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What is Surveytime about – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Surveytime is a website that rewards you for taking surveys online. There are many such websites out there these days, so knowing which ones are legit and which ones are scams can be very helpful for anyone trying to earn a little money online.

In this review of Surveytime, I will be going into more detail about how it works and whether or not you should spend your time on it.

What is Surveytime?

In exchange for completing surveys, Surveytime rewards users with cash and gift cards. This is typical of most survey sites, however Surveytime pays $1 for each survey completed. You can choose between rewards like PayPal, Amazon, and Target gift cards.

On average the surveys only take about 10 minutes to complete. Some take even less time. The great thing about this site is that it pays immediately. I’ve only found a few other survey sites that pay out that quickly. 1Q for example has an immediate/real time payout.

Surveytime only offers surveys as a way to earn rewards. Unlike other sites that have several different ways to earn like tasks, searches, games, etc. But personally I find that those kinds of sites can be very overwhelming and a bit distracting. I like just going to Surveytime and completing a few surveys and then moving on to other things that I need to get done.


How Do You Earn Money at Surveytime?

Much like other survey sites, there is a short process you must complete before earning money at Surveytime.
What is Surveytime

1. Sign Up for a Free Account
Sign up using your email at and they will send you a confirmation with a password and a link to sign in. Simply find the confirmation email in order to proceed. This ensures that you are the person that signed up for the account.

2. Complete Your Profile by Answering a Few Questions

Once inside Surveytime, you will be asked a few profile questions. This helps them to tailor the surveys to your interests and demographics. This portion of the sign up process only takes a few minutes.

Since Surveytime is using this information to match you to the best surveys for you, make sure you take your time in answering the questions. It could result in you getting more surveys down the road.

3. Complete Surveys Selected Specifically for You

After you have completed your profile, you are ready to start answering surveys and getting paid. In the members area, you will see the surveys that are available to you. Click on one of these and get started.

What is Surveytime

There are usually a few prescreening questions to make sure you are a good fit, but they are only about 3-4 quick questions. Once you get past those, you are on your way to completing the survey. Upon completion of the survey, you are asked how you would like to be rewarded.

4. Get Rewarded for Completing Surveys

After you complete each survey, you get to choose how you want to be rewarded. You can choose to get a PayPal deposit, an Amazon Gift Card, or a Target Gift Card.
Each survey is worth $1 regardless of how long or short it is. This is one thing I like about Surveytime… you will always get paid the same amount, so there’s no disappointment or guessing.
Once you choose your payout method, you will receive your $1 instantly. Other sites can take up to 30 days to pay out or you have to reach a minimum threshold before you can request to be paid. With Surveytime, it’s immediate!


    How Much Money Can You Expect To Make?

    Since each survey pays out $1, you would have to take quite a few per day to make a real income with Surveytime. However, it is a great way to earn a little extra cash. I like to use these types of sites in order to save up for an item on my wish list or for spending during the Holiday season.

    If you were to get 10 surveys per day, you would be able to make $10 per day…. however, I’ve never gotten more than about 2-4 surveys per day and there are some days that I don’t have any. So in reality, you are probably more likely to make about $2 per day on average.

    I wouldn’t expect to make a full time income taking surveys on this site. For one thing, you might not get that many surveys per day to complete. There is no guarantee that you will be matched with surveys every single day either. This is why I suggest relying on these sites just to make a little pocket change.

    If you are interested in learning how I make a FULL TIME INCOME online, I show you step by step in my Free Training HERE!

    Is Surveytime a Scam or Is it Legit?

    I can honestly say that Surveytime does actually pay you for completed surveys, so it is definitely not a scam. Other sites will string you along promising to pay you once you have reached the minimum payout, but then make it impossible for you to ever reach it.

    Surveytime is not like those other sites… it pays you immediately! So in my opinion, it is completely LEGIT! However, whether or not it is worth your time is another story. If you are only interested in making a little extra change here and there, then it’s a great website for that.

    But if you are trying to earn a living online, than Surveytime is NOT going to be your paycheck.

    FREE TRAINING: Learn how I make a FULL TIME INCOME online working from just my laptop

    Other Survey Sites You Might Want to Try

    In addition to Surveytime, you might also want to try out a few of the following survey sites that are Legit and can help you earn a little extra money every month.

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    Nov 18

    FeaturePoints – Earn Cash, Gift Cards, or Bitcoin

    If you are looking to earn extra cash or maybe even some Bitcoin, then you might want to take a look at this website/app that makes it super easy to rack up points and redeem them for cash, gift cards, and bitcoin.

    It’s called FeaturePoints and I recently stumbled across it online. So far, I am quite impressed. Keep reading to discover exactly how you earn points and how easily you can redeem those points.

    Take Surveys

    Like most other platforms out there, FeaturePoints allows you to earn points by taking surveys. Now, this is not my favorite way to earn money online, however you can earn a lot of points by doing this if you have the time.

    All you have to do is click on a survey that you want to complete and once you have finished the survey, you will receive the amount of points assigned to it. The surveys range from 8 minutes to 20 minutes and they pay out anywhere from 150 points to 3000 points.

    FeaturePoints Surveys

    If you really love to take surveys, there are a few other websites that I absolutely LOVE to use. They are quick and easy and you don’t have to “prequalify” for the surveys, so you don’t waste a lot of time. I’ll list those below.

