What is Bitconnect?


BitconnectGet to know BitConnect…. it could change your life. Believe it or not, some people are currently making $64,000+ in profits on this incredible crypto platform.

I started lending on BitConnect and earned $64.23 in the first 2 weeks. And by re-investing (compounding my interest payouts), I am on a path to turn my $100 original investment into over $4,000.

What is BitConnect? The Coin and the Platform

In November of 2016, BitConnect launched it’s coin into the Cryptocurrency market and by January of 2017 the BitConnect exchange platform was created.

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The exchange platform allows you to gain financial freedom without the need for centralized banking. As the cryptocurrency craze continues to build, getting in on a platform like this is one of the best ways to grow your money and invest in your future.

By providing a coin as well as a place where you can Invest, Trade, Mine, or Stake this coin, BitConnect has revolutionized the crypto industry.

What is Bitconnect

How to Get BitConnect Coins?

You can easily buy BitConnect coins from the BitConnect exchange using your Bitcoins. The process is quite simple.

  1. Send Bitcoins to BitConnect exchange
  2. Exchange Bitcoins (BTC) into BitConnect coins (BCC)

If you don’t already have Bitcoins, you will need to purchase them beforehand. I recommend using Coinbase as it is very easy to buy or sell Bitcoins. Once you have bought your coins, you can follow the steps above and exchange for BitConnect coins.

Staking Your BitConnect Coins – Earn Monthly Interest

You can earn interest by holding BitConnect Coins in your Wallet. The interest rate goes from 10% per month down to 1.4% per month with the tiers being 6 months a piece. See chart below:

BitConnect Staking

This means that anyone that holds BitConnect Coins in their wallet will get a percentage interest every month. You have to hold the BCC for 15 days prior to getting the first payout.

Staking can be terminated at anytime by simply moving the BCC coins out of your wallet and exchanging or lending.

Lending Your BitConnect – Daily Payouts (My Recommendation)

One of the most profitable ways to make money with BitConnect is to lend it out on the lending platform and receive a daily payout. Here you are profiting from their volatility software bot.

The amount that you lend (capital) will be given back to you upon completion of the lending time frame (see chart for terms) and meanwhile, you will be earning interest on a daily basis.

what is bitconnect

The more you lend, the higher your daily interest will be and your capital will be released sooner.

Important Information:

  1. Interest will be added exactly 24 hours from when you made the initial investment. So if you invested at 9:30am, you will receive an interest payment at 9:30am every day. This interest is added to your lending wallet and can be reinvested or saved and later exchanged.
  2. The minimum about to loan initially is $100 and the minimum amount to reinvest is $10. Loans and reinvestments must be done in $10 increments.
  3. The interest rate per day varies and in not guaranteed. Some days the interest rate could be 1.89% while the next day could be 0%. The average that I’ve noticed has been around 1%. So on a $1000 loan, you would average $10 per day.


Trading and Mining BitConnect

You can also choose to trade BitConnect coins or Mine them. I personally haven’t dipped my toes in this arena, because I feel like you should really devote a lot of time to day trading (just like in the stock market). I am more into the long term financial gains mindset.

Mining BitConnect Coins is very similar to mining other cryptocurrencies and it takes a lot of computer power and electricity. I don’t have a computer that I can exclusively use for this purpose, so I don’t bother with the mining aspect.


I have already made a lot of money in just short amount of time by utilizing the Lending feature of BitConnect, and personally I recommend this to get started and begin quickly growing your money.

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