Making Money with SendEarnings

So I decided today to sign up for SendEarnings and see how easy it is to make money on that website.  It’s free to sign up and upon activating your email address, you receive an automatic $5.  So far so good!  The website is remarkably similar in setup to InboxDollars, which I’ve been a member of for several years and made good money on.

After activating my account, I filled out a short “general profile survey” and received a $0.50 for doing so.  The next step was to do a web search for anything you want. I received another $0.50 for doing that. So within a matter of 3 minutes, I had already earned $6.00.

Like I said, it looks very similar to InboxDollars and I’m assuming you earn money doing the same things:

Confirming emails
Taking Surveys
Doing Web Searches
Playing Games
Shopping Online
Watching Videos

I’ve had great success making extra money this way, so I’m excited to add another reputable website to my daily routine. Check it out for yourself… remember it’s Free to sign up and you even get an introductory $5 reward for getting started.

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