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LogoDo you like to listen to music or shop for clothes?  Do you often have an opinion on what would make the music or the clothes better?  If so, then Slice the Pie is the perfect Paid to Review website for you.

Slice the Pie

At Slice the Pie, you simply listen to a piece of music and then give your honest opinion about it.  Once you submit your review, they pay you. What could be easier?

If music is not your thing or you are more interested in fashion, there is another option to review clothing.  The same process applies here… you simply look at a piece of clothing or accessories and give an honest review.  Tell them what you think of the color, the fit, the length, etc.  Once again, after submitting your review, they pay you.

What to Review

How much do they pay

The compensation for each review is actually quite good. The pay is determined by how many stars you have.  Stars are a way of ranking your review skills.  If you give relevant, quality reviews, you will get more stars and therefore get more pay per review.

I usually receive about $0.05 – $0.10 for each of my reviews.  And considering that it only takes about 2-3 minutes to complete a review, you can really rack up the money quickly.


The minimum withdrawal is $10 which is pretty easy to get to.  I like that you don’t have to wait too long before being able to get your money.  Some sites can be ridiculous and require you to have earned upwards of $30 before you can request a withdrawal.

Earn More with Referrals

Slice the Pie has a great referral program.  For each review that a referral makes, you receive a percentage of the pay.  You receive 20% of all their review earnings for the first 60 days… then you receive 10%.  Getting referrals will definitely help you reach that $10 minimum faster.

Overall Opinion

I think this site is quite unique and fun.  Reviewing music and clothing is a lot funner than clicking through ads or even doing those redundant surveys all the time.  They also pay really well which I love… after all the point is to make more money right?

Sign up here and begin reviewing – Get paid for your opinion

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