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How to Buy Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted Traffic
When it comes to knowing how to buy targeted website traffic, the key is finding the right traffic platform. There are a ton of click through website platforms that really don’t translate into convertible traffic. The problem with most platforms is that you don’t have the ability to enter your own keywords that will actually target the traffic.

One incredible traffic platform that I have found is Rebrandable Traffic. It follows same the ad campaign building framework that the big PTC sites do… that is to say Google Adwords and Bing Ads. When creating a Google Adwords campaign, you have to choose keywords for the particular ad and landing page you will be sending your visitors to.

Rebrandable Traffic does the same thing. By researching and choosing the best keywords for your landing page, you will have a much better chance of converting visitors. And that is the main purpose of driving traffic to your website after all.


Join Rebrandable Traffic

The first step is to join the Rebrandable Traffic Platform. It’s free to join and you only have to pay if you choose to purchase a credit package. After you sign up, you are immediately given 100 FREE credits to take the platform for a test drive.

Rebrandable Traffic Sign Up
100 credits translates into exactly 100 visitors. This is plenty enough to get a feel for how the platform works. The next step is to create your first ad campaign.


Add First Campaign

Adding an ad campaign is relatively simple. However, there are a few steps that you will want to pay close attention to if you want real targeted traffic. I created a video walk through of exactly how to ad a campaign to Rebrandable Traffic.

Steps to Creating an Ad Campaign:

  1. Click on “My Campaigns” from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click “Create New Campaign”
  3. Enter a Campaign Name – One that will let you know which campaign it is
  4. Enter the destination URLRebrandable Traffic
  5. Change the “Traffic Origin URL” if desired to your website’s main address
  6. Enter a Campaign Visitor Limit (depending on how many credits you have)
  7. Enter Targeted Keywords (up to 10)
  8. Choose Traffic Types
  9. Click “Save Campaign”

Once you have created the campaign, you will need to “turn it on” in order for it to run. The campaign will automatically stop once it has reached the Campaign Visitor Limit that you set. To turn it back on, simply edit the campaign and change the visitor limit.

Purchase More Credits

Once you have used the 100 Free credits, you have the ability to purchase credit packages. You can buy visitors for as low as $0.0002 per visitor. There are several packages available to fit any budget and they are often on sale.


Rebrandable Traffic Credit Packages
As you can see, the packages range in price and will accommodate any budget. I like to buy the PRO5K (5000 visitor) package and split the credits between several different ad campaigns. The ads that seem to work best are ones where the visitor is taken to a website that is requesting a sign up or email address. I was able to add over 200 members to my email distribution list with one of my most successful campaigns.

Review Traffic Breakdown

One tool that Rebrandable Traffic has is the ability to take a look at the traffic that is clicking on your links. You get to see who the visitor is, when they clicked on your link, how long they stayed, and what other actions/clicks they took. It is called the Traffic Breakdown, and it gives you a ton of information.
Rebrandable Traffic Breakdown
As you can see in the image above, there is a date given as well as the time. Next to that is the IP address of the visitor and then the amount of time (in minutes) that they stayed on my website. The next piece of information is the most valuable as it tells you what else they clicked on. In this case, the visitor clicked on the homepage and then to the upgrade link.

Turn Campaigns Back on When They End

Eventually your campaign will automatically turn off when you have run out of credits (the credit limit that you set for that particular ad campaign). So you may still have credits available, but if you set 100 credit limits for a specific campaign, it will stop running once it hits 100 visitors.
Rebrandable Traffic Campaign
You will need to go in and edit the credit limit in order to be able to turn the campaign back on. If you don’t have any more credits to use, you will simply need to purchase more. I always try to wait til they are on sale to save a little bit more money. They go on sale pretty often, so this isn’t hard to do.

Rebrandable Traffic


Buying traffic is a great way to get more exposure to your website, especially if it is affordable like Rebrandable Traffic. As I stated earlier, however, it is important to set up your campaigns correctly with the appropriate keywords so that you have a much better chance of conversions.

