Feb 04

What is UserCrowd – How to Make Extra Cash

My UserCrowd Review

Making extra cash online is actually possible and easier than you think. While you won’t make millions, you can make enough to pay for one of your monthly bills or save up for something you really want.

Some people think that everything online is a scam and not worth your time. I have seen it all… scams, legit websites, and sites that are just not worth it.

But when I ran across UserCrowd I knew it was LEGIT…

I am always on the lookout for ways to make money online…. quick and easy ways as well as full time income opportunities. But recently I came across a new website that offers pay for taking short (I mean really short) tests/surveys.

I’m sure you have tried out a survey site that promises great money in return for taking a survey…. only to waste your time realizing that you are “not qualified” for the survey. I HATE when that happens!!

Immediately after signing up with UserCrowd, I realized that this was different and not likely to waste my time. Every survey/test was quick (less than 4 questions and 2 minutes tops).

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On UserCrowd…

Sign up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Fill out a few details about yourself and establish a log in and you are good to go.

One thing that I would recommend is that you set up notifications for when tests are available. The reason this is important is because the tests are only available for a short amount of time. Once they have enough responses the test will no longer be available.


So you want to be sure to get notified of when there is a chance to make some money. You can easily do this by going to the settings area and clicking on notifications. This will notify you even if you don’t have UserCrowd open in a window. There is also an option to receive an email notification. Simply choose which one you want and set up the hours of the day that you wish to be notified.

Once a test is available, you just click on the button and you will be taken to the question area. Most of the time the tests are about web page layouts or mobile application functions or brand logos. For example, you will be asked to look at several logo designs for a product and then choose which one you like best. That’s it!!

For this simple test, you usually receive anywhere from $0.10 to $0.20. That’s quite a lot if you consider that these tests take less than a minute to complete. Other tests that have multiple questions (usually no more than about 5) can bring in about $0.60 per test.

It is very easy to build up your balance to the minimum required for payout (currently $10). I have been averaging $10 every week or so.

UserCrowd Payout

Payments are made through PayPal, which makes it very convenient and easy. I simply request a payout once I reach the $10 minimum balance and it gets deposited to my account within a few days. In the meantime, I continue taking tests and build my balance up again.

UserCrowd Compared With Inbox Dollars

I like to use several different survey/task sites to earn extra money and one of the other websites I use on a daily basis is Inbox Dollars. Each site has its own unique attributes which is why I like them and have them in my portfolio.

What makes UserCrowd different from a site like Inbox Dollars is that you can only make money from one source (taking tests). With Inbox Dollars, you can earn money several different ways.

However, you don’t get paid very much with Inbox Dollars. It takes a lot longer to get to their minimum payout of $30. They also pay through a written check, which takes a little longer as it has to go through the mail.

Personally, I think UserCrowd is slightly better than Inbox Dollars because you can earn money so much quicker and quite frankly easier.

Don’t get me wrong, Inbox Dollars is a great resource and I’ve earned a lot of money with them. They also have a referral program that allows you to earn even more by referring others to join. UserCrowd does not have this option (at this time).

UserCrowd Pros & Cons

As with any program, there are pros and cons that need to be evaluated. With UserCrowd, there really aren’t too many cons. It’s simply a way to earn a little extra money.


  • It’s extremely easy to earn money
  • Short tests
  • Pay per test is between $0.10 – $0.60
  • Minimum to cashout is only $10
  • Payment through PayPal


  • Tests are only available for a short time (first come first serve)
  • No referral program

My Results From Using UserCrowd

I have only been using UserCrowd to make extra money online for about 5 months, however I’ve already cashed out 7 times and at the time of writing this I’ve made over $74.

I feel like I could have made a lot more if I had realized sooner that I need to set up notifications and make sure to take the tests as soon as they are available. This is super important and why I mentioned it earlier.

Now I understand that I’m not going to become a millionaire using this platform, but that’s not my goal here. I just want to quickly and easily be able to make a little extra cash and UserCrowd is the perfect website to do this.

My full time income comes from my Affiliate Marketing business, so I’m not expecting UserCrowd to pay my bills or anything. If you are looking to create a full time passive income online than I suggest you check out the program that I use… It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it has everything you need to build a successful online business.

Conclusion: UserCrowd is an Easy Way to Make Extra Money

Making money online doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with websites like UserCrowd, you can easily make money by spending just a few minutes per day on the site.