    Complete Offers

    Signing up for different offers is another way that you can earn points with this platform. Personally this is not my favorite way to earn points because I’m usually not interested in the offers that are available. However, if you are interested in a particular offer you can actually accumulate a lot of points quickly.

    For joining Hulu for instance, you can earn 1,000 points. Other offers can earn you up to 3000 points. Like I said, this is a good way to accumulate points very quickly, but only if you are interested and able to complete the offers.

    Earn Easy Cash Back

    Earning cash back on purchases you were already going to make is one of the best ways to earn points here at FeaturePoints. I’ve used this option several times and it is especially useful during the holiday season when I am purchasing gifts.

    Basically you are earning points when you shop online. There are hundreds of stores to choose from and each one offers a different percentage of cash back.

    Feature Points Earn Cash Back

    I recently purchased a Dyson vacuum from Walmart because it was being sold at a great discount. I purchased it online and chose to pick it up in the store. By utilizing the earn cash back feature, I got a great deal on the vacuum and I also got $10 cash back. It was simple and easy.

    Download Apps – Rack up Points Quickly

    If you have a smart phone, you can add FeaturePoints to your phone and earn points while on the go. And if you have an Android you can earn points for downloading other apps as well.

    Unfortunately this is only for Android users, and I have no idea if they plan to add I-phone users to the platform opportunity in the future.

    The way you get points is by downloading apps and using them for 2 minutes, or registering with the app, or getting to a certain level within the game. After you have done the required steps you can uninstall the app from your phone if you no longer wish to have it.

    I like earning points this way, because it is so simple and I’ve actually found a few apps that I actually like and have chosen to keep

    Feature Points Download Apps

    Share with Friends – Referral Program

    If you have friends or family that also like earning free money, then you can easily share this program with them and get rewarded for doing so.

    Or if you are an affiliate marketer or have a blog, you can also share your link and get more points. I like to make YouTube videos reviewing programs like this and then leave my referral link in the description for viewers to use if they are interested.

    Feature Points Referral Program

    By sharing your unique referral link, you will earn 50% of what your referrals earn. This is a great way to make some passive income.

    Rewards – Earn Cash, Gift Cards, Bitcoin

    Now we get to the good part… the REWARDS!! So with FeaturePoints, you can redeem your points for either Cash, Gift Cards, or Bitcoin.


    You can redeem for “cash” in the form of PayPal or a Visa Card. It only takes 3000 points to redeem $5. And you can redeem all the way up to $1000 (for 600,000 points).

    Feature Points Cash Rewards Gift Cards:

    Gift cards are another option and sometimes an easier way to redeem… especially if you don’t have a PayPal account. There are a ton of gift card options including the following:

    • AmazonFeature Points Gift Card Rewards
    • Google Play
    • PlayStation Store
    • Starbucks
    • Adidas
    • Best Buy
    • CVS
    • Game Stop
    • eBay
    • Papa John’s
    • Target
    • Walmart
    • Sephora
    • ETC


    Feature Points Bitcoin Rewards

    There is also an option to redeem your feature points for Bitcoin. For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin is a popular Cryptocurrency and it’s value fluctuates daily.

    You must have a Coinbase account in order to redeem for Bitcoin, but that is fairly easy to do and you can actually earn $10 in Bitcoin by signing up here!


    As you can see, FeaturePoints offers some great ways to earn extra money for relatively easy tasks. This is one of the websites/apps that I use on a daily basis in order to add to my bank account.

    One thing I really love about FeaturePoints is that you can redeem your points for several different things and you are not limited to just PayPal or to just an Amazon gift card. You literally have a choice and you can even get into the Cryptocurrency game if you so desire.

    If you want to see first hand how FeaturePoints works, check out the recent video walkthrough I made below:

    Sign up for FeaturePoints here

    Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know if you have ever used FeaturePoints and how you like it.

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    Jul 10

    Make Money Buying Groceries – Fetch Rewards

    Did you know that you can actually make money buying groceries? Using a mobile saving app called Fetch Rewards, you can earn points towards hundreds of different gift cards.

    The concept is simple really… you purchase groceries as you normally would, scan in your receipts, earn points based on what you purchased and then you redeem those points for gift cards. What could be easier?

    I’ll break it all down for you below…

    • Go to your normal grocery store
    • Buy your groceries
    • Use Coupons if you want (save even more)
    • Take pictures of your paper receipt
    • Redeem points for gift cards of your choice

    I’ve used other apps like this one (Ibotta for instance) and Fetch Rewards is by far my favorite. It has a super easy to use interface, and I’ve never had any problems submitting receipts or redeeming my points.

    Once you download the app, you can sign up using either an email address or your Facebook profile.

    Use code FBQTH during sign-up and receive 2000 Bonus Points on your first receipt.

    What is Fetch Rewards

    So now that I’ve explained the basic idea here, let’s dive in a little deeper and I’ll even throw in a few tips!

    Shop at Your Normal Grocery Store

    The great thing about Fetch Rewards is that you can shop at your regular grocery store.

    You don’t have to visit certain stores, it’s more about buying the products and scanning in your receipt. So simply go to your neighborhood grocery store and pick up the items you have on your list…. Don’t forget the milk!