I personally like Rebrandable Traffic and use it quite often to test out some of my landing pages and opt in forms. Once they are running smoothly and I’ve pinpointed which keywords are working the best, I usually transfer that campaign over to Bing Ads or Google Adwords. What I like about this method, is that I don’t waste a ton of money when I’m starting a new campaign. Find out what works best, and then duplicate it on the bigger platforms.

⇒⇒ Check out Rebrandable Traffic for yourself and get 100 Free Credits ⇐⇐




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Feb 14

How To Get More Traffic For Your Website – Top 5 Ways

How to get more traffic for your website

Getting a ton of traffic to your website is the key to success. If no one ever visits your site, you will never make any money. It’s just math.

In this article, I’m going to discuss how to get more traffic for your website… the Top 5 Ways that I find useful. There are of course dozens of ways to drive traffic, but I just wanted to keep it simple and list a few that you may not have thought of using.

1. IBO Toolbox A Place to Network & Drop Article Links

There is a network/community that I like to interact with at a website called IBO Toolbox. There you can associate with other members and even send them private messages. There are rules regarding what you can send of course, because nobody likes spam… but you can engage with other members and create meaningful networks with others.

IBO Toolbox also has a great ads center where you can place ads to your business opportunities or websites and generate traffic that way.

IBO Toolbox Ad Center

I usually have about 2 or 3 ads running on IBO and I get pretty decent traffic as a result. Ads are free if you are utilizing their Credit system. You get credits several different ways including for logging in every day as well as 100 credits weekly every Sunday by taking a look at their newsletter. You can also pay for credit packages if you have a budget for that kind of thing. I personally like the free credits though.

Another great tool I find useful within IBO Toolbox is their dashboard wall, where you can put links to your recent articles. After I have written a blog post, I always head over to IBO and write a small post on the dashboard wall for others to see and hopefully get a few visitors from.  Here’s an example:

IBO Toolbox Dashboard Wall
These are just a few of the networking opportunities that IBO Toolbox has available. There are a ton more including things like a video area, where you can place links to any YouTube or other videos you have created…. as well as an article writing platform.  Below is a link to my profile.


IBO Toolbox

2. Rebrandable TrafficCheap and Targeted

Rebrandable Traffic is another great traffic source. Here you have the ability to set up Ad Campaigns and enter in your own targeted keywords.


As long as you concentrate on the best keywords for your website link, the traffic generated is typically targeted and of good quality. The thing that you don’t want to do is set up a generic campaign with no real target keyword market.

This traffic actually costs money, however it is extremely affordable and only costs pennies as opposed to dollars. You can buy a 1000 visitor package for only $8 ($6 when they are on sale).

Rebrandable Traffic

3. Leveraging GoogleGoogle Plus & Search Console

One of the first things that I do after I finish creating a new blog post is post it on Google Plus. There are two main reasons why I do this… First, Google Plus is a great platform for posting links like that (better than Facebook or Twitter if you ask me), and Second, Google really likes it when you do this.

Think about it, getting ranked in Google will surely bring you more traffic, so why not post on one of Google’s very own platforms.

Google Search Console (formerly referred to as Webmaster Tools) is also a critical stop for me as soon as I post a new blog. After hitting publish on my website, I simply go to Google Search Console and ask Google to fetch my post. This basically just speeds up the indexing process.


How to Add a Page to the Fetch As Google Tool


4. SEO StrategyUsing Proper Techniques

Believe it or not, proper SEO strategy can be one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website. There are simple things that you should be doing when constructing your posts.

  • Meta Tags – Be sure to add Meta Tags to ALL your posts. This should include a Meta Title, Meta Description, and Keywords. Ideally your main keyword should be included either in the Title or Description (or both).
  • Video – Including a video on your posts if possible is also a great SEO strategy. If you don’t make your own videos, you can simply use one that compliments your post from YouTube.
  • Image – Images are always good to have within your content, because most people enjoy reading something with some imagery or pictures. But Google likes this too. Try to place a relevant image somewhere above the fold of your post.
  • Alt Tags – Always remember to use the Alt Tag of your images to add a little more SEO juice to the mix. Use your main keyword, or a tag that makes sense for the image.
  • Keywords – Your main keyword that you are targeting should be within the Title as well as the first paragraph.