Obviously this is not going to be enough to make a full time income, but we all could use a little extra money from time to time and when it is this easy, I don’t know why you wouldn’t give it a try.

The way I look at it is that if I see a quarter or a dollar bill on the sidewalk, I take the time to walk over and pick it up. It’s money after all. No its not going to pay my mortgage, but its still money that I can spend. The same is true of UserCrowd… just spend a little time taking a few tests and before you know it you have a little pocket change.

As I mentioned before, I use a combination of several websites like UserCrowd in order to build up an even bigger amount of pocket change. The all add up in the end and the ones that I use only take a little bit of my time.

Here’s a list of a few of my favorites:

  1. Paid Viewpoint
  2. Inbox Dollars
  3. Crowdtap
  4. Slice the Pie
  5. Swagbucks

Want to Make a Full Time Income Online?

If pocket change is not going to cut it for you and you are interested in building a business that will give you a full time online passive income, then feel free to check out my #1 Recommendation.

This is the exact program that I used to build my online business and quit my 9-5 job. I now work from home (or wherever I am traveling) and have the freedom and life I’ve always wanted.

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May 26

5 Awesome Ways to Make Money for College

The rising cost of college across the country is causing many people to look for alternative ways to pay for their education. In my opinion, every little bit counts and raising extra money for college is something everyone should be doing.

Ways to make money for college

Whether you have secured a student loan or have a small savings already built up, there are ALWAYS more costs associated with getting a degree, so in this post I’m going to discuss 5 awesome ways to make money for college.


EBay – Your Junk is Someone Else’s Treasure

Virtually everyone is familiar with EBay these days, and some people have even purchased items on the platform. It is the “yard sale” of the online space.

ways to make money for college


The beauty of EBay is that you can reach a much larger audience than just your local neighborhood. Someone across the country may be extremely interested in your grandmother’s antique tea set and place a bid to purchase.

Taking a weekend to comb through your house and find items that you personally may consider to be just junk is easy to do. You might be surprised how much stuff you can pull together. Clean up the items (if necessary) and take good photographs from several different angles.

Even if you think NO ONE would ever buy this item, take the time to list it on EBay and you might just find out that there are people out there that would pay good money for it.

I remember one time I listed a plastic Sesame Street toddler kitchen set and I thought to myself “this will NEVER sell.” But not only did it sell, it actually went for a very large amount. So don’t ever sell your stuff short.

Besides collecting things from your own closets, you might also consider asking family members or neighbors for donations that you can sell. Most people are more than willing to help especially if you tell them that you are trying to raise money for your college.


Amazon or Shopify – The Power of Wholesale

Another great source of money is building your very own “store” online within the Amazon or Shopify platforms. Both are extremely credible and many people are making a living selling items wholesale.


There’s a bit of a learning curve with both of these platforms, but there is also plenty of training available to anyone who wants to get started.

ways to make money for college

This means that you don’t have to have your own products like with EBay. You can partner with trusted wholesalers and even build a store that is dedicated to a particular niche. For instance if you are into outdoor activities like camping and hiking, you could create an outdoor supply store.

The basic idea is that you build a store online and then source your products through wholesalers or dropshippers. The dropshipping scenario would mean that you would not have any overhead or inventory to store or ship. That would all be done by the specific dropshipper.

While this is a more complicated process, there are thousands of people who have dipped into this market and are doing quite well. Some even have enough income to quit their jobs and make it their full time career.


Referrals for Cash – Build up a Huge Referral List and Bank

Referral income is a real thing, and by utilizing the many referral programs available you can accumulate a lot of money in passive style income.

ways to make money for college

Here’s how it works:

You sign up for a referral program (I’ve listed some of the BEST below), then you simply refer friends, family or social media contacts to join the programs. These referral programs then PAY you for each referral based on the program policies. Some have better pay outs than others, but they are all worth signing up for!!

  • Paidviewpoint – Super easy survey site that pays for referrals  Ways to make money for college
  • Amazon Prime Membership
  • Swagbucks
  • SmartSheet (earn $50 when Referral purchases a plan)
  • Slice The Pie – earn 20% of referral earnings
  • Wealthy AffiliateBY FAR THE BEST!! (earn $23.50 per month for each referral)

I love the referral earnings because you are essentially bringing in the referrals and then generating a substantial passive income. I recommend signing up for these referral programs (most of them are free to sign up) and letting others earn money for you.

