What are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs? The 5 BEST

What are the highest paying affiliate programs


For Affiliate Marketers, making money is the goal and doing so quickly is what most online entrepreneurs desire. While Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick endeavor, there are strategies that make it easier to make money faster.

Finding and promoting the highest paying affiliate programs is one of the best ways to accrue a six figure income in less time.

If an affiliate programs pays more per lead/conversion then you essentially have to convert less people than if it pays very little.

For instance, let’s say Affiliate Program A pays $10 per sale and Affiliate Program B pays $1000 per sale. If your goal is to make $5000 in one month, then you would have to make 500 sales with Program A but only 5 sales with Program B.

It’s obvious that making 5 sales is probably easier (and more worth your time) than trying to make 500 sales. This is why it’s important to have a high ticket affiliate program in your portfolio.

1. Legendary Marketer

If you are looking for a program that has a high converting high ticket offer, then Legendary Marketer is for you. Not only is there the opportunity to earn $1000 per sale, they have a completely “done-for-you” system in place with dedicated sales consultants that work on your behalf once you have brought in the lead.

Legendary Marketer
Founder David Sharpe


So in essence, all you have to do is drive traffic to your affiliate link and they will take care of the rest. In the meantime, you get $1000 commission for every sale of their high ticket offer.

Think about it…. just drive 100 visitors to the link and if even 1 of those visitors decides to purchase, you have pocketed a cool $1000.

I love the fact that they have a sales team in place that are experts in making conversions. I’m not a sales person, so I’d rather leave that up to the professionals.

Legendary Marketer is probably the BEST high ticket affiliate program out there. I signed up and went through the core steps and then started driving traffic. Within the first 2 days, I already had several leads and got my first commission within a week.

Earning a Six Figure Income with this program is attainable and a lot easier than the lower ticket programs. I have enjoyed getting there quicker and I also feel like my efforts are not being wasted because of the huge commissions coming in.

2. MaxBounty

With the motto that their rates are the highest, MaxBounty offers its Affiliates the opportunity to earn high commissions with high converting advertisers.

MaxBounty is actually an Affiliate Network and there are over 1500 campaigns that can be leveraged. Advertisers include a variety of popular niches, such as diet, finance, dating, real estate, etc.

The affiliate sign up process is easy, however they may reject you if you don’t seem like a high quality affiliate. If you are accepted though, Max Bounty often runs promotions that offer bonuses to their affiliates for their performance.

3. Amazon Associates

One of the best things about Amazon Associates is that virtually everyone has heard of and most likely shopped on Amazon. This makes it incredibly easy to earn commissions from higher ticket products. Because people trust the Amazon platform, you have the benefit of tailgating on the brand.

Amazon Associates

With Amazon however, there are different commission structures for different categories, so you will want to choose the higher percentages and also the more expensive items.

Don’t waste a lot of your time promoting a $5 widget, only to get a 2 percent commission. Try to find a few good $300 products or better yet that $1200 product. One sale can equal a pretty good payday.

With Amazon selling everything and anything, the potential to find a high priced product to promote is extremely likely! That’s why I like the Amazon Associate platform. Plus, even if you don’t sell the $1200 product because the customer decides to go with the lower end product, you STILL get the commission on it.

4. Clickbank

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, odds are you have heard of Clickbank and you may already be a member. If you are not, you should check out what they have to offer.

Clickbank offers mostly digital products that are easily distributed and therefore relatively easy to sell. The categories are endless and no matter your niche, you are bound to find a high ticket product that will bring in a nice paycheck.

Keep in mind that there are also a ton of cheap products available, but as I mentioned earlier, it is important to promote the higher priced products if you want to achieve a six figure income with less effort.

There are plenty of Clickbank products that offer over $100 commissions per sale. The key is to filter them out and find out which ones you would like to promote. Be sure to make use of the promotional tools that most good advertisers will provide. These tools include things like email swipes, landing pages, and ad copy.

For those affiliates that are looking to up their game and learn how to earn 7 figures, Clickbank offers Clickbank University – an excellent course that is taught by experts and designed to teach you all you need to know to make money with Clickbank.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

5. Wealthy Affiliate

One of my favorite affiliate programs ever has got to be Wealthy Affiliate. It is so much more than just an affiliate program however. It is an entrepreneur back office and training platform.