    If you want to earn more reward points you can check the app ahead of time and see what brands you should buy, but you honestly don’t have to. Fetch will reward you for any and all grocery receipts that you scan in.

    Buy Groceries

    With Fetch Rewards, you don’t have to indicate that you are going to be buying a certain item ahead of time. Simply purchase groceries as you normally would.

    There are 2 main ways of earning reward points…

    1. Specific Brands
    2. Special Offers

    Specific Brands:

    You can go through the app and find specific brands that they will give you points for and purchase those if you like. There are many brands listed and you can purchase any product from that brand.

    For instance, you can purchase any Dove brand product and receive points for doing so. You can buy Dove bar soap or Dove lotions… it doesn’t matter.

    For every brand that you buy, you will receive 10 points per $1 spent. So if the Dove bar soap costs $5.00, you will receive 50 points. Get it?

    Special Offers:

    Special Offers are a little different and require you to actually purchase the specific product listed. But the reward points are much higher than the standard points.

    For example, currently there is a Special Offer for McCafe Ground Coffee (12 oz). If you purchase this exact product, you earn 500 reward points.

    The points can range anywhere between 350 to 2000 points depending on the offer available. The offers also expire, so be sure to check them often. You can find the special offers listed under the “Discover” menu.

    Pro Tip: Actually there is another way to earn reward points and that’s by simply scanning in your receipt regardless of whether or not you bought any qualifying products. Fetch will give you 25 points per receipt.

    Use Coupons…. or Don’t (It’s up to you)

    One of the things I love about Fetch Rewards is that you can stack it with coupons. In other words, you can save even more by earning points on the pre-coupon price.

    I personally use coupons more than I used to because the savings really add up. It seems like you’re not saving a ton of money at first, but if you are strategic about how you use your coupons (for instance when those items are on sale), you can really rack up the savings.

    And earning points on top of that is awesome. I use a coupon clipping website called in addition to coupons I find in my newspaper.

    Take Pictures of your Receipt

    So now you’re back home and you’ve put away all your groceries (the cold items at least)… now you need to scan your receipt.

    This is easily done with any smart phone that has a camera (so virtually ALL of them). Just open up the app on your phone, place the receipt on a flat surface in good light, and click on “Scan” at the bottom of the screen and then the camera icon.

    This will open up your camera and all you have to do is fit the receipt within the borders and snap the picture. Most receipts are long, so you will have to “add section” and move down the receipt until you’ve captured the entire thing.

    After you have taken a picture of the entire receipt, simply press submit and let it upload to the app. At this point, you will find out exactly how many fetch rewards you have earned!

    Pro Tip: Remember to scan in EVERY receipt you get, because Fetch will give you 25 points per receipt no matter what!!

    Redeem Points for Gift Cards

    Here comes the fun part…. once you have reach a certain number of reward points, you can redeem them for gift cards.

    There are hundreds to choose from in dozens of categories. I’ll list a few below, but keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Best Buy
    • Game Stop
    • Sephora
    • Redbox
    • Banana Republic
    • Gap
    • Bed Bath & Beyond
    • Visa Pre-Paid Card
    • Office Depot
    • Petco
    • Applebee’s
    • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Chili’s
    • Outback
    • Bass Pro Shop
    • CVS
    • Pottery Barn
    • Lowe’s
    • Airbnb
    • and the list goes on!!!!

    For the most part, the gift cards all come in several different denominations ranging from $5 to $50. And the conversion rate is pretty simple as well…. 5,000 points = $5….. 50,000 points = $50.

    The only one that is different is the prepaid Visa/MasterCard card options. I believe it is 11,500 points = $10 and 52,500 points = $50. I would assume because of the fees that Visa and MasterCard charges to preload the cards.

    Conclusion: Is it Worth Your Time?

    Personally, I think this is a great app for earning extra money (in the form of gift cards)… because it doesn’t take much time (2 minutes TOPS to scan your receipt) and you are getting rewarded for something you are already doing (buying groceries).

    There are no surveys to waste time doing or videos to watch or offers to complete. Just do what you normally do when buying groceries and get a little reward at the same time!!

    If you want to invest a little more time and earn a bit more, you can certainly do that by scrolling through the app and finding specific brands or products that you need to buy in order to get the higher rewards. But this still doesn’t take that much time!

    So YES, Fetch Rewards is a legit rewards program that is totally worth your time!

    Download the App and start shopping and earning!! Don’t forget to use the code FBQTH when you sign up to get your first 2000 points instantly!

      OPTIONAL: Earn a Full Time Income Online

      If you are interested in earning a Full Time Income Online then check out my #1 Recommendation to get started.

      This is a 100% Step by Step Guide to Building a Passive Income Online!

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      Jun 11

      Make Money Watching Movies – A VolKno Review

      Recently I came across a relatively new website where you can actually make money watching videos. Immediately I thought to myself, this is definitely my kind of work!

      The website is called VolKno and to be honest it’s not very complicated at all. However there are a few tips and tricks that you will want to be aware of, so make sure you read those in my Pro Tips area. This will help you make the most of your time there.

      How to Earn Money at VolKno

      The way that VolKno works is that you earn points called “Flow” by watching movie and TV trailers and rating them. Sounds fun right? It is actually.

