Mar 10

How to Create Product Reviews for Your Blog

One of the best ways to create content and monetize your website or blog is to create product reviews that include affiliate links. This can be a huge help when you are trying to decide what to write about as well. Trying to come up with content on a consistent basis can be difficult at times, so that’s why I incorporate product reviews into my article line up.

If you have ever struggled to create content, try adding product reviews to your blog. No matter what niche you are in, there are thousands of products just waiting to be reviewed. People like to research before they buy and if you can bridge that gap by providing relevant information for them to research, you are more likely to see a profit from your blog.

What is a Product Review

Let’s start out by defining what a product review actually is. It’s a little different from the typical informative or how-to style of content. The structure will be slightly different and while you will interject your opinion about the product, the main focus of the post will revolve around descriptions and the specs of the product.

Product reviews typically include things like price, where you can purchase, specification ratings, and more. This of course varies depending on the type of niche you are in.

If you are in the camping/survival niche, for instance, you could create product reviews about the following:

  • Camping Stoves
  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Sleeping Bags

You get the idea! You’ve probably seen dozens of product reviews if you’ve ever researched for something online before. The focus is usually on describing the product so that the consumer gets a better feel for what to expect if they were to purchase.


Find Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

The next step in creating product reviews and making money from them, is to find an affiliate program in your particular niche. We’ll use the camping niche again for reference.

If I wanted to create a product review for a tent, I would try to find companies or affiliate networks that sell tents. Brands like Kelty, The North Face, and Coleman come to mind. However you could also associate with retail stores like Academy or Gander Mountain.

There are a ton of Affiliate Networks and Programs out there for virtually every niche imaginable. Some of the ones that I use are listed below:

Once you have found an affiliate for the products you want to review, you will be able to add the unique affiliate link to your review post and if anyone clicks on it and decides to purchase, you will make a commission. That is the goal after all.

>> Learn more about how Affiliate Marketing works here <<

Keep in mind that different affiliate programs have different commission rates, but if you do your research you can find a good one to partner with.


Structure Your Product Review

So now you have chosen a product to review and you have grabbed your affiliate link for that product. What next? Well, this is where you will need to create an informative product review.

The key here is to provide as much information as you can in an easy to read layout. Structuring your review to read the same way every time (for each individual product) will help your audience immensely.

I like to create a basic template and then use that every time I write a product review. It just saves time and keeps things standard across the board.

One of the platforms I use to do this is Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent tool. It allows me to draft a product review template and save it. Then I can just go to that template and start writing. SiteContent actually already has several preloaded templates that you can also use or edit to make your own.

Within the structure of your review, you will want to include the following:

  • Product Name (Model #, etc)
  • Price (if Affiliate Program allows that)
  • Your thoughts and opinion about the product
  • Product Specifications (dimensions, weight, colors, etc)
  • Product Pros and Cons
  • A comparison to a similar product
  • Ways to purchase the product (include affiliate link here)

If you are interested in learning how I make a FULL TIME INCOME online, I show you step by step in my Free Training HERE!

Drive Traffic to Your Product Reviews

Once you have written your review and published it to your website, you will want to get as many eyes on it as possible. There are several strategies when it comes to driving traffic to product reviews. Incorporate as many of them as you can and you will begin to see more visitors and conversions.

  • Create supporting articles and add links to your review (ways to use the product, care and maintenance, etc)
  • Post on Social Media (link to your review)
  • Answer Questions about the product in forums or on Quora (link to review)
  • Create YouTube videos showing how to use the product
  • Optimize Your SEO and use relevant keywords (I use Jaaxy Keyword tool for this)

If you are successful in driving loads of traffic to your product reviews, you will not only build a huge audience but you will begin to be profitable through your affiliate links.

FREE TRAINING: Learn how I make a FULL TIME INCOME online working from just my laptop

Final Thoughts

Creating product reviews for your blog is honestly one of the best ways to consistently pump out content as well as earn commissions. The process may seem daunting at first, but once you have a template/structure in place, it really is quite easy.

If you want to learn from an expert and find out exactly how to create awesome product reviews, I would highly suggest you watch the video below for tips and tricks that you can use. As well as watch over the shoulder as Jay creates a product review on one of his most successful niche websites.

