How to Choose a Niche for Affiliate Marketing




Finding the right niche for your website can seem like a daunting task at times.  But instead of getting stuck racking your brain, you can ask yourself several key questions that may make the decision process easier.

What is Your Passion?

First of all, what are you passionate about?  In other words, what are you interested in?  It could be gardening or hockey or photography.  When choosing a niche, you can’t go wrong with picking one that already peaks your interest.  You’ll find it easier to write content about the niche if you enjoy the subject matter.

You will have to do some research when creating your content, so why not make it research that you would like to read about.  For instance, I love all things to do with camping and the outdoors.  My camping website ( allows me the opportunity to share my knowledge (as well as the knowledge I acquire along the way) with visitors to my site. If I didn’t like camping, then all the blog posts I make and the research involved would be miserable.

The other benefit to choosing a niche that you are passionate about, is that you are likely already a bit of an expert in that area.  My mom loves to quilt and has been doing it for years.  She obviously knows a lot about quilting already because of her experience with it.  This makes her somewhat of an expert… she definitely knows more about it than I do.

What are people looking for?

People are always searching for something on the internet.  If you can tap into that and choose a niche that people are looking for, then you can become quite profitable. For instance, people are often times looking for graduation gift ideas or wedding gift ideas.  By getting in the mindset of these particular individuals, you can usually come up with a few good niche ideas.

I’m sure you have been asked at one time or another a question like this one… “hey, do you know where I could find a good vacuum that picks up pet hair?”  It may not have been that exact question but just think about it for a minute.  People are looking for certain things… if you can figure out what some of those things are, you are that much closer to choosing a niche that will be successful.

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How can you help someone?How can I help You

Sometimes  a niche can simply be the answer or solution to a problem.  The dog training niche comes to mind.  When people have a problem with their dog’s behavior they often need a solution like dog training. Creating a website that offers tips on how to train your dog in different areas would be extremely helpful to most dog owners.

How to get rid of bed bugs is another niche that stems from a huge problem many homeowners find themselves in.  Offering a solution to this problem like bed bug killers and powders is a great and extremely profitable niche.  When you are desperate to get rid of those little demons, you will do and buy almost anything.

What is Hot on the market right now?

You can also pick a niche by asking yourself, what’s popular or trending now days.  Is it the latest iPhone or Star Wars memorabilia or Fitbits?  You could easily create a profitable website with a niche that people are literally looking for.

This type of niche can be very competitive though, so you have to really do your research and make sure that the market hasn’t already been saturated.  And since trends and fads come and go quickly, you might not be profitable for a long period of time.  Remember when everyone had to have a gps navigation system?  Well now most people have it on their phones and really don’t need a separate device for navigation. That niche has become stale.

Are there products or information that you can sell?

When choosing a niche, you need to be aware of the products or information that is available to sell.  Look up different affiliate programs and see what type of products they offer.  This might help you narrow down your niche a bit.  Don’t forget to look into the self-help or do it yourself guides that are usually in the form of ebooks.  Selling digital products like this are extremely easy and marketable.

Several Niches to Consider

Dog Training
Learn How to Play Guitar
iPhone cases
Brew Your Own Beer
Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Video Game Headsets

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