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What is Surveytime about – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Surveytime is a website that rewards you for taking surveys online. There are many such websites out there these days, so knowing which ones are legit and which ones are scams can be very helpful for anyone trying to earn a little money online.

In this review of Surveytime, I will be going into more detail about how it works and whether or not you should spend your time on it.

What is Surveytime?

In exchange for completing surveys, Surveytime rewards users with cash and gift cards. This is typical of most survey sites, however Surveytime pays $1 for each survey completed. You can choose between rewards like PayPal, Amazon, and Target gift cards.

On average the surveys only take about 10 minutes to complete. Some take even less time. The great thing about this site is that it pays immediately. I’ve only found a few other survey sites that pay out that quickly. 1Q for example has an immediate/real time payout.

Surveytime only offers surveys as a way to earn rewards. Unlike other sites that have several different ways to earn like tasks, searches, games, etc. But personally I find that those kinds of sites can be very overwhelming and a bit distracting. I like just going to Surveytime and completing a few surveys and then moving on to other things that I need to get done.


How Do You Earn Money at Surveytime?

Much like other survey sites, there is a short process you must complete before earning money at Surveytime.
What is Surveytime

1. Sign Up for a Free Account
Sign up using your email at and they will send you a confirmation with a password and a link to sign in. Simply find the confirmation email in order to proceed. This ensures that you are the person that signed up for the account.

2. Complete Your Profile by Answering a Few Questions

Once inside Surveytime, you will be asked a few profile questions. This helps them to tailor the surveys to your interests and demographics. This portion of the sign up process only takes a few minutes.

Since Surveytime is using this information to match you to the best surveys for you, make sure you take your time in answering the questions. It could result in you getting more surveys down the road.

3. Complete Surveys Selected Specifically for You

After you have completed your profile, you are ready to start answering surveys and getting paid. In the members area, you will see the surveys that are available to you. Click on one of these and get started.

What is Surveytime

There are usually a few prescreening questions to make sure you are a good fit, but they are only about 3-4 quick questions. Once you get past those, you are on your way to completing the survey. Upon completion of the survey, you are asked how you would like to be rewarded.

4. Get Rewarded for Completing Surveys

After you complete each survey, you get to choose how you want to be rewarded. You can choose to get a PayPal deposit, an Amazon Gift Card, or a Target Gift Card.
Each survey is worth $1 regardless of how long or short it is. This is one thing I like about Surveytime… you will always get paid the same amount, so there’s no disappointment or guessing.
Once you choose your payout method, you will receive your $1 instantly. Other sites can take up to 30 days to pay out or you have to reach a minimum threshold before you can request to be paid. With Surveytime, it’s immediate!


    How Much Money Can You Expect To Make?

    Since each survey pays out $1, you would have to take quite a few per day to make a real income with Surveytime. However, it is a great way to earn a little extra cash. I like to use these types of sites in order to save up for an item on my wish list or for spending during the Holiday season.

    If you were to get 10 surveys per day, you would be able to make $10 per day…. however, I’ve never gotten more than about 2-4 surveys per day and there are some days that I don’t have any. So in reality, you are probably more likely to make about $2 per day on average.

    I wouldn’t expect to make a full time income taking surveys on this site. For one thing, you might not get that many surveys per day to complete. There is no guarantee that you will be matched with surveys every single day either. This is why I suggest relying on these sites just to make a little pocket change.

    If you are interested in learning how I make a FULL TIME INCOME online, I show you step by step in my Free Training HERE!

    Is Surveytime a Scam or Is it Legit?

    I can honestly say that Surveytime does actually pay you for completed surveys, so it is definitely not a scam. Other sites will string you along promising to pay you once you have reached the minimum payout, but then make it impossible for you to ever reach it.

    Surveytime is not like those other sites… it pays you immediately! So in my opinion, it is completely LEGIT! However, whether or not it is worth your time is another story. If you are only interested in making a little extra change here and there, then it’s a great website for that.

    But if you are trying to earn a living online, than Surveytime is NOT going to be your paycheck.

