How to Sell Clothing Online

how to sell clothing online

There are a ton of reasons why someone would want to know how to sell clothing online. Maybe you have recently cleaned out a closet and want to sell your gently used clothing… or maybe you want to sell designer clothes online.

Whatever the reason, there are several questions that you need to answer before you get started. Knowing the answers to these questions will really help you design your online business more efficiently. For instance, someone who is going to sell their own surplus of used clothes will probably not need the same type of online presence as someone who is planning on building a business around trendy designer clothing.

The clothing business is a great niche to start because there are so many avenues in which you can specifically target. But building a business takes focus and a clear direction to be effective. Ask yourself these questions before getting started and you will set yourself up for success.

New or Used – What Type of Clothing Will You Sell?

What type of clothing you will be selling will ultimately determine what type of business you need to create. Selling new clothing will need a more refined and polished website. Your website will essentially be your “retail store” and will take the place of a traditional brick and mortar building.

Selling used clothing (whether it be your own or whether you will accumulate gently used clothing from others and resell it) may require a website, but most likely you would just need to set up an Amazon or EBay sellers account.

Below are a few of the various types of inventory that you could leverage within your business.

New Clothing:

  • Designer Brand – Fashion
  • Trendy
  • Retro Styles
  • Affordable
  • As Seen On TV (Celebrity Fashion)

Used Clothing:

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Outgrown Children’s Clothes
  • Significant Loss/Gain of Weight (ie: Need New Wardrobe)
  • Garage/Estate Sale Finds

As you can see, both types of clothing options have several different ways in which you can go. For instance, as a Used Clothing Business, you could spend your time going to various Estate sales in your area and accumulate quality used clothing that you could resell online.


Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Athletic? Pick Your Target Customer

So once you have determined what type of clothing you will be primarily be selling, the next step is to narrow down your niche a bit more. When it comes to clothing, you need to target a certain customer. What type of customer/clothing style are you going to target?

If you are in the New Clothing business, you can easily target a more specific demographic. For instance, maybe you are only interested in selling brand name Athletic gear…. then your website would need to be designed around that market.

how to sell clothing onlinehow to sell clothing onlinehow to sell childrens clothing online





If you are in the Used Clothing business, you may not need to be as specific but you definitely could be… for instance, maybe you only want to deal in Children’s Second Hand Clothing.

The point is, you need to identify your Target Customer in order to meet their needs and get them to buy from you.


Possible Target Customers:

  • People interested in Athletics/Fitness
  • People with Babies/Toddlers
  • People on a Budget
  • People looking to stay Trendy
  • People interested in the latest Celebrity Fashion
  • People into Extreme/Outdoor Sports
  • People needing Formal Wear


The list can go on and on, but you get the overall idea. Take some time and figure out who it is that you want to target and this will determine what you will ultimately sell.


To Sell Your Own Product or to Affiliate

If you are selling Used Clothing, you will most likely be selling your own (or what you find at garage sales, etc). But if you are planning on selling New Clothing, you have a choice to make. Do you want to create your own designs and work with clothing companies to manufacture clothing for you? Or do you want to partner with other companies and sell their products (aka Affiliate Marketing)?

By Affiliating with other companies, you do not have to actually have your own product and therefore no inventory or shipping process. You simply link to their product and once someone purchases it, you receive a commission. This is perfect for people who don’t have the time or room to carry inventory and handle it once it is purchased.

Learn More About Affiliate Marketing and How it Works HERE!


Affiliate Marketing also gives you the ability to leverage well-known Brands that already have traction and trust within the marketplace. Because most people have heard of and know the brand, it’s a lot easier to sell a Nike Shirt than it is to sell your own label (at least to start out).

Of course, if you really want to build your own brand and create your own line of clothing, then by all means go that route. But for those people who have no desire to get into actual clothing design, Affiliate Clothing Sales is a much easier and better route to take.


Build a Website – Design It Around Your Concept

Once you have a clear direction and concept regarding your clothing business, you will be ready to start building it. Regardless of what direction you choose, the one thing you will definitely want to have is a Website!!

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Since you will be selling online, a website will be your store or at least your central location where people (potential buyers) can find out more information and make an informed decision.

With your website, you will want to talk about the different types of clothing you offer. If you are Affiliating with other companies, you might want to write reviews about the clothes and then send visitors (through your Affiliate link) to the website where they can purchase.

If you are selling Used Clothing, you can either incorporate a “store front” into your website, or send people to your EBay or Amazon Store.

Basically, your own website allows you to Brand yourself and establish your business online. There are so many things you can do with a website that will boost your business and give you the best possible chance of success.


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Time to Take Action

The Clothing industry is a multi million dollar industry that has room for anyone who is willing to put in the work. The ability to build a business online and reach billions of people makes this an incredible opportunity.

If working from home and owning your own online clothing business is something that you are interested, then you need to take the following steps to make it happen

  1. Determine the Direction you want to go with your clothing business (answer the previous questions)
  2. Pinpoint your Target Market
  3. Build a Website (get a free website builder and training here)
  4. Start Selling



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