      Not only can you watch movie and TV trailers, but you also have the opportunity to watch and rate games and web shows. The cool thing is that the trailers that you are watching are current or relatively new. So the same trailers that you might see on television or at the movie theaters will be available for you to rate at VolKno.

      VolKno get paid to watch movies

      Ok, so how does this process work? Like I said earlier, it’s relatively simple. You will be watching a video and then completing 3 rounds of rating.

      Round 1: The Hot or Not Round – You will simply rate it as either “Hot” or as “Not”

      Round 2: The Emoji Round – This time you will assign emoji’s to the video based on how it makes you feel.

      Round 3: The Tag It Round – Here you will be assigning “tags” to the video

      There are also a few other things that you will want to do to get the most “flow” points…. please read the Pro Tips to find out what they are.

      If you complete all 3 rounds AND the 3 other tips listed in the Pro Tips area, you will accumulate 275 flow points per video. And 1000 flow = $1 USD, so that’s pretty easy to get to if you think about it.

      Payout Options – How Will You Get Paid?

      As I just mentioned above, 1000 flow points is equal to $1 USD. The minimum payout is 5000 flow, which translates to $5.

      Currently the only payout options are through gift cards. But there are 4 different price points to redeem at.

      1. $5 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 5000 flow)
      2. $20 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 20,000 flow)
      3. $50 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 50,000 flow)
      4. $100 Amazon gift card (redeemable for 100,000 flow)

      VolKno Redeem Flow

      ***Now HERE’S WHERE YOU NEED TO REALLY PAY ATTENTION….. Before you can redeem your flow points, you need to Verify Your Address. This is extremely important!!!

      So go to your Profile Area and click on the “Address Verification” Tab. Here you will enter your physical address and then they will send you a PIN number through snail mail. It usually only takes about 5 business days to receive.

      You will need this PIN number in order to Redeem flow points for the Amazon gift card.

      So my advice is to do this verification process immediately upon registering with VolKno so that by the time you have accumulated enough flow points to redeem, you will already have your PIN.

      Pro Tips – Maximize Your Earning Potential

      There are a couple of things you are going to want to do as soon as you sign up with VolKno that will get you well on your way to earning the maximum flow needed to redeem.

      Tip 1: Upon signing up and confirming your email address, you should fill out your profile information. This will automatically give you 1500 Flow Points. It takes less than one minute to do, so DO IT!

      Tip 2: Verify Your Physical Address within the profile area so that you can get your PIN needed to redeem your flow points.

      Tip 3: When viewing and rating the videos, complete these extra steps to get the full 275 flow per video. Do this AFTER the first round.

      Click the DEMAND IT button, choose a fire icon, and choose where you want to see it, click the x

      Click the TAG IT button, choose some tags, click the x

      Click the COMMENT Button, make a comment, SUBMIT

      Then slide the bar either all the way to the right or left to RATE THE VIDEO

          Referral Program – Passive Income

          So currently VolKno has absolutely NO Referral program, which is disappointing but it does have a rather high earning potential that is easy to do so I guess I can forgive this.

          If you’ve been following my website or YouTube channel for a while, you already know that I am a huge proponent of Passive Income, and one great way to get passive income is through Referrals on sites like these. I personally make a lot of passive income through other websites that have referral programs.

          But VolKno doesn’t have one and as far as I know it doesn’t plan on implementing one in the near future. But that’s ok, because I still think it’s a great unique site to make a little extra income.

          How to Join – Get Started Making Money

          Signing up at VolKno is super easy and it’s free! But I would definitely recommend that you fill out your profile info when you first sign up so you get an easy 1500 Flow points right away!!!

          Sign up Here!

          Also remember to verify your physical address so that you get your PIN number before you are ready to redeem your flow points.

          VolKno Address Verification

          My Personal Opinion of VolKno – Is it Worth it?

          While making money online is not always easy, there are times when you come across website platforms that are fun and simple to do. VolKno is one of these sites.

          I love how easy it is to simply watch the video trailers and then rate them with the different tools provided. And not only can you make money here, it’s also fun. I enjoy watching the videos and it also gives me ideas of movies I might want to check out in the future.

          The time it takes to perform these rating tasks is not very difficult. In fact you can have the video running on another tab and continue doing work elsewhere. Just remember to click back to it in order to rank each one.

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          May 09

          5 Websites to Make $100 per Day

          Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to easily make $100 per day using the power of the internet? Think about it, $100 per day translates to $3000 per month. I think we can all agree that everyone could use an extra $3000 per month.

          But how is this possible? I’ve researched the top 5 websites to make $100 per day and outlined them below. The great thing about these websites is you can actually over time create a passive income situation. So in other words, you put in the work now and these websites will keep paying you in the future when you are vacationing in Italy.

          1. Amazon Associates

          The first website that can help you generate $100 per day is one that I’m sure everyone has heard of… Amazon! Well actually, it’s Amazon’s Affiliate Program that is officially called “Amazon Associates.”

          Now to make use of this income stream, you need to have an Amazon Associates Account. It’s free to apply and if you follow their guidelines and rules, you will most likely be accepted.

          Amazon Associates basically allows you to link to products within Amazon and whenever a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission. It’s basic Affiliate Marketing!


          One of the best ways to make money using Amazon Associates is to create Product Reviews and post them on YouTube. All this requires is for you to talk about the product and give an honest opinion about it, how it works, is it worth the price, etc.

