Monthly Subscription Boxes with Affiliate Programs (Perfect For Bloggers)

Monthly Subscription boxes with Affiliate Programs

For people who have a blog, an email list, or a social media following and wish to monetize it, Affiliate Programs are one of the best ways to do so. There are literally hundreds of Monthly Subscription Boxes with Affiliate Programs that you can choose from, but I’ve decided to list out several interesting ones here.

They consist of several different niches, so no matter what your blog is about there is probably a Subscription Box that caters to that audience. Giving your readers the option to check out cool stuff every month is part of the value that you can offer within your blog.

1. Nomadik Subscription Box – For the Adventurer

The first Subscription box I want to talk about is for avid adventurers. The Nomadik Subscription Box is a monthly box that is filled with innovative gear and adventure challenges.

Nomadik Subcription Box

Each month, the Nomadik box features a different theme (like “light and functional”) and contains up to 6 carefully curated items that are designed to get you outside and onto your next adventure. Each box has a value of up to $50.

The Nomadik monthly Adventure Challenge is something unique to this subscription… Each month, you are given a challenge and if you complete it, take a pic, and submit it you have the chance to win up to $100 more in free gear!

The price for the subscription is only $29.99/month (for a year subscription) and $32.95/month if you decide to go month to month. Obviously the 12 month plan is the best value.

Nomadik Adventure Subscription Box


The top-of-the-line gear found in a Nomadik box includes items such as Utility Pouches, Compression Sacs, Hammocks, Water Purification, Snacks, and Water bottles.

So if your key audience is an adventure crowd, the Nomadik Subscription Box would be right up their ally. Take a look for yourself and see just what Nomadik offers to the true adventurer who wants the latest and greatest in adventure gear.


Nomadik Adventure Subscription Box

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate NetworkAvantlink
  • Commission – 8% of each new customers purchase
  • Cookie – 30 day
  • Misc – Seasonal Promotions and Coupons



2. Cairn Subscription Box – Outdoor Enthusiasts

Another great Subscription Box for those who love the outdoors is the Cairn Subscription box. This one is catered towards people who have a passion for backpacking, camping and basically chilling outdoors.

I love getting the box every month because I know it is going to be filled with the latest gear that most people haven’t even had a chance to see yet. Everything from led headlamps and lightweight backpacking pillows to multi tools and freeze-dried meals.

Cairn offers 2 types of Subscription boxes…

The Original BoxCairn Obsidian Box

  • Delivered Monthly
  • Up to 6 outdoor items
  • Up to $50 value
  • $29.95 per month

The Obsidian Box

  • Delivered Quarterly
  • 5-10 Premium outdoor products
  • $300+ value
  • $249.95 per quarter

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate Network – Impact Radius
  • Commission – $10 flat fee for 1 month subscription, $20 flat fee for Obsidian Box Subscription, 5% of gift/sales
  • Cookie – 30 day
  • Misc – Transactions are paid 15 days after they are locked.


3. Bark Box – For the Dog Lovers

Must love dogs…. Anyone who has pets is usually looking for the best way to pamper them. Bark Box is a subscription box specifically designed for dog owners.

Bark Box

The monthly boxes are valued at over $40 and the subscription only costs $21/month. It’s the perfect way to spoil your pup and give them the attention they deserve.

The boxes include items such as innovative toys, all-natural treats, and chews all designed around a monthly theme.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate NetworkFlex Offers
  • Commission – The payout is $12 (1-50 sales), $13.60 (51-100 sales), and $16 (101+ sales). On gift purchases, the payout is $8.
  • Cookie – 30 day


4. BirchBox – Fashion & Beauty Items

When it comes to beauty and fashion, Birchbox has you covered. The boxes include items such as makeup, hair products, skincare products, and Birchboxfragrance samples.

Discover new products that make you feel your best every month for only $10/month. After filling out a profile, Birchbox designs a box specifically for you.