There are a lot more SEO strategies you can implement, but these that I’ve just mentioned should ALWAYS be a part of your content creation routine.

Click here to watch “7 SEO Strategies to Explode Your Rankings in 2018”


5. Get More Comments – Website Engagement

The 5th way I like to get more traffic is by site engagement with comments. This is literally one of my favorite ways to get traffic. Once again, Google loves this and as a result you will see better website ranking and that means more traffic.

At the end of every blog post I try to ask visitors to leave a comment, especially if they have a question about something. This gives me insight into how my post is coming across (reading) to others. I can take that information and use it on future posts or even revise the current one so that it adds clarity if needed.

My favorite place to get comments is through the Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments platform. Wealthy Affiliate is where I get all of my training and tools for building websites. It’s a great place to start if you are a beginner because they have made it so simple and easy to follow along. And they have a ton of great tools that will explode your business and potential profit.

One of these tools is Site Comments. With Site comments, you can request comments from other Wealthy Affiliate members. You can get credits for comments by leaving a comment on another members post. It’s a give take type of system that really works.



Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments

Join Wealthy Affiliate to Use Site Comments



If you own a website and plan to make money with it, you know the importance of traffic. Using some (or all) of these traffic strategies could really help give your website the boost it needs to become profitable. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these 5 strategies do work and I recommend them to anyone looking to stay competitive in the online business space.

Leave a comment below if you have tried any of these strategies or if you have a favorite traffic driving source.

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Oct 10

Rebrandable Traffic – Get Traffic To Your Website

Rebrandable TrafficI’ve been using Rebrandable Traffic to drive tons of visitors to my websites for a little over 2 years. When I first started, I didn’t know exactly how to best use the traffic generating website. I created random campaigns and didn’t really utilize all the incredible tools that are provided. Therefore, at first my campaigns weren’t always very successful.

But once I began using the tools and fine tuning my campaigns, I started getting tons of quality traffic and more importantly, I started getting more conversions to my websites and affiliate links. Now I use Rebrandable Traffic practically every day to boost traffic as well as to get more email subscribers.

What is Rebrandable Traffic?

If you are interested in driving more traffic to your website, Rebrandable Traffic has exactly what you need. Traffic comes in from a multitude of websites and is rebranded and matched to you based on the traffic type and the keywords that you have set up in your campaigns. The rebranded traffic then gets sent to the URL you have designated to that campaign.

So basically, Rebrandable Traffic is a website where you can set up different campaigns and drive traffic to any website or link that you want. I send most of my traffic to my WA profile page or to my Camping Website. You are able to add specific keywords, which can be vital when looking for conversions.

There is also the ability to resell the traffic if that’s something you are in to. You simply set up the referral URL to be whatever you want and the customer that you sold the traffic to will see it coming from that URL (not Rebrandable Traffic). There is a customer report that details all the traffic that was sent to your customer.

The cost per visitor is relatively cheap. There are a wide range of credit packages that start at a low $8 ($4 when it’s on sale). This package gets you 1000 visitors.


Sign Up – It’s Quick and Easy

It is free to sign up for Rebrandable Traffic, and literally takes less than a minute. All you need is your name, an email address, a username and password.

Rebrandable Traffic
Once you sign up, you are automatically given 100 credits…. this translates to exactly 100 visitors. These freebie credits are great for getting your feet wet and taking Rebrandable Traffic for a spin.

I am always a fan of programs that allow you to “test drive” their system before you ever purchase a thing. You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it first, right? Probably not. So the fact that you get 100 free credits to use and get acquainted with how RT works is such a bonus.

Create a Campaign – Where do you want your traffic to go?