⇒ PRO TIP: Paidviewpoint and Wealthy Affiliate are by far my favorites and earn me the most money each month. Check out my Payment Proof HERE

Ways to make money for college


Freelance Work

For those that are willing to roll up their sleeves and put in some work, there are several online workplaces that cater to freelancers. Freelancers are basically people who have a specific skill set (like data entry or translation, for example) and offer their services to others for a price.

Some of the better freelance websites are listed below:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • TextBroker
  • Fiverr

Most Freelance sites allow you to set your own rate and you can also pick and choose the jobs you want to do.


Affiliate Marketing Business – MY TOP CHOICE!!!

All of the ways of making money for college that I have listed so far are great for making extra money and saving towards college expenses. But my TOP CHOICE has to be building your own Affiliate Marketing Business. Not only can you earn money for college, you can set yourself up to have a passive income career far into the future.

Ways to make money for college

You may think that building a business is difficult or beyond your expertise, but in reality it is fairly simple to start up. To be honest, Affiliate Marketing is how I earn my living online. I used to work as a tax accountant, but decided that I wanted to stay home with my kids and also travel the world. Affiliate Marketing has allowed me to do both and earn a substantial income in the process.


If you are unfamiliar with what Affiliate Marketing is, you can read my previous blog post here. In this post, I explain what Affiliate Marketing is and how you can make money with it.

If you already know what Affiliate Marketing is, but you don’t really know how to get started, check out my #1 Recommendation. It is FULL of ALL the training and support that you will need to be successful and make money!


Start Early and Save Up

Whatever strategy you decide to go with (and I recommend going with several), earning money for college is something that anyone can do.

The great thing about the ways that I have listed in this article is that each of them allow you to earn money now (for college) but also continue earning through college and beyond. Wouldn’t it be great to finish college and already have a substantial stream of income coming in even before you land that first job?

My advice to anyone looking to earn money for college is to start early, keep at it, and save as much as you can.

Comment below what strategies you are using to save money for college or if you have any questions about the programs I’ve listed here.





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Sep 30

PaidViewPoint Earnings Update – Sept 2016

current-earningsPaid Viewpoint Cash Out

The easy survey site, Paid Viewpoint has a cash out minimum of $15.  That’s pretty good considering some sites have cash outs at $30 or even $50.  Recently I reached $15 in my account so I chose to cash out.  The process was pretty simple and quick.


Cash Out Options

You have several options when you choose to cash out.  You can either deposit your money in your Paypal account or you can choose an Amazon credit or a Walmart gift card.  I love the fact that you get choices because not everyone has a Paypal account or they may not want to use it.

choose-rewardI personally have my money deposited into my Paypal because it is extremely convenient.


Tips and Tricks

While Paid Viewpoint is extremely easy and the surveys are quick and pay well, you do need to visit the site several times a day in order to make good money with it.  The surveys they give you are pre-qualified for you and you don’t have to go through the annoying task of “qualifying” for each survey (like you do on some other survey sites).  However, if you don’t visit the site often enough, the surveys will go away. My suggestion is to visit the site 3 times a day (that’s what I do).  Once in the morning, again at some point during the day, and finally before I close things down for the night.  This gives me more opportunities to take surveys and thus earn faster.balance-log

Also, be sure to get referrals signed up under you. You get paid once they cash out and this can be a significant source of income if you tap into it.  Check this site out if you want to drive more traffic to your referral links:  Drive Traffic to Your Websites

Video Proof

Check out my Youtube video as I Cash Out my current earnings…





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Jul 05

How to Start Making Money with a Website – Secrets Revealed

Wealthy Affiliate
Before you can build a website and make money online with it, you need to have the proper training and learn the skills it takes to be successful.  Anyone can create a website these days, but knowing how to market it and what to do after that is key to either success or failure.

Successful websites have the same thing in common with other successful websites… they all learned what works best and applied it to their website. But how do you know what works best?  Where do you find the best keywords that will get you higher rankings? How do you create quality content that will bring more visitors to your site?  Which SEO strategies work and which ones are a waste of time?


Get Educated

If you are ready to start your online career and begin making money (REAL money), then follow these 3 easy steps (the exact same steps I followed) and get started today.  Get the education and training from the experts that already make money.  Why wait any longer for the success that is out there waiting for you?

Step One:

1. Sign up for a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate

This is an online University that trains people just like you in a step-by-step, easy to understand format. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, the training here is the Best there is. Wealthy Affiliate is the only community in the world where you achieve an education in Online Business, build a reputation, interact with like-minded people, and have access to all tools required to achieve lasting success.

