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How to Get Traffic with Quora

How to get traffic with Quora

In today’s post, I want to talk about another excellent way to get traffic to your website. As I’m sure you know, the more traffic you get, the more likely you are to have conversions and thus make more money.

Although there are many different ways to get traffic, I always suggest picking 2-3 reliable ones to get started and once you have mastered those, you can start slowly adding more.

So if you are wondering how to get more traffic for your website, this just might be a good strategy to try out.

The strategy I want to talk about today is using to get more traffic.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer platform where people can ask questions and others can submit answers to those questions. Questions are asked within categories and people who have knowledge of those categories can answer.

Categories include topics such as…

  • YouTube Videos
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Websites
  • Blogging
  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Etc, Etc, Etc

Literally ANYTHING you can think of is a “topic” in Quora. So if you have knowledge in a specific niche, you will be able to answer other people’s questions and point them towards your website or other links.

This is how you will gain traffic through the use of Quora. By answering questions that others have and also utilizing the other areas within Quora that allow you to place links. Keep reading to find out exactly where you can place your website links.

It is free to sign up at Quora and begin answering questions. Once you sign up, you can fill out your profile area and let people know what you are an expert in.


Utilizing the Profile Area

When it comes to getting traffic, you want to attract people who are interested in your particular niche. This leads to more conversions if you are helping people who are actively searching for an answer to a question. So be sure to utilize the profile area of Quora.

Within the profile area you can give a brief description of yourself and how you can help others. Also include any education, training, and any other relevant information.

This is a great place to add a link to all your Social Media…

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Channel
  • Etc

How to Answer Questions and Add Links

When you fill out your profile area, you will be asked about what subjects you know about. Then when people have questions in that subject, you will be notified at the top of the Quora page.

Once you find a question that you want to answer, you simply click “answer” and a text box will appear where you can write, format and add links.

How to answer questions on Quora

It is important to be thorough in your answers because those are the ones that tend to get “upvoted” and stay at the top. Therefore you will get more exposure as others come to that question to see the answers.

If you are looking to get traffic with this method, you will definitely want to add links to your website and specifically to a post or page that pertains to the question being asked.

Always remember to add value and provide links only if they will help in answering the question more fully. Don’t spam your links within Quora because no one likes that and you will eventually be known as a spammer.

To add a link to your text, simply highlight the words you want linked and then click the “link” button at the top right of the answer box (or hit CTRL+K). Insert the link to the page you want and then click “add”. This will add your link to the text.

You can also add pictures and graphics to your answers, however I would only advise doing this if it helps clarify the answer. I don’t usually add pictures to make it more appealing looking…… save that for your website. People just want answers on Quora and can get turned off by too many pics.


Proof of Views and Exposure

Answering other people’s questions is a great way to get more traffic. I’ve been using Quora for a little while now and I’ve already seen a huge increase in traffic because of the exposure I’ve gotten on the platform.

Some people click on the links in the answers, while others visit my Quora profile and click to my website from there. Either way, I’m getting more traffic and it’s generally from people who are searching for help… this means that they tend to convert much higher.

Here’s a look at my stats from Quora over the last 30 days.

Quora Views


Final Thoughts on Traffic and Quora

Quora is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic because it is free and your answers (links) stay on the site forever…. so the more you answer, the more exposure you will get and the more recurring traffic you can generate for the future.

Like I mentioned before, I always recommend finding 2-3 ways to generate traffic and spend some time mastering those and then slowly add more over time. The time that you spend getting this traffic will pay off for years to come.


If you want more ways to generate traffic to your websites, be sure to take a look at the following:


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7 Brilliant Traffic Strategies You Must Know in 2018


Want to Boost your Online Business/Website?

Get the resources and proven strategies that the Best Entrepreneurs use!




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Feb 14

How To Get More Traffic For Your Website – Top 5 Ways

How to get more traffic for your website

Getting a ton of traffic to your website is the key to success. If no one ever visits your site, you will never make any money. It’s just math.

