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IBO Toolbox is a Marketing Platform that allows you to get more exposure for your business or website. I’ve been a member for several years now and I love the community and the various ways that I can promote myself and my business there.

I have an Affiliate Marketing business and IBO is a great place to help me spread the word, but it’s also perfect for other types of businesses as well… MLM’s, physical products, social media influencers, etc.

I’ve listed a few of the many ways you can use IBO to boost exposure to your business below. It’s free to join and I recommend it to anyone who needs more traffic or just wants a community of entrepreneurs to exchange ideas with.

Profile Page – Tell Everyone about Yourself

The first thing you should do once you sign up with IBO Toolbox is fill out your profile page. This is essentially a mini billboard that you can use to tell everyone what it is that you do and provide links for people.

You can place banners, embed links, and even place call to actions just like you would on your website. The key here is to introduce yourself and explain how you can help others.

Try to make it presentable and well-designed so that visitors to your profile page get a good idea of who you are and if the product or service that you offer is something they might be interested in.

Post Videos – More Exposure for Your YouTube

If you create videos for YouTube or for your website, you have the opportunity to also post them to IBO. This just gets even more exposure for you and can easily lead to more subscribers and views.

Post Videos to get more traffic

Within your profile area, there is a place for video posting. Anyone who visits your profile can click on any of the videos you have added and view it right from the IBO platform.

If you don’t use YouTube, I believe you can still add videos from places like Vimeo and such. The point is to get your videos out there and IBO video is a great place to add them.

Place Advertisements – Paid or Free

What better place to place Ads then where other entrepreneurs are gathering already?! IBO Toolbox has a unique feature that allows you to place text or banner ads on the platform.

This is done by accumulating credits and then creating the ads and turning them on. Getting credits can be easily accomplished several ways.

  1. Earn 25 credits for logging in every day
  2. Earn 100 credits for copying and pasting the credit code (offered 4 times a day)
  3. Purchase credits
  4. Subscribe to Club IBO and get 4000 credits a week. ($19.95/month)

So as you can see, you can spend money to get credits or you can collect the free ones and still advertise on IBO. This is a great way to test out your ads and not have to spend a lot of money like you might have to on Facebook or Google.

Post to the Wall – More Exposure to Your Website

Just like posting your videos to the IBO platform, you can post your recent articles or blog posts to the “wall” and get even more exposure and traffic.

This is free to do and I always post anytime I have created a new blog post or press release. You can also post other people’s articles if you find them particularly useful, but I personally like to get traffic to my blog posts this way.

My Video Walkthrough – A Brief Overview of the IBO Platform

Final Thoughts on IBO Toolbox

As you can see there are a variety of ways in which you can gain exposure to your online business or website within the IBO platform. These are just a few of the ways by the way. You can also associate with other members, as well as utilize the email messaging system to communicate and exchange ideas or advice with fellow entrepreneurs.

In my opinion, a platform like IBO Toolbox gives you a fantastic opportunity to gain much more exposure to your business opportunities. And as we all know, the more exposure you have, the more sales/conversions you are likely to see.

Give IBO a try and feel free to link up with me within the members area as well. I love to help others in their online pursuits and would be happy to associate with you.

12 thoughts on “IBO Toolbox – Gain More Exposure for Your Business”

  1. That looks interesting. Would it be possible to link my already existing websites to my IBO toolbox profile? It’s great that you can place banners and links on your profile, this will certainly help a lot with exposure and with letting people know who you are and what you promote. I think IBO would help not only marketers with years of experience but also newbie entrepreneurs like me. I’ll check it out. 

    • Yes, you can actually add your website links for your profile area and when anyone visits your profile, they can click on a link that will take them to your website.  It is perfect for entrepreneurs or anyone that wants more eyes on their articles or videos.

  2. Wow, never heard of IBO before but from all indications, it really is a greatplagform that I can make use of to let NY business go big. I an also an affiliate marketer so being able to let my business get some exposure is great. I am on a platform with a very good community so joining this one will be another added goodie for me. Thank you do much for sharing. I really like this insight into IBO toolbox.

  3. Exposure is very important when it comes to marketing and I can’t agree more that IBO toolbox is going to be of great advantage to Affiliate marketers like me. It’s a nice thing that the platform is free to join and it gives you the opportunity to make a voice for your market and also associate with others too. The main benefit of this is to make more sales. It’s thoughtful of you to share this article, it is filled with sensible contents and helpful words. Thanks

    • I am so glad you found this post useful.  I do believe it is a great platform/community for anyone who is in any kind of online business… especially affiliate marketing. 

  4. Businesses like mine would certainly see this as a link to getting people to know about it. I have met with so many small scale business personnel who aren’t doing well because of the poor or lack of exposure these businesses have. IBO appears to be a really wonderful idea especially for those whose business is online. When is comes to signing up, is it free? Also the credit which you earn from copying and logging in, how can it be beneficial to the account user?

    • Yes it is free to sign up and you only have to pay if you choose to purchase credits.  I have purchased them in the past, but I mostly use the free credits for my advertising now.  It helps to be able to test out your ad campaigns and then once you find one that converts really well, you can purchase credits to get even more conversions or sales. 

  5. IBO toolbox might actually the perfect place that i have been looking for to get me the perfect exposure that i want for my business. One thing that I fouund most interesting here is the fact that it is a platform that welcomes all kinds of business ranging from affiliate marketing to MLM and all others. These is very great

  6. Oh, this is exactly that exposure that i have been looking for my business. I must say that it s very nice to see this post because i have a friend who wants to take his business to another level. Seeing that he can also earn points n the IBO toolbox is a very wonderful thing. I will share this with him ASAP.

  7. This is a great opportunity for marketers to get there products out to a larger and new world, IBO toolbox will be of great help mostly to Affiliate marketers I think. A platform like this creates more rapport between marketers and amongst buyer and sellers too. The amazing part of the platform is that it’s free to join and it creates exposure for your markets.  I’ll go check this out now and see what I can make of it and I’m sure it’s gonna be a great experience. Thank a lot for sharing this information about IBO toolbox, it’s of great help to me.

  8. Giving the right exposure to one’s business would ensure that success is made for the business and also establish it to be an authority online. I like the fact that IBO toolbox actually offer so much more for getting the right business exposure and that to me is awesome. I will head there right away to check it out for myself right now. Thumbs up!


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