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Being able to write quality content fast is extremely important for anyone who owns a website or blog. Creating consistent content gives you a significant boost in SEO rankings and can drive enormous amounts of traffic your way.

However, it’s not always easy to crank out content on a daily basis. You need to have tools at your disposal that aid in making the process smoother and more efficient.

SiteContent is a relatively new product that offers an efficient, easy to use writing platform. In fact, this particular blog post (as well as the majority of blog posts on this very site) was written using the help of SiteContent.

What is SiteContent? The Ultimate Writing Platform

SiteContent is a writing platform designed by the creators at Wealthy Affiliate (the #1 online entrepreneur training university). It was designed with the sole purpose of giving content creators the ability to write with ultimate efficiency.

The convenience and ease of use makes this writing editor far superior to most other content editors online. It also allows you to track your progress, Google indexing status, and writing goals. We all need to stay on track, and SiteContent keeps you up to date with how many articles you’ve published, words you’ve written, and articles indexed in Google.

With SiteContent, you can also add compressed images and check for spelling and grammar errors before publishing the article directly to your website. It’s an all-in-one platform that enables productivity in a convenient form.

Another great feature of SiteContent is the ability to create templates for future articles as well as the organizational features where you can neatly manage all of your articles.

In order to access SiteContent, you need to create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. Once inside you can start utilizing the incredible platform and see just how powerful it is.

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Creating an Article or Template

SiteContentTo get started writing, you simply choose whether you want to start with a blank document or use a template. SiteContent comes with 3-4 templates preloaded. These include a Privacy Policy page, Affiliate Disclosure, About Me, and Keyword Rich Document. You can use these and modify them as needed.

Or you can start with a blank document. Of course you can always make any document into a template. So if you finish writing an article and think you might want to use that basic structure again, you can make it into a template for the future.

Within the editor, you have the ability to use different Headings, font features like bold and italics, and align your text. You can also attach links to your text. These links can either be an outside URL or a link to one of your existing website articles.

There is also the bullet feature, where you can create a bullet list in either an ordered or unordered format. You can also indent or outdent to create sub points within either format (as shown below).

Ordered Format:

  1. Point number 1
  2. Point number 2
    1. Sub Point
    2. Sub Point
      1. 2nd Sub Point
  3. Point number 3

Unordered Format:

  • First Item
  • Second Item
    • sub item
    • sub item
      • 2nd sub item
  • Third Item

It’s easy to write and edit all of your content in one place with SiteContent and I love the fact that it is a distraction free zone for the most part, where I can really focus on my writing and get it done.

Adding Images – Thousands of Free Images or Upload Your Own

SiteContent has made it extremely easy to add images to your content. You have a choice of using one of the over 1,000,000 optimized images within SiteContent or uploading your own image.

Finding images is one of the most challenging things when it comes to creating content, and the fact that there are over 1 million free optimized images right at your fingertips is incredible.

SiteContent ImagesOnce you’ve chosen an image, you have the ability to format it by choosing alignment, cropping, and adding ALT tags. You can also attach a URL link and have it open in a new window if desired.One of the cropping features I love within SiteContent is the choice to have the image in a square or in a circle. This is something that I haven’t seen on most other editors or writing platforms.SiteContent Image Cropping

Spelling & Grammar Check

When you get on a roll and really start cranking out the content, sometimes your spelling and grammar skills take a hit. We all get in a hurry at times but you never want to have misspelled words or sentences that don’t make sense in your blog posts. It’s just not a good look.

SiteContent has a built in Spelling and Grammar check feature that you can utilize before you publish any posts. This comprehensive checker looks at punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and grammar.

SiteContent Grammar Check

The grammar check finds possible errors (“Write greatest“) and gives suggestions as to what you might want to use instead. You can simply click the suggestion (“Write the greatest“) or you can make your own correction. You can also choose to Ignore the Error.

SiteContent Spelling Check

The Spelling checker also finds possible errors (“amzing“) and gives several suggestions. In this case, I would choose the correct word “amazing” and it would automatically correct it.

There are some cases where you might want to ignore the word. For instance, a proper name or a word that the checker just doesn’t recognize. In today’s modern world, a lot of the words society uses tend to be slang or acronyms and the spelling checker doesn’t always know that. But you can simply ignore the word, and the checker moves on to the next error.

The Spelling and Grammar checker is a real lifesaver for me because it allows me to write my content much faster without having to constantly double check my spelling and sentences. That used to slow me down quite a bit, but now I just write away and then before publishing I let the SiteContent grammar checker do all the work.

Publish Your Article Directly to Your Site

The hard part is over… you’ve written your content, added images, and checked for spelling errors. Now all that’s left to do is Publish your article and with SiteContent, it’s easy.

You can publish directly to your website as a page or a post. You can also assign an author if you have different users that you use. Just pick the site you want it to post to, choose page or post, click on a user, and hit Publish. From there you can view the post or go directly to the WordPress editor to continue editing.

Keep Track of Your Writing Stats

Knowing your goals and what progress you’ve made is important because it keeps you on task and improving in your business. SiteContent lets you keep track of your goals and keep an eye on your writing stats.

You can set Work Count Goals as well as Published Article Goals. Within each one you set an ending date or deadline and can keep track of how much you’ve accomplished and more importantly, how much you have left to do.

SiteContent Goals

Final Thoughts on This Incredible Editor

There are so many awesome features within SiteContent that make it the Ultimate Writing Platform. My publishing frequency has tripled since I started using SiteContent and I’ve seen a huge spike in my traffic as a result.

If you have a website or want to start one, you will greatly benefit from the SiteContent Editor for sure. I’m a big proponent of any tools that aid in making my business more efficient and easier. This editor is definitely one of best tools in my bag and I recommend it to anyone looking to up their game.

For a complete walkthrough of the SiteContent Platform, check out the video below.

SiteContent Walkthrough
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