Can People Really Make Money as a Clickbank Affiliate

One of the best affiliate programs to promote is the Clickbank program that specializes in digital products. Vendors in every category imaginable have products that you can promote to your audience.

But can people really make money as a Clickbank Affiliate? Good question… and one that has several different answers in all honesty. There are thousands of people promoting products from Clickbank who make a ton of money every month, while there are others who haven’t made a dime.

Making money as an affiliate of a Clickbank product is a not necessarily difficult, but it does require some knowledge and hard work. Knowing what products are the best to promote is a great start. It is also important to know how to promote these products.


Types of Products to Promote

There are thousands of products available to promote on Clickbank in a ton of different categories. So no matter the niche you are in, you will most likely be able to find a profitable product for your audience.

Categories include:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • As Seen on TV
  • Betting Systems
  • Business/Investing
  • Computers & Internet
  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • E-Business
  • Education
  • Employment/Jobs
  • Fiction
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Mobile
  • Parenting & Families
  • Politics
  • Reference
  • Self-Help
  • Software
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Travel

As you can see, there is no shortage of categories within Clickbank. Inside of each category, there are a ton of sub-categories that contain even more products.

For instance, the “Home & Garden” category has sub-categories that include Animal Care, Crafts & Hobbies, Gardening, Sewing, and Weddings.


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How to Find the Best Products – A Look at Gravity Ratings

While there may be an abundance of products available on Clickbank, you need to know which ones are the best to promote. Products that convert easily are obviously a good idea, but you also want to consider the commission amount.

Things to look for when searching through the marketplace include Gravity, Average $/sale and Average Rebill Total.

Clickbank Stats
Gravity – This number basically gives you an idea of how “Hot” a product is because it takes into account how many affiliates who are promoting this product are making a commission. A high gravity number is best but be aware that it also indicates more competition.

Average $/sale – This is the average amount that an affiliate earns for each sale of this product. Obviously a large number here is great. But many affiliates have success promoting small commission items that sell in abundance.

Average Rebill Total – This is the average amount an affiliate earns from all sales of a recurring product… for instance subscriptions or memberships. Rebills are great to look for because one sale will turn into repeated monthly income in most cases.


When searching the marketplace you have the ability to Filter the results, so you can choose the Gravity level you desire as well as if the product has rebill options. I use the Filter feature in order to find the very best products and not get bogged down with the fluff that won’t make me money.

Utilize the Vendor’s Affiliate Tools

One of the most important tools for a Clickbank Affiliate is the Vendor Affiliate Tools provided by most vendors. These tools typically include the following:

  • Email Swipes
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Coupon Codes
  • Banners & Videos
  • Free PDF Reports
  • Pre-Sell Content

Utilizing these beneficial tools will only help you promote the product more efficiently. Each vendor will have their own set of useful tools, but I personally love to use the email swipes and banners when they are available.

I’ve also had a lot of good outcome from using the Free PDF Reports that are sometimes included in the Affiliate Tools. When I find a vendor product that has these reports for use, I jump at the opportunity. Of course, these are most useful to help build an email list as well as promote the product. You basically kill two birds with one stone. Efficiency at its best!


Create Hoplinks – Your Personal Affiliate Links

Once you’ve found a product to promote, you will need to grab your affiliate link… this is known on Clickbank as a “Hoplink” and it includes your personal ID so that you get credit for any sale.

Grabbing a Hoplink is a pretty easy process. You simply click the red “promote” button that is just to the right on the product you want to promote.


Clickbank Promote

This brings up a page where you enter your Account ID and a Tracking Code if you want. Click “Create” and a unique Hoplink will be generated for you. Just copy and paste this link where you will be promoting the product.
Clickbank Create Hoplink
I like to promote most products on my own website. I write comprehensive reviews of the product and include my Hoplink within the review that will take the visitor to the products landing page.

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I also promote products through my email list when applicable and occasionally I utilize paid advertising, however I tend to like the free traffic from my Review Website better. If you are just starting out, that is what I would recommend.


The ability to make money as a Clickbank Affiliate is definitely possible if you know what are you are doing and you put in the work. The beauty of Clickbank is that they have so many products available to promote so no matter your niche, you can find something profitable and make money.

My personal recommendation for most people is to start out by creating a website. This will be your base camp and your virtual presence online. Any traffic that comes to your website becomes a potential customer as you send them to vendor products via your affiliate link.

Using the Affiliate Tools that most Vendors provide will also help you become successful. Incorporate these within your website reviews and email lists.

In short, people have been making money with Clickbank for years now and while competition is out there, if you set yourself apart and work hard, you can carve out a piece of the pie for yourself.





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