How to create product reviews

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Jun 28

Affiliate Marketing Training – Making Money with Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers with a huge brand name that everyone uses. Think about it, you have probably bought something on Amazon in the last year if not more recently.

The potential to make money with Amazon is enormous and a great place for beginners to start. As an Affiliate Marketer you can leverage the brand recognition of Amazon and earn commissions for promoting products.

It’s relatively easy to get started making money with Amazon. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

1. Amazon Associates – Sign Up

The first step is to sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program called Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

It is free to sign up and you can earn up to 10% commissions from promoting different products.

The Affiliate Program has various levels of commission rates (10% currently being the highest). So depending on what type of products you choose to promote, you can earn a percentage at the given rate.

For instance, luxury beauty products will earn a 10% commission while baby products will earn a 4.5% commission. Therefore, it is important that you know what kind of product you want to promote. Which brings us to step 2

Amazon Associates Commission Structure

2. Find Products to Promote

The second step is to pick a niche and find products on Amazon to promote. While you can literally promote ANY item on Amazon, you will want to focus on a specific category like beauty products or camping gear. This is called a niche and you will use it to build a specific audience.

Amazon Products

Your audience should be interested in the products you are promoting to them and if you target a specific niche, you will be much better off.

So once you have decided on the type of products you will be promoting, you need to grab your unique affiliate link. Within Amazon Associates, you are given an affiliate ID and each product will have a link associated with it that is assigned to you.

This link is how you will get paid. A customer clicks on your affiliate link and then decides to purchase the product within Amazon. At this point, Amazon pays you the commission percentage for each sale.

3. Create a Review of Product

At this point, you will want to begin promoting products and the best way to do this is to create a review. People love reviews and they typically research a product before purchasing, so if you create a review there is a good chance that someone who is interested in the product will check it out and make a purchase.

In your review, you should give details about the product, photos, and price information. Also, you will want to talk about the benefits that the product offers. A pro vs con list is a great way to do this.

Within your review, you will place your affiliate link to the product you are discussing. This will give the potential customer an opportunity to purchase the product.

A review can be a written blog post or a video that you upload to YouTube. Some people do both. But whichever way you choose to promote, you will want to be consistent and give plenty of information. People want to be thoroughly informed before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

I personally like to use a blog post to promote Amazon products. I have a camping website where I often do gear reviews. Check it out if you want to see how I utilize product reviews within my blog.

The Texas Camping Girl

4. Optimize Content – SEO

Once you have created product review content, you need to make sure that you optimize it. What does this mean? Basically, it is a way to get ranked higher within the search engines.

So by optimizing your content (whether it’s a blog or a video), you tell search engines like Google that you exist and to rank your content higher. People have a better chance of finding your posts if you are ranked on the first page.

For instance, when they search for “Best Dog Toys for Golden Doodles,” your product review post shows up on the first page and they click on your link to read more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not hard to do, if you know a few tricks. They are not really tricks, but more like strategies to implement when you create content.

Here’s a basic overview:

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Include Keyword in Title
  • Add Meta Description and Meta Title
  • Submit post link to Google Crawl
  • Add internal and external links within posts
  • etc

To learn more about how to optimize your content so that more people can find it, check out this step-by-step all-inclusive training…. Click Here to Access

5. Collect Commissions

The final step in making money with Amazon is collecting your commissions. Once you have traffic going to your product reviews, you will begin to see the commission payouts roll in.

By the way, Amazon pays you commission no matter what the customer purchases. For instance, if you send someone to Product A but then they start looking around Amazon and find Product B instead and purchase it, you STILL get the commission.

This is great because most people buy more than one thing at a time when they are on Amazon. So you will earn on whatever they end up buying even if it is not the original product you linked to.

There are plenty of reports and tools available within the Amazon Associates program. These reports give you a better idea of what links are getting clicks and what campaigns are producing revenue for you.

Final Thoughts – It’s Easy to Make Money with Amazon

If you’re an Affiliate Marketer and you haven’t already signed up with Amazon Associates then you are truly missing a great opportunity.

With the majority of the population using Amazon every day, the potential commission you could be making is enormous. The brand recognition alone is worth it to me. Like I said before, who hasn’t heard of Amazon?

Get Started – Sign Up with Amazon Associates Today!

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Mar 08

6 Great Places to Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate Marketers are always looking for ways to promote their respective affiliate links. Utilizing the power of the internet, most affiliate can easily plug their links in a variety of places in order to get the best results and reach the most amount of potential customers.