          Then you simply add a link to that product in the description box of your YouTube video. People love to find out more about a product before they buy, so YouTube is a great way to market your product links. It’s free traffic and people are constantly searching for information on that platform.

          Remember, If someone clicks the link and buys the product, you get the commission. Create a few dozen product reviews and you could be earning even more than $100 per day… especially if you are promoting higher ticket products.

          2. Google Adsense

          Google Adsense is another great way to earn extra income every day. Adsense is essentially an advertising platform that allows you to place ads on your website and earn money from them.

          You have to be approved and once again follow their guidelines, but most people don’t have a problem getting approval.

          If you have a blog or a website, you simply allow ads to run on your pages and Google Adsense will pay you.

          Another way to make money with adsense is to create a YouTube Channel and connect your Google Adsense account to it. If you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, they will allow you to monetize your videos and start getting paid. From that point, all you have to do is continually create content and you will make money from each view.

          3. JVZoo

          JVZoo is an online marketplace where you can choose digital products to promote and earn a commission from. After signing up and being approved, you choose the products you want to promote and create your own campaigns to market them.

          There is a huge digital product library with over 200 niches and categories.

          Most products have funnels already built in that you can use, so this makes the process much smoother. There are thousands of products available and it’s easy to find one that you can leverage to make a profit.

          If you have an email list or have a social media following, promoting products from JVZoo could be very lucrative and you could easily earn over $100 per day.

          JVZoo uses several payout methods to deliver commissions, like PayPal, Payoneer, and Stripe. So all you have to do is connect the account you want to use and start making money.

          4. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

          Amazon KDP is a platform where you can write and publish your own Ebooks and sell them. You simply list your Ebook on Amazon KDP and when the ebook sells, you get paid.

          It is free to self-publish on Kindle Direct Publishing and you reach millions of Amazon customers.

          This is a perfect example of passive income, because you write the book once and then continue to get paid each time it sells. Also, you can create several ebooks to maximize your income.

          But let’s say you don’t want to write an eBook or you just aren’t a very good writer, you can easily outsource the content and have someone else create the book for you. Using a service like Fiverr is a great way to get this done.

          Many people pay others to write their eBooks and then publish and sell them on KDP. You simply go to Fiverr and find someone willing to write your book, pay their asking price (usually starting around $5), and wait for the completed eBook. Then you are free to upload the book to KDP and start profiting.

          5. Upwork

          Another great way to make money online is to Freelance. People will pay you to complete certain projects for them, much like a virtual assistant. Upwork is a great resource to find and bid on these types of jobs.

          Unlike the other websites I’ve mentioned, this one will not create a passive income for you, but if you have the time and knowledge to tackle some of these jobs, you can get paid quite a lot of money.

          At Upwork, people post projects/jobs that they need to be done. If it is in a field or subject that you are knowledgeable about, you can accept the job and after completing it, you will get paid.

          Different jobs have different requirements, deadlines, and payouts. So you can pick and choose which ones suit you best. You have complete control over how much money you make per day based on which jobs you choose to complete.

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          Mar 07

          I Just Made $15 with Paidviewpoint

          Ok, so I’ve talked about Paidviewpoint before on this website and it is no secret that I am a big fan. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make extra money online!

          But they have recently changed the minimum amount required to cashout to only $15. I believe it used to be $20 which still wasn’t bad at all.

          I just cashed out my current earnings of $15.33 and I am already on my way to earning another $15 (and more)! I’ve actually earned over $150 using this one website so far.

          For those of you who are unfamiliar with Paidviewpoint (and it’s awesomeness), let me explain the way it works.

          Sign Up for a Free Account


          The way to get started earning your first $15 is to sign up for a free account.

          It’s super easy and only requires your email address and a password. As with most reward sites, it is completely free to sign up and a great way to earn extra money.

          Fill Out Your Information – (Aka Demographics)

          Once you have registered, you will want to fill out your demographics. This lets Paidviewpoint know more about you so that it can tailor the surveys to you.

          The information they ask for is pretty basic…

          • Male or Female
          • Birthdate
          • Household income
          • Education level
          • Relationship status
          • Children
          • Country of Origin

          As I said, this information is used to tailor the surveys for you. For instance, if you don’t have any children, they will probably not give you many surveys asking you about Children’s Toys, etc.


          Be sure to answer all of these questions because it will give you the best chance of getting more surveys, which results in more money!!!

          Don’t worry, if things change (let’s say you get married or have a child) you can always go in and update your demographics to reflect that.

          Build Up Your TraitScore

          The key to getting more pay per survey is to build up your TraitScore. The TraitScore is used to determine if you are being honest in your answers and really taking the time to go through the survey and not just click on the first thing you see.

          The higher your TraitScore, the more money you will earn per survey. You will also start to get more surveys available to you as your Score increases.

          The goal is to get a TraitScore of 9000 or higher. I easily made it to 10000 by just answering the TraitScore surveys as they came up and staying true to my answers. By the way, you do get paid for taking TraitScore surveys. It’s about $0.10 per survey, so it’s worth it.

          Paidviewpoint Traitscore

          Take Surveys and Start Earning $$$

          So let’s get to the reason we are all here… to make money!! While you do earn money for taking the TraitScore surveys, you earn even more for the regular surveys.