    FREE TRAINING: Learn how I make a FULL TIME INCOME online working from just my laptop

    Other Survey Sites You Might Want to Try

    In addition to Surveytime, you might also want to try out a few of the following survey sites that are Legit and can help you earn a little extra money every month.

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    Feb 17

    How to Avoid Online Scams – Top 5 Things to Look For

    How to Avoid Online ScamsIf you have been searching for a way to make money online, odds are you have run into a scam or two. I know I have. It’s extremely frustrating and sometimes a big waste of money.  No one likes to be scammed and most of us are trusting people who can find ourselves at the mercy of fancy promises and shiny objects.

    How to Avoid Online Scams

    Avoiding scams is not as easy as it sounds. They are scams for a reason. There is usually no huge sign saying “THIS IS A SCAM – BEWARE.”  But if you know what to look for (small red flags), you can successfully avoid most scams out there.

    Top 5 Things to Look For


    1.   No Contact Information on Website – If there is no way to get a hold of the creator/owner of a program or product, that is usually a big red flag.  On the same token, if they have customer support but you never get a response, then that is essentially the same as “not having a way to contact” the company. How to Avoid Online Scams

    2.  Tons of Upsells – If you purchase the product and then are immediately slammed with an upsell, you are probably in for a bunch more.  Low ticket items ($8 or less) tend to “get you in the door” and once inside, you are constantly being sold on additional products.

    3.  A Money Back Guarantee – While a money back guarantee is reassuring at times, I personally prefer the “try it before you buy it” approach.  When you buy a new car for instance, you get to test drive it before you buy…. check out all the features and flaws.  If a company is OVERLY offering a guarantee (meaning they keep shoving it in your face in order to convince you to buy), they might just be hiding the fact that their product is pure junk.  And usually they are right.How to Avoid Online Scams

    4.  Outrageous Claims of Success (usually with little effort involved) – Get rich quick schemes have always employed this method of attracting customers…  Promising HUGE earnings OVERNIGHT with little to no effort.  Most people can see right passed these scams, but others get sucked in by the shiny object in front of them.

    5.  A Long Video Sales Page that never really gets to the point – We’ve all landed on a sales page that has a video playing on it.  Sometimes we’ll stick around thinking this could be the miracle product How to Avoid Online Scamswe’ve been looking for.  But 25 minutes into the video, we still have no new information and are starting to get annoyed.  If the product they are selling is really that great, they would be eager to introduce it right away, knowing that the product could speak for itself. If they have to convince you before you even know what the product is, it’s likely a scam.

    Top 5 Things That Tell You It’s LEGIT (not a scam)

    How to Avoid Online Scams

    Now that we’ve covered what to look for to AVOID scams, let’s try to find the Legitimate products out there that can really deliver on what they promise.

    1.  A “Try it Before You Buy It” Option – If a company has a Free Trial that is truly free (meaning you don’t have to give them a credit card for when the trial period runs out), then they are likely a legitimate company.  One of my favorite programs that offers a free membership option is Wealthy Affiliate.  You can take it for a test drive and see if it’s a good fit for you.

    2. Training and Support – I emphasize this all the time, that getting the proper training and having expert support is the key to success for any online business.  If there is a community of members or an online support team available, then you can be assured that the program is legitimate.

    3. Access to the Owners/Creators – This is HUGE… if a creator of a product or program is not accessible, then they must not believe in their product. But if they are available and willing to help those who ask, then you are getting the advice and training from the source itself… what could be better.

    4. A Spam Free Environment – If a program has a strict “no spamming” policy, you can be assured that they are serious about people learning and being successful.  No one likes being spammed constantly.

    5. Constantly Providing NEW UP-TO-DATE Training – The Internet and online marketing is constantly evolving and if you plan on making money online, you have to be ahead of the game and the competition.  Programs that offer up-to-date training and features are going to be the ones that make you money for a long time to come.  Those that don’t update will soon become irrelevant and stale.

