Legendary Marketer Review – Can You Really Make $60,000?

In this honest review of Legendary Marketer, I will walk you through the basics of the program as well as the important details of how you actually make money here. I will also reveal whether or not you can really make $60,000.

What is Legendary Marketer…

David Sharpe

Legendary Marketer is the product of David Sharpe… who after being homeless for 8 years, picked himself up and went on to launch 3 million dollar companies.


David has taught the fundamentals of Internet Marketing to over 500,000 students. And according to Forbes is “one of the most genuine 8-figure earners to learn from.”

Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket affiliate program that also teaches how to be successful with affiliate marketing with it’s many courses and webinars.


My Review: My Personal Opinions Of Legendary Marketer…

Legendary Marketer Can you really make $60,00

I was introduced to the Legendary Marketer program in 2017 and was immediately impressed by the professionalism as well as the approach ability of the founder, David Sharpe and the many team members that I had a chance to speak with.

Upon signing up with Legendary Marketer, I was assigned to a coach who called and spoke with me about what I needed or desired to get out of the program. We discussed my experience with affiliate marketing and where I wanted to take my online business.

After my first phone call with my coach, I was left with a feeling of excitement and was eager to get started. I continued through the 15 core steps, absorbing as much information as I could and taking extensive notes in the process.

I was familiar with affiliate marketing and had been making money with it for several years, but I knew I wanted to step up my game and be a 6-figure earner. Legendary Marketer gave me that opportunity.

The one thing that was important to me was affiliating with a high-ticket program that was truly legit and respectable. I only promote programs that I believe in and that I would recommend to my family. I knew I had found that in Legendary Marketer.

This high-ticket program would give me the ability to earn even more and I was so excited to have this in my portfolio. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a high-ticket offering in addition to lower ticket ones. This is what makes a strong affiliate portfolio and thus a great online business.






What’s Included With Legendary Marketer

Joining Legendary Marketer is something that should be done with commitment and determination to succeed. That attitude is key to unlocking the potential that Legendary Marketer has to offer.

What can you expect from Legendary Marketer?

The Training:

  • Legendary Marketer Club ($30/month)
    • Subscription product
    • Teaches the basics of Internet Marketing
      • Facebook Ads
      • Lead Generation
      • Instagram Marketing
      • YouTube
      • Weekly Webinar
    • 15 Core Steps
    • Assigned Marketing Coach
  • The Traffic Rolodex ($47 one time)
    • Includes resources to drive traffic to sales funnels
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2500 one time)
    • Includes 4 main courses
    • Affiliate Blueprint (new)
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass ($5000 one time)
    • Brand Development
    • Product Messaging
    • How to scale your business
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8000 one time)
    • Live Event – 3 days long

There are several more live event opportunities where you can network with others and also get personal training from David Sharpe.


Also included (Done-For-You Marketing Material):


  • Landing Pages (sales video and free book offer)
  • Banner Ads
  • Email Copy (45 day sequence)
  • Video Ads
  • Ad Copy


Legendary Marketer Compared With Wealthy Affiliate

As I mentioned before, Legendary Marketer is primarily a High-Ticket program. But it also has a low-end entry that offers plenty of training.

Conversely, Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 Recommendation) is a low-ticket program that offers more than just training, with it’s many tools like keyword research, website hosting, and a solid community.

Both programs are great in their own right and I think that most affiliate marketers can benefit from being a member of both. I’ve already talked about the importance of having a high-ticket product in your portfolio as well as low-tickets.

Commissions Available at Legendary Marketer:

  • $18/month for each Legendary Marketer Club membership
  • $1000 for each Legendary Builder Masterclass sale
  • $2000 for each Legendary Leader Masterclass sale
  • $3200 for each Mastermind sale

Commissions Available at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • $1 for each Starter membership
  • $23.50/month for each Premium membership
  • $175/year for each Annual Premium membership


Legendary Marketer Commissions

I just mentioned the commission structure of both Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate above, but I want to talk a little bit more about the potential earnings that you can expect from Legendary.

Keep in mind, this is a high-ticket product which means higher commissions and the ability to make more money faster.

Think about it this way, you can make $1000 from each Legendary Builder Masterclass sale. So if you sell just 10 of these, you’ve made $10,000!!! Could that change your life?

It would take you 10 times as long to make that amount of money by promoting a $100 commission product. You would have to sell 100 of them to make the same $10,000.

So which one seems easier?

10 Sales = $10,000                                      OR                                                  100 Sales = $10,000


Personally I think I would have an easier time making 10 sales. In fact, once I realized the math involved, it became clear to me that higher ticket products are essential to making money faster.


Can You Really Make $60,000 with Legendary Marketer?

This is the ultimate question and one that has several answers. The first answer is YES! In fact, there are several people making just that EVERY MONTH!

The person that introduced me to Legendary Marketer (Nathan) is currently pulling in 5 figures a month. He has worked extremely hard and never given up. Nathan is truly an inspiration and to be honest, I can only hope to reach the same level of success.

This leads me to the other answer that can be given for this particular question. That answer is “Probably, but only if you work hard.” And by work hard, I mean implement the strategies that you are taught, stay consistent, and work your business non-stop!

Is this doable? For sure! It just depends on if you actually want to make $60,000 or not. Everybody says they want to make 5-6 figures, but do they really want to put in the work that it takes? This is what you really need to ask.