          The surveys are typically around 10-15 questions and only take about 1-2 minutes to complete. The pay can range from $0.20 to $1.50 per survey.

          The reason I love Paidviewpoint so much is because the surveys they give you are already prequalified. So in other words, you don’t have to try to qualify for the survey beforehand only to waste your time when they tell you that you don’t meet the criteria for that survey.

          So every time there is a survey waiting for you, you are guaranteed to make money with it. Just complete the survey and collect the money.

          If you check out the video at the end of this post, you will see an example of the typical survey available. Like I said, they are extremely easy!

          As I mentioned before, the minimum to cashout is $15 and you can choose to get paid with PayPal, Amazon, or a Walmart gift card.

          Pro Tip: Be sure to stay logged in to your Paidviewpoint account and check it often (I usually check in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening). The surveys will be available only for a limited time. So you want to check often so you can take as many as possible.

          Watch How I Cashed Out My Most Recent $15

          So yesterday I uploaded a video of my most recent cash out with Paidviewpoint. I was able to get paid through my PayPal account as that is the option I chose.

          In the video below, I also walk you through a short survey so you can get an idea of what they are typically like.


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          Feb 04

          What is UserCrowd – How to Make Extra Cash

          My UserCrowd Review

          Making extra cash online is actually possible and easier than you think. While you won’t make millions, you can make enough to pay for one of your monthly bills or save up for something you really want.

          Some people think that everything online is a scam and not worth your time. I have seen it all… scams, legit websites, and sites that are just not worth it.

          But when I ran across UserCrowd I knew it was LEGIT…

          I am always on the lookout for ways to make money online…. quick and easy ways as well as full time income opportunities. But recently I came across a new website that offers pay for taking short (I mean really short) tests/surveys.

          I’m sure you have tried out a survey site that promises great money in return for taking a survey…. only to waste your time realizing that you are “not qualified” for the survey. I HATE when that happens!!

          Immediately after signing up with UserCrowd, I realized that this was different and not likely to waste my time. Every survey/test was quick (less than 4 questions and 2 minutes tops).

          My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On UserCrowd…

          Sign up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Fill out a few details about yourself and establish a log in and you are good to go.

          One thing that I would recommend is that you set up notifications for when tests are available. The reason this is important is because the tests are only available for a short amount of time. Once they have enough responses the test will no longer be available.


          So you want to be sure to get notified of when there is a chance to make some money. You can easily do this by going to the settings area and clicking on notifications. This will notify you even if you don’t have UserCrowd open in a window. There is also an option to receive an email notification. Simply choose which one you want and set up the hours of the day that you wish to be notified.

          Once a test is available, you just click on the button and you will be taken to the question area. Most of the time the tests are about web page layouts or mobile application functions or brand logos. For example, you will be asked to look at several logo designs for a product and then choose which one you like best. That’s it!!

          For this simple test, you usually receive anywhere from $0.10 to $0.20. That’s quite a lot if you consider that these tests take less than a minute to complete. Other tests that have multiple questions (usually no more than about 5) can bring in about $0.60 per test.

          It is very easy to build up your balance to the minimum required for payout (currently $10). I have been averaging $10 every week or so.

          UserCrowd Payout

          Payments are made through PayPal, which makes it very convenient and easy. I simply request a payout once I reach the $10 minimum balance and it gets deposited to my account within a few days. In the meantime, I continue taking tests and build my balance up again.

          UserCrowd Compared With Inbox Dollars

          I like to use several different survey/task sites to earn extra money and one of the other websites I use on a daily basis is Inbox Dollars. Each site has its own unique attributes which is why I like them and have them in my portfolio.

          What makes UserCrowd different from a site like Inbox Dollars is that you can only make money from one source (taking tests). With Inbox Dollars, you can earn money several different ways.

          However, you don’t get paid very much with Inbox Dollars. It takes a lot longer to get to their minimum payout of $30. They also pay through a written check, which takes a little longer as it has to go through the mail.

          Personally, I think UserCrowd is slightly better than Inbox Dollars because you can earn money so much quicker and quite frankly easier.

          Don’t get me wrong, Inbox Dollars is a great resource and I’ve earned a lot of money with them. They also have a referral program that allows you to earn even more by referring others to join. UserCrowd does not have this option (at this time).

          UserCrowd Pros & Cons

          As with any program, there are pros and cons that need to be evaluated. With UserCrowd, there really aren’t too many cons. It’s simply a way to earn a little extra money.


          • It’s extremely easy to earn money
          • Short tests
          • Pay per test is between $0.10 – $0.60
          • Minimum to cashout is only $10
          • Payment through PayPal


          • Tests are only available for a short time (first come first serve)
          • No referral program

          My Results From Using UserCrowd

          I have only been using UserCrowd to make extra money online for about 5 months, however I’ve already cashed out 7 times and at the time of writing this I’ve made over $74.

          I feel like I could have made a lot more if I had realized sooner that I need to set up notifications and make sure to take the tests as soon as they are available. This is super important and why I mentioned it earlier.

          Now I understand that I’m not going to become a millionaire using this platform, but that’s not my goal here. I just want to quickly and easily be able to make a little extra cash and UserCrowd is the perfect website to do this.