    Legit vs Scams – A Comparison

    Below is a Table comparing two different programs…. A legitimate training program (Wealthy Affiliate) vs. a known scam (Pure Leverage).  When you are trying to determine if something is legit or a scam you can ask these questions and see how many “yeses” it gets.

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    Feb 15

    Slick Daily Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

    Is Slick Daily Profits a Scam?

    Slick Daily Profits Logo

    Product Name: Slick Daily Profits
    Official Website: Click Here
    Price: $8.66
    Creator: Art Flair & Billy Darr
    Rank: 8 out of 10



    Product Overview

    Most products on the market today promise big profits for very little work and most of them are nothing but scams. Slick Daily Profits claims to be “the fastest way to earn $100 per day online.”  But can it really deliver on this promise?

    This product is based on a basic “copy and paste” method for making easy money online.  This is a simple method that can be used to start making $50-$100 per day immediately. There is no need for a website or an email list.

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    • No need to invest money
    • No need to build a website or generate traffic
    • It can be scaled over time to make more money
    • Training only takes about an hour to complete

    The Bad:

    • Only simple basic information is provided – can also be found online for free
    • Uses which is very competitive
    • Doesn’t really teach anything new

    Who is it For?

    This program claims that it is great for newbies.  They even give you a step by step tutorial of what you must do in order to make money with this strategy.  So anyone who is wanting to generate income online but lacks technical skills or knowledge and who has little to no experience with marketing can use this system fairly easily.

    Slick Daily Profits Tools & Training

    The training offered in the program is very short and can be completed by most people in about 1 hour. The training is in the form of a video tutorial that walks you through the exact method to how to make $100 per day.  There are 4 parts to the video as well as a short eBook.

    Slick Daily Profits Video

    It is basically a “copy and paste” your way to easy money method.  In the video training, you are shown how to utilize to make this money.  Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of method, because it can become saturated/competitive extremely quickly and then you are left with no more money coming in.

    Price – How Much Does it Cost

    Original Price – $8.66


    • Instant Ranking Blueprint – $17
    • 30 Done for You Gigs – $27
    • Resellers License – $67
    • Mastermind Coaching Access – $197

    My Final Opinion of Slick Daily Profits

    The method taught in this program is actually a legitimate way to make money, however I don’t feel that this training program is revolutionary or teaching anything NEW.  Most of this information can be found online for free.  But for someone who doesn’t want to research that info or just wants a step by step guide, the price of $8.66 is very reasonable.

    While I don’t know if it is possible for EVERYONE to make $100 a day using this method, I do know that typically people don’t follow through with the training exactly and that can affect their results.  In other words, most people give up before they see positive results.



    ⇓        ⇓       ⇓       ⇓ 

    If you are looking for a long term passive income, you might want to check out my Personal Recommendation. That’s how I make most of my income and what has allowed me to retire early.

    ⇑       ⇑       ⇑       ⇑


    Slick Daily Profits Recap…

    Name: Slick Daily Profits

    Website: Click Here
    Owners: Art Flair & Billy Darr
    Price: $8.66


    Compare My #1 Recommendation to Slick Daily Profits ⇓ BELOW ⇓ – Learn How to Make Real Money!



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    Oct 13

    Zero Hour Work Days Review – My Honest Opinion

    Zero Hour Work Days Review – My Take on This Program

    Zero Hour Work Days

    Name: Zero Hour Work Days
    Price: $8.67
    Creator: Brendan Mace

    Product Overview

    In an effort to show people how to create a lifestyle business, Brendan Mace has created a program that delivers.  He outlines how to create a sales funnel that makes easy money. The program walks you through building a squeeze page, sending affiliate promos, how to trade traffic, and some free traffic strategies.

    The system that is laid out (once set up) only takes 20 minutes a day to maintain.  The basic draw here is that you can find freedom if you implement this money making strategy.  Quit your 9 to 5 job and live wherever you want.  There are 3 simple steps to reaching this goal.

    #1:  Simple Money Grabbing Pages

    #2:  Copy and Paste Campaigns

    #3:  Unlimited Traffic Supply

    Brendan shows you via a case study how to do all 3 and make money in the end.