I’ve listed 6 great places to promote your affiliate links below. These are the exact places that I tend to put my links in order to drive traffic to my affiliate offers.


Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites online today. Everyone and their grandmother are on Facebook at least several times a day.

Placing your links on Facebook is a great way to get more exposure. You have to be careful about overly posting your links however.

Personally I like to use the “description” area when I post. So for instance, if I post a photo of my computer and a cup of coffee beside it, I will say a few words in the description about how I’m grinding or working on my business. Then I will drop a link to my website or a relevant article.

This link is not always a direct affiliate link, but within my website post I’ll have plenty of call to actions that will get visitors to my affiliate offers.

I’ve also used Facebook to promote my affiliate links, by dropping them within comments on other friends posts. In this situation, I will address a problem they are having with a solution (my link).

For instance, if a friend posts something about not being happy with their current vacuum cleaner, I will comment saying something along the lines of “I recently purchased vacuum A and have been pleasantly surprised with its power and quality.” Then I will drop my affiliate link to that particular vacuum.

Twitter works the same way, in that most people are on Twitter and if you can make use of hashtags, you can reach a ton of potential customers. Once again, I tend to put links to my website blog posts in a tweet. These are blog posts that are usually reviews of products and thus filled with affiliate links.

Doing it this way keeps you from violating the policies of not spamming you affiliate links as well as getting more people to your website. If you don’t have a website or blog post, I highly recommend getting one.

You can get training and have one set up in less than 30 seconds HERE!


Within Instagram, there are really only 2 places you can promote your affiliate links. One is within your profile and the other is within Stories.

My suggestion is that you put your website link in your profile area (you are allowed 1 link there). If there is one major affiliate program that you are promoting you could also put that instead. The reason I suggest putting your website link, is because this gets visitors to your website where they will be exposed to your affiliate offers.

Once you have reached the level where you can add links to your Stories, this is another great place to promote your links. Create a story talking about the product and tell people to swipe up for more information or to purchase their own.

Most influencers do this on a regular basis. They will have entertaining and funny stories and then mixed within those, they will promote an affiliate product here and there.


Pinterest is incredibly easy to use and an excellent source for affiliate traffic. People are literally searching on Pinterest for things that they are in the market for. This leads to greater conversions.

In order to promote your affiliate links, you need to create a blog post that is structured like a product review. Use relevant and engaging photos in your post so that you can pin them to pinterest and attach your link to it.

I use Pinterest every single time I create a new blog post. I simply take the url link and add it to a pin, grab the most appealing image from the site and then say a little about the product.

Remember that your blog post review will have the actual affiliate links in them. Pinterest doesn’t mind this, but it does have a problem if you just pin your actual affiliate link.

YouTube Videos

If you didn’t already know, YouTube is basically a search engine… much like Google or Yahoo. People search for everything on YouTube and therefore, it’s a great place to promote your affiliate links.

Unlike the other Social Media sites, you can actually put your straight affiliate link in the description of your videos. I even add a call to action in my video that directs people to the link.

The best way to use this platform is to create value videos as well as product reviews. Tell people specifically to click the link in the description if they want to purchase or check out the product for themselves.

You can add more than one in the description box, so I would suggest keeping the other ones relevant to your video.

I use this strategy a lot and I’ve had great success with it. Feel free to check out my channel and see exactly how I use my links.

Website Blog

Having your own website is not necessary for an Affiliate Marketer, but it is highly recommended. Personally, I use my website to build my audience and promote various products and programs that I am affiliated with.

I have complete control of my blog, which gives me more freedom that the social media platforms allow. Creating content is not difficult and if done correctly you can drive massive traffic to your blog posts and make affiliate sales as a result.

If you are reading this post right now, you are on one of my websites. I have several, but this one is the first one I built and I’ve been making money with it since 2014.

The obvious way that you can promote affiliate links is to add them to your posts through call to action buttons or text as well as through images.

If you are unfamiliar with how to build a website and promote your links, I suggest you take advantage of an incredible training program that is designed to help you start your own blog site as well as teach you everything you need to know to market it.

You can click here to read more about it!


Finally, there is… a platform where people can ask questions or search for answers to questions they have. It can literally be about anything. This is where you come in.