          My full time income comes from my Affiliate Marketing business, so I’m not expecting UserCrowd to pay my bills or anything. If you are looking to create a full time passive income online than I suggest you check out the program that I use… It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it has everything you need to build a successful online business.

          Conclusion: UserCrowd is an Easy Way to Make Extra Money

          Making money online doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with websites like UserCrowd, you can easily make money by spending just a few minutes per day on the site.

          Obviously this is not going to be enough to make a full time income, but we all could use a little extra money from time to time and when it is this easy, I don’t know why you wouldn’t give it a try.

          The way I look at it is that if I see a quarter or a dollar bill on the sidewalk, I take the time to walk over and pick it up. It’s money after all. No its not going to pay my mortgage, but its still money that I can spend. The same is true of UserCrowd… just spend a little time taking a few tests and before you know it you have a little pocket change.

          As I mentioned before, I use a combination of several websites like UserCrowd in order to build up an even bigger amount of pocket change. The all add up in the end and the ones that I use only take a little bit of my time.

          Here’s a list of a few of my favorites:

          1. Paid Viewpoint
          2. Inbox Dollars
          3. Crowdtap
          4. Slice the Pie
          5. Swagbucks

          Want to Make a Full Time Income Online?

          If pocket change is not going to cut it for you and you are interested in building a business that will give you a full time online passive income, then feel free to check out my #1 Recommendation.

          This is the exact program that I used to build my online business and quit my 9-5 job. I now work from home (or wherever I am traveling) and have the freedom and life I’ve always wanted.

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          Dec 10

          How to Make Money Online for Free

          When you are in need of a way to make extra money, typically you don’t have money to invest. So finding a way to make money online for free is the next best option.

          In this article I am going to share with you how to make money online for free. There are a lot of options, but some of them are better than others. All of the ones that I’ll be discussing are great in my opinion. But I’ll also share with you what I consider to be the best and more likely to make you the most money.

          Listed below you will find the various ways that I personally make money online (for free). Depending on how much time or work you want to put into them, you can actually make good money with these strategies.

          Paid Survey Sites – Earn Money Daily

          If you’ve researched how to make money online, you are probably already familiar with paid survey sites. They can be a great way to earn a little extra cash. The trick is to find those sites that don’t waste your time and that actually pay good money.

          I’ve compiled a list of my favorites. These are the ones that I use on a daily basis and they consistently pay me money.

          Get more of my tips and tricks to using these survey sites from my previous post… The 3 Best Online Survey Sites – Stop Wasting Time Elsewhere 

          Freelance Work

          Freelancing is another excellent way to make money for free. There is no investment needed because you are basically just being hired to do a certain job. Often times these jobs involve things like data entry or translating documents.

          With freelancing you have the ability to pick and choose the jobs you want to complete. So you can literally work as much or as little as you want. Obviously the more you work, the more money you make.

          There are a ton of freelancing sites out there that virtually anyone can use. However, I recommend going with ones that have been around a while and are credible. Meaning you are definitely going to get paid and they have support in case anything goes wrong.

          The ones that I suggest are listed below.

          Start Blogging – Monetize Your Website

          There are many ways to make money with your own website. And blogging can actually be a fun way to make money. If it is something that you enjoy talking about and have a passion for, you will usually work harder at it.

          How to Start Making Money with a Website – Secrets Revealed

          For instance, if you love dogs and you create a website centered around training dogs, you would probably love “going to work” everyday. Or maybe you like fitness and you can offer tips on dieting and exercise.

          I personally love camping and backpacking, so I have a camping/outdoor activities website. On the website, I have product reviews, tips and tricks, and camping recipes.

          You can check it out here if you want… The Texas Camping Girl

          A website can be anything you want it to be and believe it or not, you will have a specific audience that is passionate about the same thing you are. They will be willing to read your content and eventually buy from you.

          Here are a few ways you can monetize your website:

          • Place ads on your site – you get paid when people click
          • Affiliate Marketing – sell other people’s products (basically referral income/commissions)
          • ECommerce – Sell your own product or service

          Personally I recommend Affiliate Marketing. You can read more about that below.

          Affiliate Marketing – Passive Referral Income

          Affiliate Marketing can best be described as promoting/selling other people’s products. There is no overhead or shipping costs to you. All you do is send people to a link where they can purchase the product and if they buy, you receive a commission from the company.

          It’s that simple! I love the fact that you have no production costs or inventory to maintain. You are just “advertising” for other companies.

          This is an easy way to make money online, because you can promote your affiliate links for free almost anywhere.

          • Your own Website – This is the best way!!
          • Social Media Platforms
          • YouTube
          • Pinterest
          • Forums
          • Free Traffic Sites – Rebrandable Traffic is a great one.
          • Email Marketing

          Of course if you truly want to be successful and make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, you need to know what you are doing. There are strategies that work extremely well and if you don’t them, you could be missing out on a huge income potential.

          It’s important that you take advantage of a well-respected training program before you dive into affiliate marketing head first.

          I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University. It is by far the BEST when it comes to teaching people how to be successful at Affiliate Marketing.

          Final Thoughts – Which One is BEST?

          While all of the strategies to making money online for free that I talked about are great, I believe that there is one that will honestly make you the most money. Not only will it make you more money, but it will continue to do so for years to come.