    Zero Hour Work Days

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    • Make Money while you are traveling, sleeping, spending time with family
    • Doesn’t take much time (approximately 20 minutes)
    • Case Study to follow along

    The Bad:

    • Promises you can quit your 9 to 5 job, but the money has to be rolling in before you could actually do that.

    Who is Zero Hour Work Days For?

    This program is best for those that are relatively new to internet marketing, but it works well for experienced IM’s as well.  With the step by step case study, anyone can follow along and implement the strategy.

    Tools & Training

    What’s inside this program?  Let’s take a look: There are 8 modules in this training.

    1. How to Make $9,259.74 Per Month
    2. Where to Find the Right Resources
    3. Tricky Ways to Get FREE Traffic
    4. Best Traffic Source (and How to Get it for Free)
    5. Secret to a 210% ROI
    6. Simple Money Pages
    7. Affiliate Promos that Print Money
    8. Where the REAL Money Is…



    This program normally sells for $297, but because it just launched they are offering it for a discounted price of only $8.67.  This is an incredible deal and well worth it. The price will go up, so try to snag it up while it’s still in launch discount.

    Zero Hour Work Days Buy Now

    My Final Opinion of Zero Hour Work Days

    I’m all for earning more while doing less, but I’ve found that most of the time the profits don’t live up to my expectations.  There are ways to make passive income… but the work has to be done ahead of time. I like to look at it like retirement.  Those people that retire have worked hard for it for many years…. and then once all the work is done, they can take a break and still earn a living.  Passive income is the same, put in the work (a few months or even a year) and the recurring income will continue for years after.

    This program offers that opportunity, however I’m not sure 20 minutes is really enough time to generate the kind of income I would like.

    If you are looking for a long term passive income, you might want to check out my personal recommendation.  That’s how I make most of my income and what has allowed me to retire early.

    Zero Hour Work Days at a Glance…

    Name: Zero Hour Work Days

    Creator: Brendan Mace
    Price: $8.67


    Compare My #1 Recommendation to Zero Hour Work Days Below – Learn How to Make Real Money!


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    Oct 10

    Commission Toolbox Review – Can You Really Make Money

    Commission Toolbox Review – My Honest Opinion

    Name: Commission ToolboxThe Commission Toolbox
    Price: $7.48
    Creator: Glynn Kosky

    Commission Toolbox, Product Overview

    This is a comprehensive guidebook that details all the tools that are required for an internet business. Not only are these essential tools revealed in this guidebook, but where and how to get these tools for either Free or next to nothing is also detailed.

    Along with the guide, Commission Toolbox also includes a series of videos that show you how you can use these tools to generate affiliate commissions and a legitimate internet business.  The creators of Commission Toolbox claim that by using 100% Free traffic and 100% Free tools, you can make $100+/day with this system.Commission Toolbox

    After taking a look at this program, I found that they really do offer you insight into where to find Free tools and Free traffic.  Some of the traffic they referred to I had already heard of, but there were others that were completely new to me.  I have actually started using a few of them and I’ve seen an increase in traffic already. You can’t beat FREE right?

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    • Shows ways to make money without spending money (Free strategy)
    • No need for an existing email list
    • Great for Newbies – Only basic skills needed

    The Bad:

    • The guide only shows you where to find the traffic, you still have to get that traffic directed to your website or links. The basics of marketing are not really mentioned in this program.

    Who is Commission Toolbox For?

    Most newbies will do fine with this program.  The training is straight forward and you don’t have to be an expert or know anything about website development or SEO to profit from this system.

    Commission Toolbox Tools & Training

    The Commission Toolbox includes video training as well as a case study that shows you exactly how to put the tools together to create a profitable internet business.

    The Commission Toolbox

    Commission Toolbox Support

    Offered with the guidebook are several bonuses including one that gives you membership to a private bootcamp session where you can ask questions and get more information. You also get access to the private Facebook Group where you can get more support and answers.