In this article, I’m going to discuss how to get more traffic for your website… the Top 5 Ways that I find useful. There are of course dozens of ways to drive traffic, but I just wanted to keep it simple and list a few that you may not have thought of using.

1. IBO Toolbox A Place to Network & Drop Article Links

There is a network/community that I like to interact with at a website called IBO Toolbox. There you can associate with other members and even send them private messages. There are rules regarding what you can send of course, because nobody likes spam… but you can engage with other members and create meaningful networks with others.

IBO Toolbox also has a great ads center where you can place ads to your business opportunities or websites and generate traffic that way.

IBO Toolbox Ad Center

I usually have about 2 or 3 ads running on IBO and I get pretty decent traffic as a result. Ads are free if you are utilizing their Credit system. You get credits several different ways including for logging in every day as well as 100 credits weekly every Sunday by taking a look at their newsletter. You can also pay for credit packages if you have a budget for that kind of thing. I personally like the free credits though.

Another great tool I find useful within IBO Toolbox is their dashboard wall, where you can put links to your recent articles. After I have written a blog post, I always head over to IBO and write a small post on the dashboard wall for others to see and hopefully get a few visitors from.  Here’s an example:

IBO Toolbox Dashboard Wall
These are just a few of the networking opportunities that IBO Toolbox has available. There are a ton more including things like a video area, where you can place links to any YouTube or other videos you have created…. as well as an article writing platform.  Below is a link to my profile.


IBO Toolbox

2. Rebrandable TrafficCheap and Targeted

Rebrandable Traffic is another great traffic source. Here you have the ability to set up Ad Campaigns and enter in your own targeted keywords.


As long as you concentrate on the best keywords for your website link, the traffic generated is typically targeted and of good quality. The thing that you don’t want to do is set up a generic campaign with no real target keyword market.

This traffic actually costs money, however it is extremely affordable and only costs pennies as opposed to dollars. You can buy a 1000 visitor package for only $8 ($6 when they are on sale).

Rebrandable Traffic

3. Leveraging GoogleGoogle Plus & Search Console

One of the first things that I do after I finish creating a new blog post is post it on Google Plus. There are two main reasons why I do this… First, Google Plus is a great platform for posting links like that (better than Facebook or Twitter if you ask me), and Second, Google really likes it when you do this.

Think about it, getting ranked in Google will surely bring you more traffic, so why not post on one of Google’s very own platforms.

Google Search Console (formerly referred to as Webmaster Tools) is also a critical stop for me as soon as I post a new blog. After hitting publish on my website, I simply go to Google Search Console and ask Google to fetch my post. This basically just speeds up the indexing process.


How to Add a Page to the Fetch As Google Tool


4. SEO StrategyUsing Proper Techniques

Believe it or not, proper SEO strategy can be one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website. There are simple things that you should be doing when constructing your posts.

  • Meta Tags – Be sure to add Meta Tags to ALL your posts. This should include a Meta Title, Meta Description, and Keywords. Ideally your main keyword should be included either in the Title or Description (or both).
  • Video – Including a video on your posts if possible is also a great SEO strategy. If you don’t make your own videos, you can simply use one that compliments your post from YouTube.
  • Image – Images are always good to have within your content, because most people enjoy reading something with some imagery or pictures. But Google likes this too. Try to place a relevant image somewhere above the fold of your post.
  • Alt Tags – Always remember to use the Alt Tag of your images to add a little more SEO juice to the mix. Use your main keyword, or a tag that makes sense for the image.
  • Keywords – Your main keyword that you are targeting should be within the Title as well as the first paragraph.

There are a lot more SEO strategies you can implement, but these that I’ve just mentioned should ALWAYS be a part of your content creation routine.

Click here to watch “7 SEO Strategies to Explode Your Rankings in 2018”


5. Get More Comments – Website Engagement

The 5th way I like to get more traffic is by site engagement with comments. This is literally one of my favorite ways to get traffic. Once again, Google loves this and as a result you will see better website ranking and that means more traffic.

