Can You Earn Money on Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Rather than keep you in suspense, I’ll go ahead and tell you “YES”… you can make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk (  How much you ask??  Well, I guess that just depends on how much time you have on your hands.

The way it works, is that you sign up as a “worker” and then complete tasks (aka HITS) for money (anywhere from $0.01 to $0.65 for most HITS and upwards of $30.00 for some longer higher qualified HITS).  The HITS that pay the least but are easiest to complete are things like Identifying if 2 receipts are the same or searching a keyword in Google and reporting it’s rank and page.  The harder HITS are things like Transcribing a media file that is 4 hours long or writing a 450 word answer to a finance question.  These are time consuming and you usually have to qualify for them first, but they pay around $35 to $82.

I’ve mostly stuck to doing the easy HITS that pay around $0.06… but I can complete about 20 of them in no time and I’ve got $1.20 in my pocket.  The withdrawal process is super easy… just go to your account once you have earned some money (even if it’s only $0.68 like I currently have) and ask to withdraw it.  They direct deposit it into the bank account you set up with them.  Easy as pie!!

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