Step Two:

2.  After you sign up, complete your profile (add a description and a profile picture)

Here’s a look at my profile…. Capture2

Step Three:

3.  Start your First Lesson – Click the GREEN “Training” Button.  It will be located on the left side bar. Here’s what it looks like:

Wealthy Affiliate Training


Support and Follow Up

Having a support system and mentors to help you along the way is extremely important.  I even wrote an article about it recently.  The Importance of Support and Online Business Success

Once inside the Wealthy Affiliate program, I will be contacting you and letting you know that I will be there if you ever have any questions or need help with anything.  Not only me, but the entire community (as well as the owners) are there to lend a hand. No other training program has this kind of support. It is the key to success as far as I’m concerned.


Upgrading to Premium

While this training program is FREE and includes 2 websites, there is an option to upgrade to Premium Membership.  With this membership upgrade, you get even more training and even more valuable information.  It is very affordable too…. $19 for the First Month and then $49 per month.

Here’s What you Get by Going Premium:

  1. Hosting for 50 Websites
  2. Control Panel – Manage All your websites from here
  3. Keyword Tool – This is vital for getting rankings and traffic
  4. Earn 2x as much as an affiliate marketer of Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Certification Courses and More Training
  6. Access to the WA Community
  7. Comments and Feedback – other members offer website feedback  as well as post comments.



Earning Potential

Wealthy Affiliate not only offers world class training, but you can also earn money while you learn.  Below is a breakdown of the earnings you can make promoting WA.


Consider the following scenarios…. the sky is the limit



As you can see, it is possible to make a lot of money with this training program.  Get the skills you need to make money and find the freedom you’ve been looking for.  Follow the 3 steps and stop sitting on the sideline waiting for success to fall in your lap.


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Jun 03

What is Wealthy Affiliate and What Does it Offer?

If you want to know how to build a money making website, you should take a look at the training and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides. It is perfect for the newbie or the experienced.  I have never been more pleased with the wealth of information that I received immediately upon signing up.  I started with a FREE Starter account, however I quickly realized that this program was my launching pad into online success.  Finally, I found something that worked!!! So I upgraded to Premium and within the first 6 months, I had 2 different websites that were already generating money.  3 years later, I’m making a full time income and have the flexibility to work from anywhere I want.

So what do you get with Wealthy Affiliate?

Below is a breakdown of the 2 options… Starter Membership and Premium Membership.  Both have incredible tools, however I really love the extra affiliate training offered in the Premium as well as the fact that I earn 2 times more for the affiliate program.  Having just 2 referrals actually pays for my monthly Premium membership.  I love that!

If you are really serious about making a living online and becoming your own boss, than Premium is the way to go.  The Starter Membership is great for those who are still on the fence.  Either way, Wealthy Affiliate has been a life changer for me and it can be for anyone else who gives it a try.

Here’s a snapshot of my first month’s earnings… it wasn’t HUGE, but it began to snowball quickly and has now grown to over $500 per month.

Next paycheck

Are you ready to start earning? 

Don’t wait any longer… get the tools, training, websites, and advice you need to NOW! Learn how to create a money making website from the freedom of your couch.

⇒⇒ Click here to sign up and I’ll see you on the inside! ⇐⇐






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Feb 23

How to Make Money Online and Find Freedom

Do you really want to know how to make money online at home, be your own boss, and live life the way you’ve always wanted?   If this is something that interests you, then keep reading and get ready to change your life for the better!

Learn How I Make $5,000/month – Get My Step-by-Step Guide

I’m going to tell you how you too can LIVE A LIFESTYLE YOU’VE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT and how to make the money that will get you there.


How did I start making money at home…

When I look back at the time in my life before I knew how to make money at home, I was always working traditional jobs and getting paid for the hours I worked. It wasn’t bad, but I wanted something more and longed for a better life that made me happy and content.

Like a lot of people, I felt trapped and like I was going nowhere. I didn’t have a lot of time to do the things I wanted like traveling and spending time with my family. I was also looking to set my own hours and be my own boss. Traffic was killing me, and I needed something that would allow me to stay at home.



It was in 2011 that I made a decision to really pursue a home based business. I had just gone through a divorce and had 2 small kids at home… needing to stay at home was definitely a priority. I had considered making money online for a long time, but didn’t know if it was really possible. Well, guess what… IT IS POSSIBLE!!!


