The Best Online Organization Tool – Task Managment

The Best Online Organization Tool

One of the best online organization tools available is called Trello. I found this gem of a program about 1 year ago and it has changed my life.

Trello is not only free, but it allows you to work more effectively and get more done. And whether you work alone or have a team, you can customize and add people as needed. There is also a paid version for those people who need even more organization. But the free version is incredible.

Why organization is so important….

I want to talk a little bit about why it’s important to be organized within your business. If you own an online business or work from home, being organized and knowing what you need to accomplish at any given time is essential to growing and strengthening you business.

Deadlines sneak up on all of us, but if you have a system in place where you can easily keep track of all the balls you have up in the air, you are likely to get them completed.

I used to live by sticky notes… I had them covering my desk and my laptop screen. Now I use Trello and not only does my workplace look so much better and professional, I am actually getting more stuff done and most importantly staying much more focused.

Let’s take a closer look at all the Trello has to offer!

My Review: Trello

As I mentioned before, I started using Trello to organize my business and it has been a life-saver. I can keep up with all the projects that I am currently working on as well as plan out future ones as I think of them.

I also really enjoy checking things off my “to-do” list because it makes me feel accomplished. I’ve always been this way and am even one of those people who makes lists when they are packing for a vacation, etc.

The best thing about Trello is that if you have multiple businesses or just want to keep business and home separate, you can create different “boards” to differentiate. I’ll touch on this more later.

Also, I don’t currently have a “team” but the fact that you can add team members to certain projects or boards is a great feature of Trello. I know that a lot of people use teams and this helps everyone collaborate efficiently.

Features of Trello – The Ins and Outs of Organization

Trello has many useful features for both startups and multi-level organizations. So no matter what kind of business you are running, you can really get a lot of use out of the program.

Organizational Features:

  • Create Multiple Boards
  • Task Checklists
  • Create Projects within Boards using Cards
  • Set Deadlines
  • Take notes for each project
  • Add comments and attachments to Cards
  • Move, Copy and Archive Cards

Team Features:

  • Build your Dream Team
  • Assign team members to certain projects
  • Template Boards for different types of teams – Marketing, Designs, Sales, Wedding Planning, etc

Other Features:

  • Powerups – Integrate apps you already use with Trello (Calendar, Google Drive, Notejoy, etc)
  • Available in App Store and Google Play

Basic Overview

So to use Trello, you first want to create a Board. This is where all your projects will be located. Projects are called “Cards” and you can customize them as needed.

For instance, I have 4 main Boards. 2 work related (my business and my husbands business), 1 Home related, and 1 generalized To Do List.

Trello BoardsAs you can see, I was able to add different background images to each board to help differentiate between them.

Within each board, I have Cards (or projects). These cards are organized by “To Do,” “Doing”, and “Done.” I also have a “Follow Up” on some of my Boards. This reminds me to check up on the status of something after it has technically been completed.

You can name these categories anything you want. So instead of “To Do” you could have “November Projects” or whatever you want to do. That’s the beauty of this tool, you can create your own organization.

Trello Task list

Each card can be opened up and you can assign a due date or add a checklist to it. In my Home Board, I have a list of bills that need to be paid in a checklist and as I get them paid, I simply check them off. It keeps me knowing which ones are still outstanding. That way I don’t accidentally miss one.

You can also create labels for each card. I use this mostly to flag those projects that are “Urgent.” That way they stand out more and I can devote more attention to them on a daily basis.

Examples of How I Use Trello to Stay Organized

So I use Trello every single day in order to stay organized and to set up my daily tasks. First thing in the morning, I open up Trello and look to see if there are any urgent projects that need my attention.

Then I plan out what I need to do that day within my internet business, my husband’s business, and my home. I spend about half an hour creating projects and setting deadlines or priorities to each.

After that is all done, I get to work. While I’m working on a project, I actually move it to the “Doing” pile. I know that may seem unnecessary, but it helps me stay on that task and not get distracted. I also have the specific card open so I can make any necessary notes as I’m working.

As I complete each project, I move them to the “Done” pile. This clears out my To Do category and gives me a clearer picture of what still needs to be done.

Trello Price: 3 Price Points for Any Budget

Trello is technically FREE. And personally this is the package that I would recommend to most people. However if you have a huge team or are a Fortune 500 company, then you might want to go with one of the paid packages.

Here’s a breakdown of the Price Points:

  1. FREE – Most Recommended!!
    1. Unlimited Boards, Cards, and Members
    2. Attach files up to 10 MB
  2. Business Class – $9.99/month/user
    1. Unlimited Powerups
    2. Attach files up to 250 MB
    3. Ability to remove former members with one click
    4. Priority Supports/Help Line
  3. Enterprise – $20.83/user/month
    1. All of the features of Business Class
    2. 2 Factor Authentication
    3. Comprehensive legal contract review
    4. Intrusion detection

As you can see, the 2 other price points are a little overkill for the average business owner. That’s why I love the Free version. It has absolutely everything you need to organize your business and stay on task.

Trello Price points

Conclusion: Trello Keeps Me On Track

Whether you like to be organized as a general way of life or you just need to keep things in order, Trello is a great tool to have in your virtual toolbox.

I believe in equipping yourself with tools that make work and life easier and Trello does just that. And you can’t beat FREE.

One more thing that makes Trello amazing is that it is a web-based program, so there is no downloading or taking up valuable hard drive space. Plus you can log into it from anywhere.

Click here to sign up and create your first Board

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