IBOToolbox Review – Networking And Advertising Platform

IBOToolbox Review                     


Name: IBOToolbox

Website: www.ibotoolbox.com
Price:  Free
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

What is IBOToolbox?

IBOToolbox is a powerful social network platform that allows members to interact with each other and also advertise their business/website.  It is basically an online business community where everyone is encouraged to connect with each other and share their online business tips and knowledge.

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The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  •  Free membership… credits for advertising can be earned easily by logging in daily (25 credits), redeeming the daily credit code (100 credits), reading the newsletter (100 credits)
  • Connect with other like-minded business owners.
  • Drive traffic to your website easily through advertising
  • Affiliate program… refer members & get paid (referral links and banners provided)… IBO Affiliate

The Bad:

  • Site can be a little hard to navigate at first
  • Some associates are only there to try to sell you their business which can be annoying (but you don’t have to link with them if you don’t want to)


Who is IBOToolbox For?


It is essentially for anyone who has a website or online business and wants to get their name out to others who might be interested. Members are usually affiliate marketers or bloggers.  They are able to write press releases that are generally helpful to others and allow them to spread their knowledge.

Anyone who wants free traffic would also love IBOToolbox.  Since you can but don’t have to buy advertising credits, there are options for every budget.  Those that can afford to purchase more credits can do so, and those that want to drive traffic but don’t want to spend any money can get an average of about 15 click throughs per day per advertisement.

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IBOToolbox Tools & Training

The training available really comes mostly from the other members (or associates as they are called).  However, IBOToolbox has newsletters that offer excellent training and SEO tips. By reading others press releases, you can learn a lot and gain valuable education for free.

The tools available include the ability to write press releases (2 per day) as well as create numerous advertisements. There are also referral banners and links for those that are interested in sharing the IBOToolbox opportunity with others.

IBOToolbox Upsells

Club IBO = $19.95/month  (gives you more credits 4000/week)

IBOToolbox Price

Completely Free (unless you decide to join Club IBO which is optional)

My Final Opinion of IBOToolbox

This platform is extremely powerful and has boosted my website traffic for absolutely no investment.  At this point in time, I haven’t joined Club IBO because I’ve been having great success with the regular IBOToolbox platform.

IBOToolbox at a Glance…IBOToolbox

Name: IBOToolbox

Website: www.ibotoolbox.com
Price: Free
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10


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2 thoughts on “IBOToolbox Review – Networking And Advertising Platform”

  1. I’ve heard a lot about this platform over the last 5 months or so – never knew it existed before that!
    Seem like a pretty cool community tool to be involved with – much like the wealthy affiliate platform!
    Did you say there was an open free membership with IBO toolbox? If so I think I’l give it a go!

    • Yes there is a free membership. I stayed as a free member for a couple of years but recently changed to a paid member because I saw how valuable the service is. It’s been great so far.


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