I honestly believe that you can make $10,000… $60,000… or even $100,000 if you put the work in and you realize the investment needed to reach those numbers. You can also make $0 if you don’t bother to put in the work. The choice is yours!




Conclusion: Are You Ready To Be LEGENDARY!?

The earning potential of this program is worth joining alone, but the training and “done-for-you” sales funnels is the icing on the cake.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer looking to add a legit high-ticket item to your portfolio, then you should honestly check out what Legendary Marketer can do for you.

I recommend going through the Core 15 Steps and then taking advantage of the Legendary Builder Masterclass. It’s designed to take you and your business to the next level. I saw the potential and joined within 3 days. My business (and monthly income) started to grow immediately.

However, if you are just starting out with your affiliate career, then I would suggest joining and learning all you can at the Legendary Marketer Club level (only $30/month).

With various price points, Legendary Marketer offers stellar education and potential income to those with any budget. All you need to ask yourself is “Are you ready to be Legendary?”












15 thoughts on “Legendary Marketer Review – Can You Really Make $60,000?”

  1. Thanks for narrowing down the features of both affiliate marketing membership as sometimes it is a pain to analyze and to decide which membership is more suitable.

    Affiliate marketing is a challenging but rewarding journey and hence it is super important to start with a strong support such as training and classes especially to be guided by inspirational mentors! 

    • I totally agree… you need support and expert help when it comes to building your affiliate business.  This is definitely not a program that just leaves you high and dry.  The level of support and coaching that you get is phenomenal and some of the best training that I’ve ever seen.

  2. I believe no one will hear or see where he can make money and ignore.Actually the topic got my attention and when I checked the content I see it is a thing I believe I can benefit from.Seriously speaking after reading through this I have made up my mind to become a legendary.How will I join this? Please I’m really looking forward to your reply.

    • Awesome, If you are ready to get started with Legendary Marketer, you can sign up here.  I believe they are offering several bonuses right now too, so it’s a great time to join.

  3. While I have no problem with high ticket offers especially if they do what they promise I also know as a marketer that pretty much any members of my team would not have been able to afford such an item when they first came in.  I know there is no way I would have been able to afford that sort of high ticket item.

    However I do want to say that if you can afford a high end legit item you really cant go wrong.  Theone thing that is the same with high end or low end is you still have to be willing to put in the effort.

    Thank you for taking the time to write a great article and review.


  4. Love the honest review. I have heard of the high ticket seller before and would love to do it. However like you said since I am a beginner I think I need to do all the training first and get all these basics installed in me lol Have you tried all the training? It looks pricey but I guess if you can make money from it then it’s worth it. Will consider

    • I actually took advantage of the Legendary Marketer Club at $30/month and then immediately saw the potential for huge earnings and I purchased the Builder Masterclass.  However, I was able to get the Builder Masterclass AND the Leader Masterclass for only $2500.

      So basically I got the Leader Masterclass for FREE. The reason I got such a great deal is because I pulled the trigger within 48 hours.  That is a bonus deal that they offer.  Personally I think it worth it!!

  5. Thank you for sharing with us such important review on Legendary Marketer.I like the way you compared to platforms showing how to earn from both platforms.

    Affiliate marketing is not easy but it is possible to earn from it if we put effort on it.

    I found Legendary Marketer very good and I will give it a try .

    Thank you for the information.

    • Yes, it is very important to remember that success with Affiliate Marketing requires effort and hard work. I think a lot of people forget that and then blame something else for their own failures.

      The beauty of Legendary Marketer is that they emphasize the importance of building your business by truly treating it like a business.  Work hard and get rewarded.

  6. Wow.. the upsells inside this program is costing too much for me. But for the Legendary Marketer Club and Traffic Rodolex are still affordable. Are both of these options independent from each other? For instant, if I subscribe for Traffic Rodolex, will I be eligible to access Legendary Marketer Club inside member’s dashboard too?

    • The Traffic Rolodex and the Marketer Club are separate items. The great thing about Legendary Marketer is that they have a more affordable option for those who need that, but they also cater to those that are wanting to step their game up a bit and earn more money. 

      It really just depends on your budget and where you are in your Online Business.  Like I mentioned, a beginner can benefit from this training, but I would really only recommend starting at the more affordable Marketer Club level.

  7. Legendary Marketer review Can you really make $60,000. I really love this review I really think you gave your honest opinion and all the information you shared giving me the opportunity to make my own decision on whether to try legendary marketers. Me being a new to the affiliate marketing industry is very interested in this legendary marketer platform because I am looking to expand my knowledge in the affiliate marketing world.

    Thank you for this wonderful review

  8. WOW! Between Wealthy Affiliate Training, and the high ticket of Legendary Marketer, it’s a Win-Win Combination! The Video by Dave is incredible. (I will be looking into this further, ASAP)!

    I think the 1-on-1 Coaching is the big value here. So Thank You for the introduction to this platform! It looks like a good fit for me.




    • Thanks for dropping by, Shaunna.  I’m glad you found it useful.  I too am a big fan of the coaching aspect of Legendary Marketer.  The coaches are incredible and really try to address your particular needs.  In fact, my coach and I went through exactly what I wanted to get out of my business, and he developed a plan that would help me achieve that. 


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