          The passive income that is generated through Affiliate Marketing is something that can sustain you in the future. This is why I believe it to be the best and most worth your time.

          As I mentioned earlier, you do need to get educated on how exactly to build a successful affiliate marketing business. At Wealthy Affiliate you can do this for FREE. In fact, if you join using the link below, I will personally be there to help you get started and answer any questions or give any advice needed.


          Free Book


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          Dec 01

          Crowdtap Review – How Easy is it to Earn Money?

          Crowdtap Review How easy is it to earn money

          I first heard about Crowdtap a few months ago, but like most survey sites, I was skeptical. How easy was it going to be to make money and more importantly would it be worth my time?

          I’ll answer both of those questions in this post, but before we get into Crowdtap specifics, I want to first say that I only sign up for programs that are going to be beneficial to me and that are legitimate ways to make money (even if it’s just a little bit).

          The easier the better…

          Taking surveys and answering questions for rewards or cash is a great way to earn extra money, but sometimes survey sites can be complicated and time-consuming.

          I hate to waste my time and prefer easy tasks or questions. If I had all the time in the world, I would probably have a spotless house and be lounging around all day. But like most people, I don’t have a lot of time so the easier the surveys, the better.


          My Review: First Impressions Of Crowdtap…

          Upon signing up at Crowdtap, which was free to do… I filled out my profile and got started answering questions.

          I immediately noticed that the questions were incredibly easy and took about 2 seconds a piece to answer.

          Crowdtap question

          So far, I was liking this format. Answer a question, get a few points. To the left, I could see my point tally going up with each question I answered.

          Crowdtap offers you thousands of questions every day. Spend a little time each day and you can quickly rack up a bunch of points.

          The premise of this survey site is simple… Give your opinion. Get rewarded.



          What Can You Earn With Crowdtap

          For every question that you answer, you will receive some points. The points vary but it’s very easy to accumulate them quickly.

          Once you have reached 1000 points (only took me 2 days), you can redeem them for rewards.


          • 1000 points
            • $5 Amazon gift card
            • $5 Walmart gift card
            • $5 Sephora card
            • $5 Target card
            • $5 Ulta Beauty card
            • $5 Steam card
          • 2000 points
            • $10 Adidas card
            • $10 PlayStation Store
            • $10 Amazon gift card
            • $10 Walmart gift card
            • $10 Sephora card
            • $10 Target card
            • $10 Ulta Beauty card
            • $10 Steam card

          3000 points are equivalent to $15 cards and 4000 points are equivalent to $20 cards.

          Crowdtap rewards

          As you can see, there are a lot of varied rewards that you can receive if you redeem your points.

          This is a terrific alternative way to save up for a Christmas or Birthday gift, or just to treat yourself. I prefer the Amazon card because you can find anything and everything on Amazon.


          Crowdtap Compared With UserCrowd

          I recently wrote a review of another popular survey site called UserCrowd. These are very similar websites because they offer “pay” for completing extremely short surveys/questions.

          Crowdtap vs User Crowd

          I would say the real difference between the two sites is that UserCrowd pays you with PayPal. You accumulate real money per survey, whereas Crowdtap gives you points to redeem.

          Also, it can be a little harder to get surveys with UserCrowd. You have to take the survey immediately or else it goes away. With Crowdtap, you simply log in and there are thousands of questions ready for you to answer.

          Do I prefer one over the other? Not really… they both have their pros and cons. I actually use both as well as a few others. By using more than one of these types of websites, I accumulate money faster. It all adds up!


          Crowdtap Pros & Cons

          Earning extra money is always fun, but if it takes up too much of your time or is too complicated then is it really worth it? With Crowdtap, I noticed that not only was it easy and fun to complete the questions, it also didn’t take too much time.

          I can quickly log in and spend about 10 minutes answering questions and earn about 300 points in that time.

          It doesn’t take long to add up to 1000 points.


          • Quick and Easy
          • Pays out in gift cards
          • Points add up quickly
          • Free to sign up





          Check Out My Results From Using Crowdtap

          While I’ve only been using Crowdtap for a short amount of time, I quickly earned points and was able to redeem them.

          The process was rather smooth and I received my reward in no time. Here’s a look at what I’ve received so far.

          CrowdtapAmazon Gift Card




          Conclusion: Crowdtap is Legit, Easy, and Fun

          It’s not often that I find websites that are fun as well as an easy way to earn a little extra money, but Crowdtap is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to tap into every day.

          I tend to log on to the site in the morning and spend about 10 minutes answering questions. Then I return throughout the day when I’m taking a break or just bored.

          By the end of the day, I have usually racked up about 400-500 points. And on average it takes me about 2-3 days to get to 1000 points ($5.00). So if you do the math, it is easily possible to make $40-$50 per month.


          Wealthy AffiliateOverall, I find that Crowdtap is user-friendly, not complicated, and a fast way to earn extra cash.

          I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to answer questions in exchange for compensation.

          It’s not going to make you a millionaire, but it can help you save up for something you want or a gift for a family member.


          I hope this review answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below.

          OPTIONAL Websites to Try:

          If you are interested in trying out other websites that can earn you extra money online, then check out a few of the ones that I use on a daily basis.

          These all pay money/rewards for taking surveys, completing tasks, or watching videos. They are also all free to sign up!







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