At the end of every blog post I try to ask visitors to leave a comment, especially if they have a question about something. This gives me insight into how my post is coming across (reading) to others. I can take that information and use it on future posts or even revise the current one so that it adds clarity if needed.

My favorite place to get comments is through the Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments platform. Wealthy Affiliate is where I get all of my training and tools for building websites. It’s a great place to start if you are a beginner because they have made it so simple and easy to follow along. And they have a ton of great tools that will explode your business and potential profit.

One of these tools is Site Comments. With Site comments, you can request comments from other Wealthy Affiliate members. You can get credits for comments by leaving a comment on another members post. It’s a give take type of system that really works.



Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments

Join Wealthy Affiliate to Use Site Comments



If you own a website and plan to make money with it, you know the importance of traffic. Using some (or all) of these traffic strategies could really help give your website the boost it needs to become profitable. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these 5 strategies do work and I recommend them to anyone looking to stay competitive in the online business space.

Leave a comment below if you have tried any of these strategies or if you have a favorite traffic driving source.

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May 23

Kris Clicks Review – Get More Traffic To Your Website

Kris Clicks – How to Get More Traffic To Your Website

Kris Clicks Traffic System

Program Name: Kris Clicks
Official Website: Click Here
Price: 100 Free Credits to Start, Packages Vary ($5.95 – $144.95)
Creator: Kris Karafotas
Rank: 7 out of 10

Program Overview

Kris Clicks is a brand new platform designed to send traffic to your websites.  The idea is simple, you upload a banner image, add your website link, and enable the ad.  Poof… Traffic comes your way!

Upon signing up, you get 100 credits to try the system out.  This allows you to test drive the platform without having to commit.  I always like those types of websites…. show me what you can offer me and then I’ll decide if I want to purchase.

After you run through the first 100 credits, you then have to purchase a credit package if you want to continue running ads.  There are several price points that will fit any budget.  The lowest being 1000 credits for only $5.95.  The highest package is $144.95 and that gives you 45,000 credits.

Kris Clicks also has a referral program where you can earn money by referring others.  Anyone you refer gets 100 Free credits and you get a percentage of whatever they purchase.  I believe the commission rate is 25%.  So if your referrals purchase the largest package ($144.95), you would receive $36.24.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website


The ads are run on already established partner traffic sites and networks.  The system deducts 1 credit each time a visitor clicks on your ad. In the settings area, you can choose exactly where you want the traffic to come from. You simply check the box next to the traffic type you want traffic from.


Kris Clicks Traffic Sources

Another great feature that Kris Clicks has is detailed information about the visitors that click on your ads.  You can see where they are coming from down to the city and state.  You also see how long they stayed on the page and what other pages they navigated to.  This information is priceless and helps you fine tune your campaigns.

Kris Clicks Visitor Information


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Inexpensive source of traffic
  • Easy to create ads
  • Has detailed information about each visitor (time on page, pages visited, location, etc)
  • You can create multiple ads
  • Has a good affiliate program (25% Commissions)Kris Clicks Create a New Ad

The Bad:

  • You only get 100 credits to try it out (however for most people that’s enough to see how it works)

Who is it For?

Anyone with a website that wants more traffic would love this platform.  It definitely delivers.  I started using it and immediately saw great results.  I even got a few sales on one of my websites.  I have purchased the Starter Package and the Apprentice Package so far.

If you don’t have a website, but you have affiliate links that you could send people to, this program is great for that too.  If you are interested in building a website, you can learn exactly how to do that at Wealthy Affiliate. (That’s how I learned)

Price – How Much Does it Cost

There are several price options for this program:

Kris Clicks Credit Packages

And often times there will be sales on credit packages.  For instance, I bought the Apprentice Package when it was on sale for only $10.46.

You have the option to pay via the major credit cards or PayPal.

My Final Opinion of Kris Clicks

When you need traffic to your website or affiliate links, sometimes you have to resort to paying for it.  This platform is easy to navigate and fairly inexpensive.

So far, I’ve had great success with Kris Clicks and the traffic that I’ve gotten has been quality traffic.  Most visitors tend to stay on my sites for an average of 3 minutes.  And many of them click on several pages throughout my site.

