3 Common Myths About Making Money Online​

3 common myths about making money online

Almost everyone wants to know how to make money online. They have researched and heard a lot of hype as well as some truth. The key is to weed out the scams and take action on the facts.

But even after discovering the reality of how to truly make money online, many people still have major misconceptions about the process.

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss the 3 common myths about making money online.

1. Making Money Online is Easy

A lot of people believe this because they see the success of others and think it must be that easy. The truth is, the people that are making money online struggled at some point and all you are seeing are the results that finally paid off. You don’t see all the times they didn’t make a dime.

This makes it look easy and even quick. But the reality is that it takes time and a lot of effort to really make money.

I know people who are killing it making money online, but I also know that they made NOTHING for the first 3 years. They spend those years learning and absorbing as much information as they could. Then they applied that knowledge and eventually mastered the business of making money.

Now that they are masters in their field, making money is relatively easy. Don’t get caught believing the myth that making money online is easy and quick. However, realize that it can become easier as you develop skills and as you take action.

2. A Full-Time Income Only Requires Part-Time Work

This kinda goes along with myth #1 because most people believe that they only have to put in a little bit of work in order to achieve something extraordinary.

The reality is that making a full-time income online requires just as much work as a regular full-time job. You have to treat it that way. You can’t expect to put in an hour or two here and there and make millions.

Sure you might make a few dollars, but that’s probably not what you are striving for. If you really want to make a six figure income, you need to put in the work.

My advice is to treat it like a normal 9-5 job… especially at the beginning. You are building your foundation and this is not an area that you want to skimp on. A strong foundation will stand the test of time and sustain you for a lifetime.

The goal is to get to a point (in the future) where you can work you business like a part-time job. But getting to that full time income in the first place requires you to be ALL IN!

3. There is No Investment Needed to Make Money Online

One of the most commonly searched terms on Google is “How to make money online for free.” This mentality is flawed from the very beginning.

First of all, you need to invest in quality education. This is fundamental to any successful online business. Not to mention the fact that educating yourself is the best investment you can make. Knowledge is power! And by absorbing all the knowledge you can, YOU become powerful.

While there are “free” instructional programs out there, this strategy will leave you with gaps and usually just more confused. Also, it takes a great deal of time to make money utilizing the “free method.”

Investing (money and time) to learn all you can to make yourself a stronger, better entrepreneur will pay off time and time again.

Conclusion – Myth Busting

All 3 of these myths are why most people NEVER make money online. They have the wrong idea of what it takes to be successful in the online marketplace.

Don’t buy into the lies and misconceptions because it will only hinder your progress and most likely lead to your overall failure.

The good thing about these myths is that you can choose to do the opposite and set yourself up for financial success.

Instead of thinking “This will be easy and quick”…

  • Realize and accept that there will be struggles and that it will take time
  • Knowing this helps you push harder and that is where the money starts flowing in

Instead of believing you can get by with part-time effort…

  • Put in the full-time work to get your business on the right foot
  • That foundation will allow you to choose to work part-time in the future

Instead of looking for the Free option…

  • Set aside money (and time) to invest in yourself
  • Education, training and expert help is far more valuable than you think

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