Not only can you host and build websites here, you can also take numerous courses on Affiliate Marketing and Online Business. The amount of training and information available at Wealthy Affiliate makes it worth it alone, but the fact that it has an incredible Affiliate Program built in is why it is one of the Top programs available.

The commission structure of the Affiliate Program allows you to earn at the Free level as well as the Premium level. Obviously you earn more if you are a Premium member, which is what you want to do if you are trying to reach a six figure income level.

Another AWESOME aspect of this program is that it is Recurring income. Meaning that you earn the commissions month after month. This can be a game-changer if you think about it!

Why only earn a one time commission, when you can continue to receive it month after month!?!

Wealthy Affiliate Earnings

Learn more about the Earning Potential at Wealthy Affiliate here

Conclusion – Which One is the BEST?!?

So in my opinion, all 5 of these programs are great and offer high commission levels. But everyone always wants to know which one is the absolute best?

And the Answer is….. Legendary Marketer

If you are truly looking to create a six figure income, then promoting a program that is high converting as well as high ticket is the way to go.

So promoting Legendary Marketer with a commission of $1000 per sale means that you would only have to convert 100 leads in order to reach $100,000 in profit!

Success with Legendary Marketer is directly correlated with the amount of work and commitment you have to it. But in my opinion only having to sell 100 products to reach $100,000 is much better than having to sell thousands and thousands of products to achieve the same result.

So Legendary Marketer would have to be the BEST when it comes to high ticket products that can get you to a six figure income much faster!






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  1. Hey there! this such a great article! I am really thankful! I was looking for affiliate programs and couldn’t decide which will be the best for me. This article helps a lot and you have provided enough information for everyone to understand. This is a great topic. Who ever joins online business needs to see this. best of luck for your future!

  2. You’ve hit upon a lot of good stuff, here. I believe what you’d said about Wealthy Affiliate: that it’s more than just an affiliate program, it’s actually a back office for entrepreneurs, as well as an effective training platform. I really like another thing you mentioned, that a fair amount of earnings can be made–not just at the premium level but at the free level, as well. And who could pass up the opportunity to provide for their families with passive, recurring income. That’s something for anyone to look forward to.

    Thanks for sharing an excellent article.

  3. Thank god I join all the programs but not Legendary Marketer, Is it hard to get in as an affiliate marketer? I remembered with max bounty I had to do the phone interview, it was a little challenging for me then since I am so new to this affiliate marketing. I want to give legendary Marketer a try. Thanks for the list.

  4. I really like the simple layout on your site and you definitely seem to know what your talking about, how long have you been affiliate marketing?

     The Niche I chose was auto-detailing and more expensive products with affiliate links are hard to come by, but I think I should stay with it at least until I complete the training. 

  5. Great information. Its nice to work and get rewarded. I really appreciate this piece of information here. This is one of the best articles have read here because of the powerful information there in. This is my first time of knowing about legendary marketer. And I am going to dig deep more. The only challenge to some of this top paying affiliate programs is that most of them don’t accept people from some of countries. 

    But I find out more and see how I can promote WA that I’m doing now. 

    • Yes, unfortunately that is true and there really is no getting around it if you happen to live in one of the excluded countries. 

  6. Thank you for sharing with us the review on the highest paying affiliate programs.Many people are interested in making money online and it is very important to choose a good program which can help to earn real money.

    You have made a good recommendation of programs which help people to earn money and I can say that you mentioned the one I am using to earn money everyday which is called Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am going to try others to see the difference.

  7. Interested in making money online, I have been looking, and testing whatever possible aspect of it that I can afford and you have listed some that I have already considered.  Which avenue do you believe would be the most affordable to get into and then expand?

    I have little knowledge in the workings of the internet so I am looking for a company that I can trust and grow with.

  8. This is good insight into the 5 best and high paying Affiliate Program. I was looking at Legendary Marketer and the program does look good. But there is also a monthly fee of $30. Probably you should mention this in your post for the readers to make an informed decision. I definitely like Wealthy Affiliate as it has structured program and a very strong support system. I will be reading more of your posts to know more about this niche.


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