few options where you can choose what to export. I always choose to export “All Content”. Make sure that button is clicked and then click “Download Export File”. Click Save when prompted.

The downloaded file will go to wherever your computer sends your downloads. In my case, mine are sent to “downloads.” Some people have their downloads sent to their desktop. Whatever the case may be, you will need to find the file and then move it to a “backup” file folder. I have a backup folder set up for each of my websites, since I have more than one.


How to Import/Recover a WordPress Site

So now you have a backup, but how do you recover a website if you ever need to? There are a few more steps but it’s really just as simple.

1. First you want to go to “Tools” and then “Import.”

2. When the Import screen comes up, scroll to the bottom and choose “Install Now” under WordPress.

How to backup a wordpress site


3. After installing the WordPress Importer, click “Run Importer”

4. Choose the backup file by clicking the “choose file” button and finding it within your computer files

5. Click “upload file and import” button

That’s how simple it is. Like I said there are a few more steps to the Import, but it’s really not that difficult. One thing to note is that when you import, some of your settings may need to be tweaked. For instance, your top menu may have extra pages on it (especially if you have excluded them in the past). But for the most part, your website will be back up and running… and more importantly, all that content you spent hours and hours writing will be back!!!

Need a WordPress Site of Your Own?

If you don’t already have a WordPress website and you are interested in building your own, let me suggest the SiteRubix hosting platform. It is full of incredibly useful tools and can save you a lot of time and money. All of my websites are hosted here and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

How to backup a WordPress site
As you can see, you get a lot of bang for your buck. There is even a FREE version if you are just starting out. Check it out now and get started building your very own website TODAY!

Get More Training and Tutorials Here

While WordPress is a pretty easy platform to work with, we all can use a little help especially with the technical side of things. Don’t get stuck when you don’t understand how to install a plugin or which plugin is best for your theme… get all the training and help you need with step by step tutorials and classrooms. Think of it as an instruction manual for all things WordPress and Website Blogging related.

Sign up HERE to Get Training and Tools at Your Fingertips!


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How to Build a Website For Free with WordPress


Is it possible to build a website for FREE & make money with it?

Build a website for free

The answer is YES!

A little over 3 years ago, I ran across an incredible training program that literally showed me step-by-step how to build a website, drive traffic to it, and monetize it.  I now have 4 websites that make me money every month.  The specific framework that I use is WordPress.  In fact, this website was built using WordPress. It makes it easy to achieve the top 5 aspects that any well respected website should have.

  1. Speed and Load Time Build a website for free
  2. Easy to Navigate
  3. Professional Design and Look
  4. Uses a Content Management System
  5. Quality website content

A website that incorporates all of these aspects will definitely be successful and profitable. Building a WordPress website is actually quite easy and you don’t have to be an internet expert to have one up and running in no time.  Believe me, I didn’t know the first thing about building a profitable website when I first started.

You can build a FREE website RIGHT NOW by simply entering a domain name in the box below.

What if I don’t know how to use HTML Code?

The beauty of WordPress is it’s Content Management System.  You do NOT need to know any code or special language to create a website.  A WordPress Site is very easy to install and set up.  They offer over 1400 different website templates that you can choose from. It’s as easy as clicking buttons.

Wealthy Affiliate

Want to Build a WordPress Website Right Now?  It’s FREE!!

In the video below, you will see just how easy it is for ANYONE (including You) to get a website up and running in 30 seconds.

Build a Website in WordPress

WATCH VIDEO: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

If you are serious and want to build a website in five minutes from now, then take action and follow these simple steps below:

  1. Start Building Your Website at SiteRubix HERE
  2. Create a FREE Account
  3. Get Access to 2 FREE websites and the training to get you started

Need More Training?

So what do you do after you have your very own website? How do you make it profitable? Don’t worry, all the training you will ever need is inside the community at Wealthy Affiliate.  You won’t be left hanging, like so many other programs out there.  Wealthy Affiliate is literally a University that is full of information, training, classrooms, live chat support, and you have access to the 2 owners, Kyle and Carson.

Simply follow the step-by-step training on how to build a successful business with your website. You’ll get started with a 10 lesson course that walks you through the process of generating revenue.

Build a website for free

This is a great foundation course on how to get started with an online business.