Simple Breakdown:

  • You join the program and get 100 Free Credits to start
  • You create your ads and enable them (don’t forget to enable the ads… I forgot at first)
  • Start seeing Traffic pour into your site
  • Invite others to join Kris Clicks and receive a commission



If you are looking for a long term passive income, you might want to check out my Personal Recommendation. That’s how I make most of my income and what has allowed me to retire early.


Kris Clicks Traffic System Recap…

Name: Kris Clicks

Website: Click Here
Creator: Kris Karafotas
Price:100 Free Credits to Start, Packages Vary ($5.95 – $144.95)




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Jan 19

Rebrandable Traffic Review – Buy or Sell Website Traffic

Rebrandable Traffic Review – Get Real Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Do you need traffic to your website or affiliate links?  Tired of waiting for organic traffic to finally find it’s way to your site? Enter Rebrandable Traffic…. a revolutionary way of getting targeted traffic to your website.

Maybe you want to sell web traffic to others. This can be a very lucrative business and having the right traffic system is key. With Rebrandable Traffic, you can buy or sell web traffic easily.


Name: Rebrandable TrafficRebrandable Traffic Review
Price:  $0.002 per visitor
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10


What is Rebrandable Traffic?

Rebrandable Traffic is a traffic generating website that gives members the ability to purchase visitors to their website for an extremely low price. They make it easy to get real targeted traffic by letting you set your own keywords. The #1 best way to get traffic is through the use of keywords.  It also allows you to resell traffic if you wish to do so.  You can create campaigns and direct visitors to your website or other links (for instance lead generating links).


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  •  Extremely CHEAP!!  The cost per visitor is as low as $0.002… ($8.00 buys you 1000 targeted visitors).
  • Easily create campaigns and control the number of visitors you want going to each campaign.
  • The ability to resell traffic to other people (another income opportunity – huge profit potential)
  • Affiliate program… refer members & get paid 20% of the sales (referral links and banners provided)

The Bad:

  • You have to prepay for the visitors – However, this does allow you to keep to a manageable budget.


Who is Rebrandable Traffic For?

LED_traffic_lightIt is perfect for anyone who has a website or online business and wants to drive traffic to their site or products. Anyone who wants to generate leads or build their email list can also benefit greatly from this program.

Anyone who wants to get into the “reselling” of traffic side of things would love Rebrandable Traffic. They offer a referral or rebranded link that you can customize so that the traffic looks like it is coming from your very own website or where ever you want it to come from.  Reselling is of course optional and just a second tool that is at your disposal if you are interested in doing that.


Rebrandable Traffic Upsells

There are no upsells… you just purchase a credit package depending on how many visitors you want. Once you go through all of those, you simply buy another package.

Rebrandable Traffic Review


Rebrandable Traffic Price

Credit Packages start at $8 for 1000 visitors (there are often sales on the packages as well… for instance as I’m writing this the $8 package has been temporarily reduced to $6).  It’s great to catch the credits when they are on sale… Even more bang for you buck.


Refer People to Rebrandable Traffic and Make Money

The affiliate program at Rebrandable Traffic is great… you get 20% of what your referrals spend.  They even provide you with banners (like the ones you see here on this page).  Just share your referral link with others and get paid. Below is a screen capture of one of my sales.  As you can see, I received $9 from that one sale alone.  Not bad!

Rebrandable Traffic Review

My Final Opinion of Rebrandable Traffic

This program is extremely easy to use and it truly does generate TONS of quality traffic to my websites.  I absolutely love it and find that the price is perfect for my budget.  I’ve used Bing ads and Google ads, but this advertising program is so much cheaper and yields results immediately.


Rebrandable Traffic at a Glance…

Name: Rebrandable Traffic

Price: $0.002 per visitor
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

VERDICT:  LEGITsign-up-below

Rebrandable Traffic Review

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing with a program that has NO hidden costs, incredible support, and is legitimate then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It is my #1 Recommended Program.



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