How to Create Product Reviews for Your Blog

One of the best ways to create content and monetize your website or blog is to create product reviews that include affiliate links. This can be a huge help when you are trying to decide what to write about as well. Trying to come up with content on a consistent basis can be difficult at times, so that’s why I incorporate product reviews into my article line up.

If you have ever struggled to create content, try adding product reviews to your blog. No matter what niche you are in, there are thousands of products just waiting to be reviewed. People like to research before they buy and if you can bridge that gap by providing relevant information for them to research, you are more likely to see a profit from your blog.

What is a Product Review

Let’s start out by defining what a product review actually is. It’s a little different from the typical informative or how-to style of content. The structure will be slightly different and while you will interject your opinion about the product, the main focus of the post will revolve around descriptions and the specs of the product.

Product reviews typically include things like price, where you can purchase, specification ratings, and more. This of course varies depending on the type of niche you are in.

If you are in the camping/survival niche, for instance, you could create product reviews about the following:

  • Camping Stoves
  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Sleeping Bags

You get the idea! You’ve probably seen dozens of product reviews if you’ve ever researched for something online before. The focus is usually on describing the product so that the consumer gets a better feel for what to expect if they were to purchase.


Find Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

The next step in creating product reviews and making money from them, is to find an affiliate program in your particular niche. We’ll use the camping niche again for reference.

If I wanted to create a product review for a tent, I would try to find companies or affiliate networks that sell tents. Brands like Kelty, The North Face, and Coleman come to mind. However you could also associate with retail stores like Academy or Gander Mountain.

There are a ton of Affiliate Networks and Programs out there for virtually every niche imaginable. Some of the ones that I use are listed below:

Once you have found an affiliate for the products you want to review, you will be able to add the unique affiliate link to your review post and if anyone clicks on it and decides to purchase, you will make a commission. That is the goal after all.

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Keep in mind that different affiliate programs have different commission rates, but if you do your research you can find a good one to partner with.


Structure Your Product Review

So now you have chosen a product to review and you have grabbed your affiliate link for that product. What next? Well, this is where you will need to create an informative product review.

The key here is to provide as much information as you can in an easy to read layout. Structuring your review to read the same way every time (for each individual product) will help your audience immensely.

I like to create a basic template and then use that every time I write a product review. It just saves time and keeps things standard across the board.

One of the platforms I use to do this is Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent tool. It allows me to draft a product review template and save it. Then I can just go to that template and start writing. SiteContent actually already has several preloaded templates that you can also use or edit to make your own.

Within the structure of your review, you will want to include the following:

  • Product Name (Model #, etc)
  • Price (if Affiliate Program allows that)
  • Your thoughts and opinion about the product
  • Product Specifications (dimensions, weight, colors, etc)
  • Product Pros and Cons
  • A comparison to a similar product
  • Ways to purchase the product (include affiliate link here)

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Drive Traffic to Your Product Reviews

Once you have written your review and published it to your website, you will want to get as many eyes on it as possible. There are several strategies when it comes to driving traffic to product reviews. Incorporate as many of them as you can and you will begin to see more visitors and conversions.

  • Create supporting articles and add links to your review (ways to use the product, care and maintenance, etc)
  • Post on Social Media (link to your review)
  • Answer Questions about the product in forums or on Quora (link to review)
  • Create YouTube videos showing how to use the product
  • Optimize Your SEO and use relevant keywords (I use Jaaxy Keyword tool for this)

If you are successful in driving loads of traffic to your product reviews, you will not only build a huge audience but you will begin to be profitable through your affiliate links.

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Final Thoughts

Creating product reviews for your blog is honestly one of the best ways to consistently pump out content as well as earn commissions. The process may seem daunting at first, but once you have a template/structure in place, it really is quite easy.

If you want to learn from an expert and find out exactly how to create awesome product reviews, I would highly suggest you watch the video below for tips and tricks that you can use. As well as watch over the shoulder as Jay creates a product review on one of his most successful niche websites.

How to create product reviews

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