Get Your Own WordPress Website Today – Sign up for FREE

Upgrade to Premium for Even More Features

If you are serious about building an online business and making money from home, then you might want to upgrade to Premium.  The hosting platform alone is worth the price. Here’s a look at what you get for only $49 per month.

Build a website for free

Leave a Comment

I would love to see what you create, so feel free to come back here AFTER you have built your website and leave me a comment with a link to your site (that’s free traffic for you!).

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Feb 25

My Jaaxy Review – A Powerful Keyword Tool

The Best When it Comes to Keyword Research

Product Name: Jaaxy KeywordTool
Official Website: Click Here
Price: 3 Options: Free, Pro $19/month, Enterprise $49/month
Creators: Kyle & Carson
Rank: 10 out of 10best seo keyword research tool



Product Overview

Jaaxy Keyword Platform is one of the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool on the market.  The most successful Entrepreneurs use Jaaxy and as a result their campaigns and content get ranked high and get ranked fast.  Knowing what the absolute best keyword is to use can set you apart from the competition.  Jaaxy offers you the ability to thoroughly research keywords in order to make the very best choice.

Not only does Jaaxy offer keyword research, site rank, and domain availability comparisons, there is also an excellent affiliate program.  This product is so good, you will want to spread the word and get a commission on top.

One great thing about Jaaxy is that there are several price points that will fit into absolutely any budget.  Whether you are just starting out and have little to spend, or you are a seasoned entrepreneur and are looking for the most powerful tool to boost your profits… Jaaxy offers a package for all.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • No Credit Card Needed (if joining the Free program) – it truly is a free trial
  • Keyword Research – Keyword Competition, Keyword Traffic, Domain Availability
  • Lucrative Affiliate Program (for Pro and Enterprise Accounts)
  • No need to INSTALL anything (web based)
  • Pulls results from ALL search engines

The Bad:

  • You must be have a Pro or Enterprise Account in order to get commissions from the Affiliate Program.best seo keyword research tool


Who is it For?best seo keyword research tool

This program has something for everyone including video training for newbies.  Also their price points allow anyone of any level to choose the package that best suits their needs.

This tool is so powerful that it can even help strengthen the campaigns of expert entrepreneurs.  After all, Knowledge is Power… and the more you know about your competition, the more prepared you will become.


Jaaxy Tools & Training

The tools offered in Jaaxy are incredible and by far the best on the market!  Each search will reveal the following:

1. Average # of searches that keyword receives per month
2. # of visits to your website if you are ranked on first page
3. The # of competing websites for this keyword
4. Keyword Quality Indicator
5. An SEO Score – based on traffic and competition
6. Availability of Domains for that Keyword (.org, .com, and .net)

Here’s a brief look at a random search in action…

Niche Choice #1:   Coffee Makers

Search 1: Coffee Makers (keywords found)

best seo keyword research tool


Another great tool that is extremely helpful is the “Site Rank” tool.  Here you can see exactly where your website is ranked with regard to different keywords.  This information is priceless.

The Training that is offered will help anyone who is not familiar with keyword research understand their results and how to apply them to their niche or campaigns.

Jaaxy offers 4 Videos in the training section:

Video 1: Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management

Video 2: Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis

Video 3: Niche Research Refinement

Video 4: The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

Price – How Much Does it Cost

There are 3 price points for Jaaxy, so no matter your budget you can choose the best account for you and your needs. There is also a yearly price that is slightly discounted.

Jaaxy Starter = Free

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year ($29 discount)

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49, $499 per year ($89 discount)

best seo keyword research tool

Choose the Jaaxy That Fits YOUR Budget HERE!

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Personally I have found that using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool has boosted my webpage rankings significantly.  We all love free traffic and the best way to get that is through the use of “low hanging fruit” and quality keywords in our content.

best seo keyword research tool

Before I started using Jaaxy, I was writing content that was good, but not the very best it could be.  My traffic increased and my rankings have continued to climb after I utilized the information that my search results provided.

It’s a no brainer if you are are serious about BEING the Competition instead of just trying to beat the competition. GET IN THE GAME and Discover what your business has been missing!




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Jaaxy Recap…

Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Website: Click Here
Creators: Kyle & Carson
Price: FREE, $19/month, or $49/month

VERDICT: LEGIT – and worth it’s weight in gold!!!

Legit Program

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