    Commission Toolbox Price

    If you act quickly you have a chance to get the Commission Toolbox for only $7.48.  This price includes several bonuses:

    1. VIP Bootcamp – (worth $997)
    2. Lifetime Access to Product Vault (worth $997)
    3. Free Lifetime Membership to Facebook Group (worth $997)
    4. VIP Ticket to a Future Live Event (worth $4997)


    My Final Opinion of Commission Toolbox

    While there is no legitimate way to get rich quick aside from winning the lottery, this program gives you the information to start making money immediately if you implement the tools and combine them with the Free traffic.  Of course, you still have to work to make money… merely purchasing the program and reading the material won’t give you cash in your pocket.  But if you follow the steps they lay out, you will definitely make money relatively quickly.

    If you are looking for a long term passive income, you might want to check out my personal recommendation.  That’s how I make most of my income and what has allowed me to retire early.

    Commission Toolbox at a Glance…

    Name: Commission Toolbox

    Creator: Glynn Kosky
    Price: $7.48


    Compare My #1 Recommendation to The Commission Toolbox Below – Learn How to Make Real Money!


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    Oct 07

    Street Smart Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

    Street Smart Profits ReviewStreet Smart Profits

    Price: $7
    Creators: Nishkarsh Sharma and Stephen Gilbert


    Product Overview

    If you are interested in how to make money on Fiverr, then this course is for you.  Stephen Gilbert, who recently created this course, shows you how to sell “gigs” and make money.  Together with the training from Nishkarsh Sharma, this program promises that you will make $300 – $600 per sale.

    The gigs that are described in the training are basically creating animated videos.  By creating video animations and selling them on for $300 per minute of video, they claim you can make a ton of money.  If you have skills in this area or are incredibly creative, then you might do well with this.  Unfortunately the program does not give any training on how to actually create these videos. They merely tell you what the best video creating programs are and where to get them.

    This program shows you how to set up a Fiverr sellers account and how to market yourself in order to sell more gigs. It offers many tips and tricks that will put you in front of buyers that are looking to purchase your services. 3-steps

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    • There is very little cost at $7
    • Video Tutorial
    • 14 day money back guarantee

    The Bad:

    • You don’t learn how to make the video animations
    • The earnings claim is unlikely possible for most people


    Who is Street Smart Profits For?

    This product is for people who are fast learners and who are creative. Since you have to be able to create video animations in order to be successful, you should have a background in video creation.

    It’s also perfect for people who want to make money on Most of the training is focused on Fiverr and how to navigate it.

    Street Smart Profits Tools & Training

    10 Step by Step Video Modules

    Street Smart Profits Support

    The support offered within Street Smart Profits comes in 2 forms… a mastermind group and personal access to the creator if you should get stuck. You also get daily updates and other valuable information that will help you move ahead.
    Street Smart Profits Price

    You can purchase Street Smart Profits for ony $7.  You get the training program as well as a couple of “fast action bonuses” that are worth over $100.  There is also a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. guarantee

    My Final Opinion of Street Smart Profits

    Do I suggest you purchase Street Smart Profits? Well that depends… if you are creative and savvy when it comes to video creation, then YES.  But if you have never worked with video before, I say NO… don’t waste your money and time.  There are other ways to make a living online… check out my #1 Recommendation for yourself.

    Street Smart Profits at a Glance…

    Name: Street Smart Profits

    Owners: Nishkarsh Sharma and Stephen Gilbert
    Price: $7

    VERDICT: LEGIT (but not for everyone)


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    Oct 06

    Commissions Doubler – My Honest Review

    Commissions Doubler Review – Should you Invest?

    Name: Commissions DoublerCommissions Doubler
    Price: $47
    Nick Marks


    Product Overview

    This program promises to show you how to make $200/day using a free traffic method. Allegedly you can double your profits overnight. They offer step by step video training that shows you how to put money in your pocket. Also discover the niche that Nick recommends any newbie use to get started. Within the program you will uncover the  BIG mistakes almost all affiliate marketers make and how to avoid them. Commissions Doubler shows you the fastest way to get hordes of FREE traffic.

