Picking a Niche for Your Website

What is the best niche for a website?

In my opinion, it can be almost anything… well anything that is profitable of course.  This is assuming you want to make money with your website.  Picking the right niche to market to is a very confusing and stressful decision.  What if I pick the wrong one… what if I can’t make money… is there a “perfect” niche that I’m not thinking of?  These are all legitimate questions that any affiliate marketer thinks about when they begin building their website.

Realize that you may never pick the PERFECT niche…

but you most likely will be able to pick a pretty good one if you use the tools that are available to help Magazine Standyou.  For instance, try going to the supermarket and hang out around the magazine section.  Notice the subjects of different magazines… there are literally hundreds of different topics that magazines are devoted to.  From body building, to guitar playing, to home décor.  Magazines make millions of dollars selling to these markets… why? Because there are people out there that are interested in that particular subject.

Bottom line… Think like a marketer!!!

Yes, it’s great to have a personal passion but if you are going to make money with a website, there needs to be enough people passionate about that same subject.  You can utilize tools like Jaaxy… a keyword research tool that can help you find what people online are searching for and therefore interested in. Feel free to give it a try in the search box below.

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