How to Choose the Best Keywords for a Website

How to Choose the Best Keywords for a Website:

Keywords are essential in getting quality organic traffic to your website. But how do you choose the best keywords? In order to find the best keywords for a website or blog post, you will want to use a keyword research tool.  After all, you don’t want to waste time researching keywords.  The use of a proper keyword research tool can actually save you time.

How to Choose the Best Keywords

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

A Keyword Research Tool is basically a program that gives you information about different keywords.  It will tell you how much traffic the keyword is currently getting and how much traffic you can expect to get if you rank for that keyword.

A good keyword tool will also compute the number of competing websites.  This information is extremely valuable if you want to know just how many sites you are up against.  Having a lower amount of competition ensures that you have a better shot at ranking higher.

The best keyword research tool that I have found is Jaaxy Enterprise.  It has absolutely everything you could want or need in order to choose the very best keywords for your website.  Read my honest review of Jaaxy Enterprise here.

Best Keyword Research Tool


Finding Keywords That Will Rank

Let’s say that you have a website about Dog Toys and you want to find the best keywords for a post you are writing.  One simple technique is the Alphabet Soup Technique.  Type the search term “Dog Toys” in Google Search and see what suggestions are listed.   
How to Choose the Best Keywords

As you can see, there are several suggestions that pop up immediately.  Let’s take one of these and explore further in a keyword research tool. I’m using Jaaxy as my go-to keyword tool. I simply type in “Dog Toys that move” and hit Find Keywords.  Here are the results:

How to Choose the Best Keywords

Based on these results, I can see that the keyword “Dog Toys that Move” has an average traffic of 14 visits per month and a QSR (Competing websites) of 21.  This would be a good keyword to use.  As I said earlier, the lower the competition, the better chance you have of ranking.

Exploring further, I can see that “dog toys that are indestructible” is also a great keyword with much more traffic (65) and low Competition (15).  Using either or both of these keywords would be advisable. 

Making Keyword Research Easier

The results we got from the “dog toys that move” keyword search are great, but wouldn’t it be better if we could save them to a list.  Having a list of awesome keywords really helps cut down on the amount of time you spend researching.  In Jaaxy, you can save your keywords to separate lists and keep organized.  If you don’t have Jaaxy or a similar keyword tool, then you could simply write them down on paper.  
How to Choose the Best Keywords

Find Keywords for YOUR Website

So I’m guessing that you’re website or blog post is NOT about Dog Toys (although it could be).  What is your website about and what keywords do you need to use?  Using the techniques and example I showed you, you should be able to find keywords that will be perfect for your niche.

Start now by performing a keyword search below and see what results you get!  Remember to look for keywords with high traffic and low competition.


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