The Best Investment Apps for Beginners

Making money online has been a goal of mine for many years. There are a ton of ways to make that money and in this article I want to discuss which Investment Apps are the very best for beginners to get started with.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of money or maybe you haven’t ever dabbled in the investment market. But I have found several apps that are perfect for anyone and are legit ways to make extra money.

1. Stash

Stash is an easy to use Investment App that is tailored to your skill level with investing. If you are a beginner and know nothing about investing, they have a plan for you.

The great thing about Stash is that you don’t need a lot of money to get started. You can fund your account for as little as $5. And they do the investing for you based on your profile questionnaire.

In order to sign up, all you have to do is use an email and create a password. Then you will fill out a few profile details about yourself. It’s a simple 4 step process…

  • Brief Introduction
  • Financial Profile
  • Verify Your Identity
  • Create Your Stash Plan

Once you start investing with Stash, you will be able to learn more about investing and eventually be able to transition into an active investor. This is one of the reasons I got started with Stash… I wanted to see my investment in action and in the process educate myself on how to invest.


2. Acorns

This is actually the very first investing app that I got started with. I was familiar with it because I had a friend who would always talk about it.

What I love about it is that there are several ways that you can invest. You can simply add money automatically every month from your bank account, you can send a lump sum to invest on occasion (for instance if you get a nice sum of cash for your birthday from grandma), and you can utilize the “spare-change” method.

The spare-change aspect of Acorns is where they will automatically round up your spending on everyday items to the nearest dollar. You don’t really notice the difference, but it adds up really quick.

There is also an option to round up your change to an even higher amount if you want. So for instance, if you spend $2.97 at the store, you can choose to round up to $5… which would invest $2.03.


3. Clink

Clink is an intuitive investing app that is perfect for those with not a lot of money to start. You can round up your spare change just like with Acorns or you can set up an auto fund.

It only takes $1 to get started and you also get to choose how aggressive or cautious you want to be with your investing. Personally I would suggest being cautious at first and as you begin to grow your account and investing knowledge, you can tweak your strategy to be a little more aggressive in the future.

It is super simple to get started and signing up only takes a few minutes.

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4. Robinhood

I saved the BEST FOR LAST because this is by far my favorite investing app. It has an easy user interface and you can make quick trades right from your phone.

Another great thing about the Robinhood trading app is that you can trade Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, etc. I make about $30 a day on average trading crypto with Robinhood. You can use the app on your phone or log in to the website.

Upon signing up, you actually get a FREE stock. That’s their gift to you and everybody likes free gifts. Some of the stocks they give out can be worth up to $100. When I signed up, I received a share of Groupon Stock.

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To Sum Up

Investing in the stock market can be intimidating to say the least, but with user-friendly apps like these listed, the power is in your hands. Whether you want a set it and forget it type of investment portfolio or if you want to be more involved, these apps give you that option.

Check them out and see how easy it really is to make your money work for you. If nothing else, sign up and get your Free stock at Robinhood… you never know it could turn out to be another “Apple” and it could shoot through the roof.

Whatever your level of investing may be, these apps are making it much easier for the common person to get involved in the stock market.

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