Creating a campaign is relatively easy, but you will want to pay special attention to several details. If a campaign is not converting well, you might need to tweak the keywords for instance.

Below are the steps to creating a campaign:

  1. Campaign Name – Give your campaign a name that will help you identify it later. You are the only person who sees this.
  2. Destination URL – This should be the URL where you want the visitor to land on.
  3. Traffic Origin URL – Change this from the default “rebrandabletraffic.com” URL to whatever URL you want. This is definitely important if you are reselling the traffic.
  4. Campaign Visitor Limit – Change this to a low amount at first (I like to go with 100 credit increments).
  5. Keywords/Targets – Select up to 10 good quality keywords that are relevant to your destination URL.
  6. Traffic Types – Here you can check the boxes of the different types of traffic you want.

Rebrandable Traffic

Pro Tip: Campaigns that perform best are those that send visitors to a page where they can register for free information

Traffic Breakdown Report – Analyze the results

One of the great tools available at Rebrandable Traffic is the Traffic Breakdown Report. Here you can see when a visitor came to your site, how long they stayed and what other links/pages they went to.

Rebrandable Traffic


As you can see in the above snapshot, this visitor came to my link on 9/3/17 and stayed for 1:16 minutes. (The IP address is also given if you need that information.) This visitor also clicked on my home page and then to the upgrade page during their visit.

This report is also available for you to send to your customers if you are reselling the traffic to others.

Purchase More Credits – Fund successful campaigns

After you have gone through the original 100 credits that you get when you first sign up for RT, you will need to purchase more credits in order to continue running your successful campaigns.

The purchase price is broken down into several different packages. The lowest is only $8 and gives you 1000 visitors. So that comes to $0.008/visitor. The higher you go, the cheaper per visitor it becomes. The highest priced package is $175 for 200,000 visitors. This is equal to a little less than $0.001 per visitor.

Rebrandable Traffic Review


So no matter what your budget is, you can find a credit package that works for you. Also, they OFTEN have credit Sales, so be on the lookout for those. This is a great opportunity to get a good deal on the packages. Usually it’s about 50% off.

Conclusion – My Final Thoughts and Recommendation

I am a big fan of Rebrandable Traffic because it is not like all the other “traffic exchanges” where you don’t really get a say in who is coming to your site. With RT, you get to pick keywords and set up real campaigns much like you would at Google Adwords or BingAds… however the price is MUCH cheaper.

My personal suggestion is to give it a try… especially since it is FREE to sign up and you get 100 credits to start. It’s a real easy way to find out if you like it or not.

Get Traffic to your website







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Feb 20

How to Get Traffic to Your Clickbank Products

Is there an easy way to drive targeted traffic to your Clickbank links?

I’ve been promoting products on Clickbank for several years, but recently I found a way to get even more traffic to those products. More traffic means more conversions, right? As you can imagine, I was thrilled.

So here’s how it happened….. Several months ago, I stumbled upon a new traffic generating website that was actually comparable to  Google Adwords and BingAds.  Although, those are excellent sources of paid traffic, they can get quite expensive… especially for a beginner or someone who is on a budget. Rebrandable Traffic is a great campaign building site that can be utilized easily and for a great price.

A MUCH cheaper Alternative

Simply purchase credits (for pennies literally) and set up your ad campaigns and the traffic starts pouring in. If you have Clickbank products you are trying to promote, this is an excellent way to point potential buyers to your links. It also works well for email marketing and list building. You can set up to 10 keywords for each campaign and pause campaigns when needed. Take a look at the package pricing… Only $8 for 1000 visitors… WOW!!

RT Credits

Here’s what people are saying about Rebrandable Traffic

RT Testimonials 1RT Testimonials 2










Everyone can use more traffic… that’s a no brainer!  But why pay out the nose for it when there are cheaper quality sites that can help you accomplish your goals. If your website, campaigns, or email lists could use MORE traffic than you DEFINITELY need to give Rebrandable Traffic a try.

Need a website of your own??

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