Kris Clicks Review – Get More Traffic To Your Website

Kris Clicks – How to Get More Traffic To Your Website

Kris Clicks Traffic System

Program Name: Kris Clicks
Official Website: Click Here
Price: 100 Free Credits to Start, Packages Vary ($5.95 – $144.95)
Creator: Kris Karafotas
Rank: 7 out of 10

Program Overview

Kris Clicks is a brand new platform designed to send traffic to your websites.  The idea is simple, you upload a banner image, add your website link, and enable the ad.  Poof… Traffic comes your way!

Upon signing up, you get 100 credits to try the system out.  This allows you to test drive the platform without having to commit.  I always like those types of websites…. show me what you can offer me and then I’ll decide if I want to purchase.

After you run through the first 100 credits, you then have to purchase a credit package if you want to continue running ads.  There are several price points that will fit any budget.  The lowest being 1000 credits for only $5.95.  The highest package is $144.95 and that gives you 45,000 credits.

Kris Clicks also has a referral program where you can earn money by referring others.  Anyone you refer gets 100 Free credits and you get a percentage of whatever they purchase.  I believe the commission rate is 25%.  So if your referrals purchase the largest package ($144.95), you would receive $36.24.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website


The ads are run on already established partner traffic sites and networks.  The system deducts 1 credit each time a visitor clicks on your ad. In the settings area, you can choose exactly where you want the traffic to come from. You simply check the box next to the traffic type you want traffic from.


Kris Clicks Traffic Sources

Another great feature that Kris Clicks has is detailed information about the visitors that click on your ads.  You can see where they are coming from down to the city and state.  You also see how long they stayed on the page and what other pages they navigated to.  This information is priceless and helps you fine tune your campaigns.

Kris Clicks Visitor Information


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Inexpensive source of traffic
  • Easy to create ads
  • Has detailed information about each visitor (time on page, pages visited, location, etc)
  • You can create multiple ads
  • Has a good affiliate program (25% Commissions)Kris Clicks Create a New Ad

The Bad:

  • You only get 100 credits to try it out (however for most people that’s enough to see how it works)

Who is it For?

Anyone with a website that wants more traffic would love this platform.  It definitely delivers.  I started using it and immediately saw great results.  I even got a few sales on one of my websites.  I have purchased the Starter Package and the Apprentice Package so far.

If you don’t have a website, but you have affiliate links that you could send people to, this program is great for that too.  If you are interested in building a website, you can learn exactly how to do that at Wealthy Affiliate. (That’s how I learned)

Price – How Much Does it Cost

There are several price options for this program:

Kris Clicks Credit Packages

And often times there will be sales on credit packages.  For instance, I bought the Apprentice Package when it was on sale for only $10.46.

You have the option to pay via the major credit cards or PayPal.

My Final Opinion of Kris Clicks

When you need traffic to your website or affiliate links, sometimes you have to resort to paying for it.  This platform is easy to navigate and fairly inexpensive.

So far, I’ve had great success with Kris Clicks and the traffic that I’ve gotten has been quality traffic.  Most visitors tend to stay on my sites for an average of 3 minutes.  And many of them click on several pages throughout my site.

Simple Breakdown:

  • You join the program and get 100 Free Credits to start
  • You create your ads and enable them (don’t forget to enable the ads… I forgot at first)
  • Start seeing Traffic pour into your site
  • Invite others to join Kris Clicks and receive a commission



If you are looking for a long term passive income, you might want to check out my Personal Recommendation. That’s how I make most of my income and what has allowed me to retire early.


Kris Clicks Traffic System Recap…

Name: Kris Clicks

Website: Click Here
Creator: Kris Karafotas
Price:100 Free Credits to Start, Packages Vary ($5.95 – $144.95)




8 thoughts on “Kris Clicks Review – Get More Traffic To Your Website”

  1. Thank you for your review of Kris Clicks! I agree with you about wanting to try something out before paying anything. I like that this platform offers that.

    I like that this provides you with information about the people that visit your site. That can be useful when trying to fine tune your website to attract more traffic.

    This sounds like a great option for getting more traffic to my site. I appreciate you including all the different packages and their prices. It looks like it’s very inexpensive. And I really like when you can be an affiliate.

    Do you have to give your credit card information when first trying it out? Thank you!


    • No, you do not need to supply credit card information when you sign up. The only time you provide payment info is when you are actually purchasing a package. There is no recurring charges or anything like that. You are in complete control when it comes to purchasing anything on this site.

  2. Hi,

    Indeed this is a very great information you have given us today. Actually I have a website that is not driving me more visitors as I expected.

    So I like that idea that Kris Clicks can help my website to receive more traffic and of course once I get the traffic for sure I can hope to earn some revenue.

    I also like that fact that this program gives you 100 Free Credits to start so you can test their system and see how it works. Indeed anyone looking for more traffic on his website will love your article about Kris Clicks.

    Thanks a lot for sharing with me this valuable information to help me drive some traffic to my website.

    • You are welcome, Stephen. I agree with you that the 100 Free credits is a great way to test out the system and see if it is something you need or not. Getting a chance to test drive anything is extremely beneficial in my opinion.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for writing this review. I am new to affiliate marketing and need all the information I can get to keep going. My new site definitely needs a little boost. Just the right timing, reading your review.
    Since I am not making money yet from my site, the Starter Package or even the Apprentice Package seems doable. It is great that they have a wide range of packages to cater for different needs.

    • Yes, the Starter Package is extremely affordable and gives you a chance to get some great traffic for very little money. I also like the fact that there are several ranges of packages. I know there are some heavy hitters out there that wouldn’t bat an eye at spending over $200 for traffic, but others (especially those that are just starting out) need something a little more budget friendly.

  4. I have problems with site traffic and tried everything, but I had not heard of Kris Click, and I think it is perfect for me, but I have a question I would not have a problem with Google Adsense when I enter the new code on my site? I do not want to have problems with my ads.

    • Yes Kris Clicks is relatively new… I believe it only launched about 1 month ago. That’s probably why you haven’t heard of it. As far as Adsense goes, I don’t believe there would be any problems, since you would merely be sending visitors to your site.


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