Men like to look and feel good too! Birchbox hasn’t forgotten about the men… Birchbox Man is their version tailored towards men and grooming.

If you are a beauty blogger with a loyal following, your audience will love receiving their monthly Birchbox.

Affiliate Program Details:

    • Affiliate Network – LinkShare
    • Commission – $5 flat commission on subscriptions
    • Cookie – 30 day


5. Faithbox – For Christians



Faithbox is a Christian based Subscription box that offers devotional and inspired content that helps keep you centered in Christ. The products are from companies who have a positive impact on the world.

In addition, each box sent also provides 3 meals to hungry kids via their non-profit partner.

For $29.95/month, subscribers receive daily devotionals and meaningful products that inspires daily Christian living.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate NetworkShare A Sale
  • Commission – $10 per sale
  • Cookie – 90 day


6. The Keto Box – For Keto DietersThe Keto Box



The Ketogenic Diet is the latest craze in the health and nutrition community. I personally follow a Keto diet and have seen great success with it. The Keto diet is basically a low carb, high fat diet.

The Keto Box offers 7-10 Keto Friendly snacks each month for $40/month. Finding Keto-friendly foods is not always easy, so this subscription box is a life-saver.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate NetworkShare A Sale
  • Commission – 15%
  • Cookie – 1 day

7. Craft Beer Club – For People Who Like Beer



Consider this subscription box to be the Beer of the Month Club. Members enjoy some of America’s finest micro brews delivered right to their front door every month.

Craft Beer Club Subscription Box

The craft breweries selected for this subscription box are small, independent, and traditional. The Craft Brew Company searches through hundreds of craft beers every year to find the very best.

For $42/month, the Craft Beer Club ships 12 quality craft brews with free shipping.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate NetworkShare A Sale
  • Commission – 10%
  • Cookie – 60 day


8. Scentbox – For People Who Like to Smell GoodScentBox



For $13.95/month, Scentbox delivers designer fragrance samples that are both affordable and fun. Discover new fragrances that you can later purchase in larger quantities if you decide you have found your perfect scent.

Browse from over 850+ designer fragrances and choose which ones you would like to try.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate NetworkShare A Sale
  • Commission – $12 per sale
  • Cookie – 60 day



Subscription boxes are HOT and with so many different types of boxes available, there is plenty of opportunity to make money by offering subscriptions to your readers/followers.

I’ve only listed a few here, but you can tell that there is a wide variety available in virtually any niche. If you have a fashion channel, a brew your own beer website, or a dog lovers blog, you can find a subscription box with a great affiliate program to promote.

The best part is that you will be offering value to your readers. I have yet to meet the person who doesn’t like getting cool stuff every month in the mail. It is literally like Christmas every time a box arrives.

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  1. This is so cool! I’ve just started a blog about pets and was looking for some products to review. Never really thought of subscription boxes before, but it makes a lot of sense for my viewers. You are getting small items to try out so in a box, you can actually review up to several products at a time.

    This will definitely beef up my content. Thanks for the tips, especially bark box.

    • Yes, that is the great thing about subscription boxes… not only can you promote them to your audience, you can also subscribe to them yourself and review the products that you receive every month.

      I personally do this with the Cairn Box and my Camping website.

      The options are endless and the fact that you are literally getting “content” delivered to your mailbox every month is perfect for most bloggers.

  2. These are great options to do affiliate marketing. I never thought of these what you called subscription boxes and how it works. Thanks for sharing these ideas and it was great that you incorporated the Affiliate Networks. I will look forward to more of your articles. More power to you!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the article… Like I mentioned there are subscription boxes in SO MANY different niches that no matter what your blog or website is about, there is bound to be a box and an affiliate program to go along with it.

  3. Is this a lifetime monthly comission? It seems like they are ripping affiliates off if they are paying only $10 on the first sale if the customer stays subscribed and has a 4 digit lifetime value. 30% lifetime revshare minimum;)


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