How to make money online


⇒ Get real insight into what it takes to make money online ⇐


After doing a lot of research to find out how to make money at home and I ended up finding something more than that. I found a life changing, educational system that actually taught me step by step how to create a website, create content, market the website, and make REAL money doing so. I had more than just a general idea of how people make money online, I had a BLUEPRINT that showed me exactly what to do. Click here to see one of my first websites


ENOUGH ABOUT ME THOUGH! You’re here because YOU want to know how to make money at home right?

Are you stuck in a situation like I was and want a way out?




If you want to start learning how to make a passive income online, get started now and change your life and your finances for the better.


Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up


All the Best,






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Feb 06

Inbox Dollars Earnings – You CAN make money

Does Inbox Dollars actually make you money??

Well, I’ve been a member for 4 years now and I’ve personally received several checks from Inbox Dollars that I was able to deposit straight into my bank account… So YES… Inbox Dollars can ACTUALLY make you money!!  see proof of my check here

Want to see the earning potential and breakdown?

I recently made a video to show my earnings breakdown as of 2-6-16.  This video shows my current $8.88 that I have accumulated this go around.  After you request a check when you reach the cashout minimum of $30, you start over earning and I’m currently about 2 weeks in.


 Click Here to Start Earning Money for Yourself


Interested in making a FULL TIME INCOME and becoming your own boss?

While sites like Inbox Dollars are great for easily making a little extra cash, the real money and success online can be found in the affiliate marketing business.  That’s how I make most of my living ($200/day) and also how I’ve been able to work from home or wherever I might be traveling to any given week.  Not sure how to get started? …. check out this incredible FREE training program that helped me get my start. I started out with the free membership and quickly realized that this program had so much to offer and was the key to me being successful in this business, so I upgraded to Premium and haven’t looked back.  I learn something new almost everyday from the training and from the wealth of information within the community.

Sign up Today For FREE and See How Wealthy Affiliate can Change Your Life

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Feb 17

Making Money with SendEarnings


So I decided today to sign up for SendEarnings and see how easy it is to make money on that website.  It’s free to sign up and upon activating your email address, you receive an automatic $5.  So far so good!  The website is remarkably similar in setup to InboxDollars, which I’ve been a member of for several years and made good money on.

After activating my account, I filled out a short “general profile survey” and received a $0.50 for doing so.  The next step was to do a web search for anything you want. I received another $0.50 for doing that. So within a matter of 3 minutes, I had already earned $6.00.

Like I said, it looks very similar to InboxDollars and I’m assuming you earn money doing the same things:

Confirming emails
Taking Surveys
Doing Web Searches
Playing Games
Shopping Online
Watching Videos

I’ve had great success making extra money this way, so I’m excited to add another reputable website to my daily routine. Check it out for yourself… remember it’s Free to sign up and you even get an introductory $5 reward for getting started.

If you are interested in learning how to make a REAL full time income and working for yourself, check out my review of one of the best affiliate training programs available.  ——–>  My #1 Recommended Program

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Jul 15

How do you make money online? A brief explanation

The Basic Process

Making money online comes in several different forms… paid surveys, selling your stuff, getting paid to do tasks…  but the main profit producing idea lies in the simple “middle man” formula – aka the Affiliate Marketer.  In essence, when someone searches for something online, they will hopefully be directed to your website.  Once at your website, they will see a review or an ad for the product they were originally interested in. They click on a link (referred to as an affiliate link) and are redirected to the affiliate that is selling that product (Amazon for example). After purchasing, you (the middle man) receive a percentage of that sale.

How to make money online

How to create a website easily

There are many different programs and tutorials out there that explain how to build a website. So far, I have not found one that even comes close to offering the type of information and support that Wealthy Affiliate offers.  Someone who has little to no knowledge of WordPress or website design, can easily learn step by step how to set up a website in 30 seconds or less.  Wealthy Affiliate uses one of the top website builders in the world – WordPress.

How to create a website in 30 secondsThis video tutorial shows you step by step how to create your own niche WordPress Website for FREE!!

The path to building your own income starts with YOU

It comes down to a decision… YOUR decision. The decision to take things into your own hands and start being your own boss TODAY!!  It really is that simple. I made that decision after floundering around for quite awhile wasting my time on scams and worthless programs. Once I saw the wealth of information at my fingertips, I knew that with the right direction and support, I could conquer this thing called online business. I was nobody special, but taking that step and signing up gave me the tools I needed to be the successful entrepreneur I am now!


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