How to Buy Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted Traffic
When it comes to knowing how to buy targeted website traffic, the key is finding the right traffic platform. There are a ton of click through website platforms that really don’t translate into convertible traffic. The problem with most platforms is that you don’t have the ability to enter your own keywords that will actually target the traffic.

One incredible traffic platform that I have found is Rebrandable Traffic. It follows same the ad campaign building framework that the big PTC sites do… that is to say Google Adwords and Bing Ads. When creating a Google Adwords campaign, you have to choose keywords for the particular ad and landing page you will be sending your visitors to.

Rebrandable Traffic does the same thing. By researching and choosing the best keywords for your landing page, you will have a much better chance of converting visitors. And that is the main purpose of driving traffic to your website after all.


Join Rebrandable Traffic

The first step is to join the Rebrandable Traffic Platform. It’s free to join and you only have to pay if you choose to purchase a credit package. After you sign up, you are immediately given 100 FREE credits to take the platform for a test drive.

Rebrandable Traffic Sign Up
100 credits translates into exactly 100 visitors. This is plenty enough to get a feel for how the platform works. The next step is to create your first ad campaign.


Add First Campaign

Adding an ad campaign is relatively simple. However, there are a few steps that you will want to pay close attention to if you want real targeted traffic. I created a video walk through of exactly how to ad a campaign to Rebrandable Traffic.

Steps to Creating an Ad Campaign:

  1. Click on “My Campaigns” from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click “Create New Campaign”
  3. Enter a Campaign Name – One that will let you know which campaign it is
  4. Enter the destination URLRebrandable Traffic
  5. Change the “Traffic Origin URL” if desired to your website’s main address
  6. Enter a Campaign Visitor Limit (depending on how many credits you have)
  7. Enter Targeted Keywords (up to 10)
  8. Choose Traffic Types
  9. Click “Save Campaign”

Once you have created the campaign, you will need to “turn it on” in order for it to run. The campaign will automatically stop once it has reached the Campaign Visitor Limit that you set. To turn it back on, simply edit the campaign and change the visitor limit.

Purchase More Credits

Once you have used the 100 Free credits, you have the ability to purchase credit packages. You can buy visitors for as low as $0.0002 per visitor. There are several packages available to fit any budget and they are often on sale.


Rebrandable Traffic Credit Packages
As you can see, the packages range in price and will accommodate any budget. I like to buy the PRO5K (5000 visitor) package and split the credits between several different ad campaigns. The ads that seem to work best are ones where the visitor is taken to a website that is requesting a sign up or email address. I was able to add over 200 members to my email distribution list with one of my most successful campaigns.

Review Traffic Breakdown

One tool that Rebrandable Traffic has is the ability to take a look at the traffic that is clicking on your links. You get to see who the visitor is, when they clicked on your link, how long they stayed, and what other actions/clicks they took. It is called the Traffic Breakdown, and it gives you a ton of information.
Rebrandable Traffic Breakdown
As you can see in the image above, there is a date given as well as the time. Next to that is the IP address of the visitor and then the amount of time (in minutes) that they stayed on my website. The next piece of information is the most valuable as it tells you what else they clicked on. In this case, the visitor clicked on the homepage and then to the upgrade link.

Turn Campaigns Back on When They End

Eventually your campaign will automatically turn off when you have run out of credits (the credit limit that you set for that particular ad campaign). So you may still have credits available, but if you set 100 credit limits for a specific campaign, it will stop running once it hits 100 visitors.
Rebrandable Traffic Campaign
You will need to go in and edit the credit limit in order to be able to turn the campaign back on. If you don’t have any more credits to use, you will simply need to purchase more. I always try to wait til they are on sale to save a little bit more money. They go on sale pretty often, so this isn’t hard to do.

Rebrandable Traffic


Buying traffic is a great way to get more exposure to your website, especially if it is affordable like Rebrandable Traffic. As I stated earlier, however, it is important to set up your campaigns correctly with the appropriate keywords so that you have a much better chance of conversions.

I personally like Rebrandable Traffic and use it quite often to test out some of my landing pages and opt in forms. Once they are running smoothly and I’ve pinpointed which keywords are working the best, I usually transfer that campaign over to Bing Ads or Google Adwords. What I like about this method, is that I don’t waste a ton of money when I’m starting a new campaign. Find out what works best, and then duplicate it on the bigger platforms.

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