Paid Viewpoint Review – Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Make Money Taking Online SurveysPaid Viewpoint Review

Get paid cash to answer easy surveys is a survey website that pays you money for every survey you complete.  It also has a great referral program so you can make more money from commissions.

Make money taking online surveys and earn the extra cash you need!


  • Receive $1.00 immediately (just for signing up)
  • Surveys are super simple and quick (usually only 10 questions)
  • Great Referral Program
  • Most surveys pay $0.10


  • Cashout minimum is $15 (however this is pretty standard for this type of survey site)

Make Money Taking Online Surveys

My Opinion:

It is incredibly easy to make money on this site.  I personally love the quick surveys that don’t waste my time.  Some other survey sites make you qualify for the particular surveys and I spend 10 minutes answering questions just to find out that I’m not qualified for that survey.  PaidViewpoint doesn’t do that… if you take a survey, you get paid. Simple

The website is very easy to navigate and there are virtually NO advertisements or other things cluttering up the page.  You can easily find out how much money you have already made and see how much more you need before you can cash out.

The referral program is awesome too.  Invite your friends or post the link to your social media and you can make money from anyone that signs up under you. What could be better?

Paid ViewPoint earnings
You won’t make millions with this site, but I definitely think you can make a lot of “extra cash”.  I personally visit the site daily as a part of my quick extra cash routine.

The video below shows you just how easy it is to complete one of these quick surveys.


If you are interested in earning a full time living online, I personally suggest checking out my #1 Recommendation.  This is how I was able to quit my 9-5 job and work from home full time.


2 thoughts on “Paid Viewpoint Review – Make Money Taking Online Surveys”

  1. So far it sounds like a decent opportunity to make money! I like how you get a bonus just for signing up especially, the referral system also seems pretty good. Ill definitely go and try it out, do you know if its available in the UK?

    • As far as I know, as long as your country allows you to have a PayPal account then you can be a member of Paid View Point. They actually claim you can still be a member even if you don’t have a paypal account (or your in a country that doesn’t have Paypal) but personally I don’t see the point. You should be fine in the UK. I just cashed out another $15.26 yesterday!! Be sure to check out their referral program as well.


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