Make Money Watching Movies – A VolKno Review

Recently I came across a relatively new website where you can actually make money watching videos. Immediately I thought to myself, this is definitely my kind of work!

The website is called VolKno and to be honest it’s not very complicated at all. However there are a few tips and tricks that you will want to be aware of, so make sure you read those in my Pro Tips area. This will help you make the most of your time there.

How to Earn Money at VolKno

The way that VolKno works is that you earn points called “Flow” by watching movie and TV trailers and rating them. Sounds fun right? It is actually.

Not only can you watch movie and TV trailers, but you also have the opportunity to watch and rate games and web shows. The cool thing is that the trailers that you are watching are current or relatively new. So the same trailers that you might see on television or at the movie theaters will be available for you to rate at VolKno.

VolKno get paid to watch movies

Ok, so how does this process work? Like I said earlier, it’s relatively simple. You will be watching a video and then completing 3 rounds of rating.

Round 1: The Hot or Not Round – You will simply rate it as either “Hot” or as “Not”

Round 2: The Emoji Round – This time you will assign emoji’s to the video based on how it makes you feel.

Round 3: The Tag It Round – Here you will be assigning “tags” to the video

There are also a few other things that you will want to do to get the most “flow” points…. please read the Pro Tips to find out what they are.

If you complete all 3 rounds AND the 3 other tips listed in the Pro Tips area, you will accumulate 275 flow points per video. And 1000 flow = $1 USD, so that’s pretty easy to get to if you think about it.

Payout Options – How Will You Get Paid?

As I just mentioned above, 1000 flow points is equal to $1 USD. The minimum payout is 5000 flow, which translates to $5.

Currently the only payout options are through gift cards. But there are 4 different price points to redeem at.

  1. $5 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 5000 flow)
  2. $20 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 20,000 flow)
  3. $50 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 50,000 flow)
  4. $100 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 100,000 flow)

VolKno Redeem Flow

***Now HERE’S WHERE YOU NEED TO REALLY PAY ATTENTION….. Before you can redeem your flow points, you need to Verify Your Address. This is extremely important!!!

So go to your Profile Area and click on the “Address Verification” Tab. Here you will enter your physical address and then they will send you a PIN number through snail mail. It usually only takes about 5 business days to receive.

You will need this PIN number in order to Redeem flow points for the Amazon gift card.

So my advice is to do this verification process immediately upon registering with VolKno so that by the time you have accumulated enough flow points to redeem, you will already have your PIN.

Pro Tips – Maximize Your Earning Potential

There are a couple of things you are going to want to do as soon as you sign up with VolKno that will get you well on your way to earning the maximum flow needed to redeem.

Tip 1: Upon signing up and confirming your email address, you should fill out your profile information. This will automatically give you 1500 Flow Points. It takes less than one minute to do, so DO IT!

Tip 2: Verify Your Physical Address within the profile area so that you can get your PIN needed to redeem your flow points.

Tip 3: When viewing and rating the videos, complete these extra steps to get the full 275 flow per video. Do this AFTER the first round.

Click the DEMAND IT button, choose a fire icon, and choose where you want to see it, click the x

Click the TAG IT button, choose some tags, click the x

Click the COMMENT Button, make a comment, SUBMIT

Then slide the bar either all the way to the right or left to RATE THE VIDEO

      Referral Program – Passive Income

      So currently VolKno has absolutely NO Referral program, which is disappointing but it does have a rather high earning potential that is easy to do so I guess I can forgive this.

      If you’ve been following my website or YouTube channel for a while, you already know that I am a huge proponent of Passive Income, and one great way to get passive income is through Referrals on sites like these. I personally make a lot of passive income through other websites that have referral programs.

      But VolKno doesn’t have one and as far as I know it doesn’t plan on implementing one in the near future. But that’s ok, because I still think it’s a great unique site to make a little extra income.

      How to Join – Get Started Making Money

      Signing up at VolKno is super easy and it’s free! But I would definitely recommend that you fill out your profile info when you first sign up so you get an easy 1500 Flow points right away!!!

      Sign up Here!

      Also remember to verify your physical address so that you get your PIN number before you are ready to redeem your flow points.

      VolKno Address Verification

      My Personal Opinion of VolKno – Is it Worth it?

      While making money online is not always easy, there are times when you come across website platforms that are fun and simple to do. VolKno is one of these sites.

      I love how easy it is to simply watch the video trailers and then rate them with the different tools provided. And not only can you make money here, it’s also fun. I enjoy watching the videos and it also gives me ideas of movies I might want to check out in the future.

      The time it takes to perform these rating tasks is not very difficult. In fact you can have the video running on another tab and continue doing work elsewhere. Just remember to click back to it in order to rank each one.

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