    Basically the program combines the traffic from Craigslist and niche products for sale from Clickbank. I personally don’t think craigslist is the best way to earn money online…. it’s better suited for finding a used couch or entertainment center. While niche marketing is an excellent way to earn money, spamming people through sites like craigslist is not a viable technique. I have built several websites in different niches and earn money from them everyday. For me, that’s the best way to start an online business that pays.

    The program reveals an easy 3 step system:

    Commissions Doubler

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    • For Newbies
    • No need for an email list
    • 30 day money back guarantee

    The Bad:

    • Several Upsells
    • Following the 3 steps does not guarantee you will make money
    • Free traffic is seldom a good way to get targeted traffic that will convert.

    Who is Commissions Doubler For?

    Commissions Doubler is marketed toward the newbie or the person who is looking for a quick way to make money.  Often times these tactics or promises of getting rich quickly are not legit and only a few people actually make money or benefit from programs like this. If you would rather look into a program that will actually make you money and teach you the skills to be successful, then check out my recommendation.

    Commissions Doubler Tools & Training

    Video training is available and a step by step guide is included. The video is long and drawn out. Getting to the point (the technique to make money) was not a priority. After 65 minutes, Nick finally gets to the bones of the program. Way too long if you ask me.

    Commissions Doubler Price

    The price starts at $47, however most of the time you are able to get it for a much lower price if you act quickly.  They offer a price of only $6.97 for those that choose to sign up within an hour of landing on their page.

    My Final Opinion of Commissions Doubler

    In my opinion, any program that promises you’ll make money within 24 hours is NEVER legit. today Although I do believe certain people can make money with this program, I don’t think it’s for newbies that are hoping for financial success immediately.  Hard work and consistency is the only way to guarantee success. Most of these programs are shut down within a year.

    Commissions Doubler at a Glance…

    Name: Commissions Doubler

    Creator: Nick Marks
    Price: $47 (plus upsells)


    Compare My #1 Recommendation to Commissions Doubler Below – Learn How to Make Real Money!

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    Sep 29

    Survey Junkie Review – Is it Legitimate or a Scam?

    Survey Junkie ReviewSurvey Junkie Reviews


    Name: Survey Junkie
    Price:  Free to Join
    Overall Rank: 4 out of 10

    What is Survey Junkie?

    Survey Junkie started in 2005 and is a traditional survey website promising to pay you if you take surveys for them. Like most get paid to take survey sites, Survey Junkie boasts that it is the most popular.  They can’t all be the most popular, so take that with a grain of salt.

    Survey Junkie Reviews

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    • Free to Join
    • Open to residents of US, Canada, and Australia
    • Can create account via Facebook or Google +

    The Bad:

    • You receive “points” not actual cash (it can be redeemed for cash 1000 points = $10)
    • Most people don’t qualify for the majority of the surveys.
    • You will not get rich quick

    Who is Survey Junkie For?

    It is perfect for anyone who likes to take surveys or who qualifies easily for surveys on other sites. If you are interested in spending a lot of time for little monetary return, than this site is great.  If you would rather work hard and reap the benefits of that work for years to come, than I would suggest you check out My Top Free Work at Home Recommendation!


    Survey Junkie Price

    Survey Junkie is Free to join and all you need is an email account and time to take surveys.  The risk is low, however you may receive a lot of spam in your email.

    My Final Opinion of Survey Junkie

    This site has had many complaints and although it is free to sign up, there really is no easy way to make money. If you qualify for a survey, you may only receive a few points and there is no guarantee that you will qualify for other surveys in the future.  It could take months to just  accumulate $10.

    When I first tried to sign up with Survey Junkie, I put in my information and then got this message saying that registration was closed for the day.

    Survey Junkie Scam

    This website might give you a few extra pennies in your pocket, but it’s not going to supplement or replace your income.  Those looking to make real money and create a full time income online should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    Survey Junkie at a Glance…

    Name: Survey Junkie

    Price: Free
    Overall Rank: 4 out of 10

    VERDICT:  LEGIT but not worth your time!


    If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing with a program that has NO hidden costs, incredible support, and is legitimate then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It is my #1 Recommended Program.

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