Rebrandable Traffic Review – Buy or Sell Website Traffic

Rebrandable Traffic Review – Get Real Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Do you need traffic to your website or affiliate links?  Tired of waiting for organic traffic to finally find it’s way to your site? Enter Rebrandable Traffic…. a revolutionary way of getting targeted traffic to your website.

Maybe you want to sell web traffic to others. This can be a very lucrative business and having the right traffic system is key. With Rebrandable Traffic, you can buy or sell web traffic easily.


Name: Rebrandable TrafficRebrandable Traffic Review
Price:  $0.002 per visitor
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10


What is Rebrandable Traffic?

Rebrandable Traffic is a traffic generating website that gives members the ability to purchase visitors to their website for an extremely low price. They make it easy to get real targeted traffic by letting you set your own keywords. The #1 best way to get traffic is through the use of keywords.  It also allows you to resell traffic if you wish to do so.  You can create campaigns and direct visitors to your website or other links (for instance lead generating links).


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  •  Extremely CHEAP!!  The cost per visitor is as low as $0.002… ($8.00 buys you 1000 targeted visitors).
  • Easily create campaigns and control the number of visitors you want going to each campaign.
  • The ability to resell traffic to other people (another income opportunity – huge profit potential)
  • Affiliate program… refer members & get paid 20% of the sales (referral links and banners provided)

The Bad:

  • You have to prepay for the visitors – However, this does allow you to keep to a manageable budget.


Who is Rebrandable Traffic For?

LED_traffic_lightIt is perfect for anyone who has a website or online business and wants to drive traffic to their site or products. Anyone who wants to generate leads or build their email list can also benefit greatly from this program.

Anyone who wants to get into the “reselling” of traffic side of things would love Rebrandable Traffic. They offer a referral or rebranded link that you can customize so that the traffic looks like it is coming from your very own website or where ever you want it to come from.  Reselling is of course optional and just a second tool that is at your disposal if you are interested in doing that.


Rebrandable Traffic Upsells

There are no upsells… you just purchase a credit package depending on how many visitors you want. Once you go through all of those, you simply buy another package.

Rebrandable Traffic Review


Rebrandable Traffic Price

Credit Packages start at $8 for 1000 visitors (there are often sales on the packages as well… for instance as I’m writing this the $8 package has been temporarily reduced to $6).  It’s great to catch the credits when they are on sale… Even more bang for you buck.


Refer People to Rebrandable Traffic and Make Money

The affiliate program at Rebrandable Traffic is great… you get 20% of what your referrals spend.  They even provide you with banners (like the ones you see here on this page).  Just share your referral link with others and get paid. Below is a screen capture of one of my sales.  As you can see, I received $9 from that one sale alone.  Not bad!

Rebrandable Traffic Review

My Final Opinion of Rebrandable Traffic

This program is extremely easy to use and it truly does generate TONS of quality traffic to my websites.  I absolutely love it and find that the price is perfect for my budget.  I’ve used Bing ads and Google ads, but this advertising program is so much cheaper and yields results immediately.


Rebrandable Traffic at a Glance…

Name: Rebrandable Traffic

Price: $0.002 per visitor
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

VERDICT:  LEGITsign-up-below

Rebrandable Traffic Review

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4 thoughts on “Rebrandable Traffic Review – Buy or Sell Website Traffic”

  1. The idea of getting lots of new visitors sounds good. But what I’m concerned is, can you choose to target only people who are interested in your niche? If yes, then how? For example, getting pregnant mothers visit a car dealer website most likely won’t increase sales. Making sure the visitors are actually interested is therefore essential to make sure you aren’t throwing money in a well.

    • I agree with you… traffic needs to be interested in the niche to begin with in order to convert. Rebrandable Traffic allows you to set keywords (up to 10) for each campaign which has been instrumental in sending me quality traffic. As long as I make sure to do my keyword research, I usually get warm traffic that converts quite well.

  2. Little bit concerned about this as Google is well aware of traffic farms and shuns sites that use PTC traffic too often – how long will it take them to get hold of this bunch? Also, what happens when they do realize your analytics are doctored by this traffic?
    I like the idea though – but my sites are very old and established and I would not risk them with this traffic. Could be good for newbie sites though!!!

    • I understand your concern, but I’ve really not had any problems with it so far. However, I usually stick to promoting opt in pages or affiliate links to what I call “easy money sites” (swagbucks, paidviewpoint, etc). I rarely send the traffic to my webpage. The conversions are best when you send the traffic (via targeted keywords) to a sign up page or a membership site.


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