Slick Daily Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

Is Slick Daily Profits a Scam?

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Product Name: Slick Daily Profits
Official Website: Click Here
Price: $8.66
Creator: Art Flair & Billy Darr
Rank: 8 out of 10



Product Overview

Most products on the market today promise big profits for very little work and most of them are nothing but scams. Slick Daily Profits claims to be “the fastest way to earn $100 per day online.”  But can it really deliver on this promise?

This product is based on a basic “copy and paste” method for making easy money online.  This is a simple method that can be used to start making $50-$100 per day immediately. There is no need for a website or an email list.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • No need to invest money
  • No need to build a website or generate traffic
  • It can be scaled over time to make more money
  • Training only takes about an hour to complete

The Bad:

  • Only simple basic information is provided – can also be found online for free
  • Uses which is very competitive
  • Doesn’t really teach anything new

Who is it For?

This program claims that it is great for newbies.  They even give you a step by step tutorial of what you must do in order to make money with this strategy.  So anyone who is wanting to generate income online but lacks technical skills or knowledge and who has little to no experience with marketing can use this system fairly easily.

Slick Daily Profits Tools & Training

The training offered in the program is very short and can be completed by most people in about 1 hour. The training is in the form of a video tutorial that walks you through the exact method to how to make $100 per day.  There are 4 parts to the video as well as a short eBook.

Slick Daily Profits Video

It is basically a “copy and paste” your way to easy money method.  In the video training, you are shown how to utilize to make this money.  Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of method, because it can become saturated/competitive extremely quickly and then you are left with no more money coming in.

Price – How Much Does it Cost

Original Price – $8.66


  • Instant Ranking Blueprint – $17
  • 30 Done for You Gigs – $27
  • Resellers License – $67
  • Mastermind Coaching Access – $197

My Final Opinion of Slick Daily Profits

The method taught in this program is actually a legitimate way to make money, however I don’t feel that this training program is revolutionary or teaching anything NEW.  Most of this information can be found online for free.  But for someone who doesn’t want to research that info or just wants a step by step guide, the price of $8.66 is very reasonable.

While I don’t know if it is possible for EVERYONE to make $100 a day using this method, I do know that typically people don’t follow through with the training exactly and that can affect their results.  In other words, most people give up before they see positive results.



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Slick Daily Profits Recap…

Name: Slick Daily Profits

Website: Click Here
Owners: Art Flair & Billy Darr
Price: $8.66


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4 thoughts on “Slick Daily Profits Review – Is it a Scam?”

  1. Hi,

    I never heard of Slick Daily Profits before until now and i must say you have done a great job with such a well detailed review of the product.

    This will real help folks out there make good decision. The unbiased opinion at the end of the of the review and the comparison of the two program did it for me.

    I will definitely recommend this for a read up.

    • Thank you Richard… I hope that my information about the product helps people make an educated decision about whether to purchase it or not. And I always like to add a comparison, so people can see what they are getting and what they may be missing out on.

  2. Hmm. You have pointed out the problem with a lot of internet products telling us the same thing. Many point out the road to the pot of gold but don’t give you the equipment to travel it. Still, for less than ten bucks, one shouldn’t expect it. The Wealthy Affiliate thing looks a far better proposition.


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