By answering someone’s question about a certain product or program, you can add a link to your affiliate offers within your answer. I suggest sending them to a relevant blog post because if you spam out your affiliate links too much, you will get banned.

But just like the other social media platforms, linking to a blog post you wrote will do 2 things. One it will get traffic/visitors to your website and two it will get your affiliate links in front of them.

I have some more training on how to use Quora effectively… you can check that out here!

Conclusion – Why You NEED a Website

As you can tell, having a website is incredibly beneficial to the Affiliate Marketer. It is basically your main hub for sending potential customers to.

With the limitations that most social media and forum sites put on affiliate links, it is extremely important to have a neutral place where you can send visitors and still get exposure to your various links.

This is why I recommend building a website and using that as the vehicle to deliver your affiliate products. It’s not hard to build one if you know what you are doing.

I suggest checking out Wealthy Affiliate for all the training and tools you need to build a successful website.

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Mar 06

Free 15 Day Challenge – Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own Affiliate Marketing Business but don’t really know how to go about it and how to be successful? If so, this Free 15-Day Challenge is built just for you!

Keep in mind that while this challenge is only 15 days long, you will be launching your very own online business that can make you money for the long term. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it will actually require hard work, integrity and skill development.

Free 15-Day Challenge with Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe is the creator of the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. Dave has done over $200 million in sales online and trained over 300,000 students to follow his exact business strategies.

The 15-Day Challenge is offered for Free and gives you the step by step guide to building an Affiliate Marketing Business that is profitable and sustainable. By Day 15, you will already have your first customer and be set up to make your very first sale.

This is literally an exact blueprint that Dave has used to generate millions of dollars in sales.

Build Your Dreams

With this training and blueprint, you can literally take your future in your own hands and change your life for the better. Move forward with your dreams to build a successful business.

Stop spinning your wheels with other programs that in all honesty don’t really work. This program has helped thousands of people just like you to build their dreams of financial freedom and a successful business.

Generating income that can give you the life you have always desired is possible with this program. Maybe you have always wanted to travel the world but you’ve been tied to a desk making money for other people. Or maybe you just want to get out of debt and not have to worry about money and bills anymore.

For me, it was the desire to be financial free of debt as well as create my own business that would be my full time income and give me the freedom to work from wherever I am.

What’s Included?

This is a 15-day program that is designed to help you launch your very own online business. You are given a blueprint that has been proven to work.

Check out what’s included in this incredible challenge:

  • Learn The #1 Business Model To Launch Online (Requires No Advanced Tech Skills)
  • The Simple 2 Step Funnel That All Top Affiliate Marketers Use
  • The 6-Step System To Choosing A Niche and Launching Your New Business
  • An actual Business Plan that you can follow
  • Free Coaching at your fingertips
  • Actionable Daily Assignments

Get Your First Sale on Day 15

If you are 100% dedicated to taking action on the education and training that Dave provides in this 15-Day Challenge, then you are going to get your first sale on Day 15.

The beauty of this challenge is that not only are you being coached by Dave Sharpe himself, but you are also given daily assignments that get you to take action and actually build your online business.

The challenge takes you step by step into building your business and each day you are putting up another brick in the building.

Now, if you just do nothing and expect results then you are in for a rude awakening. So make sure you are truly invested and have an honest desire to change your future and build a profitable online business. You are given everything you need to be successful, but you have to take action and do the work that is spelled out for you.

Conclusion – Is it Worth It?

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest training programs online today. Dave is literally handing you the exact blueprint that he has used to become a millionaire for FREE.

You are not going to find that kind of transparency and support anywhere else. I don’t know of too many people that are willing to share their personal secret to success.

So it is worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES!!

Like I said, this is a FREE challenge that only takes 15 days, so if you are willing to put in the time and the work, you could have a thriving profitable business up and running before the end of the month. Ask yourself if that would help you achieve your goals. If so, then check it out for yourself.

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Dec 05

Legendary Marketer Review – Can You Really Make $60,000?

In this honest review of Legendary Marketer, I will walk you through the basics of the program as well as the important details of how you actually make money here. I will also reveal whether or not you can really make $60,000.

What is Legendary Marketer…

David Sharpe

Legendary Marketer is the product of David Sharpe… who after being homeless for 8 years, picked himself up and went on to launch 3 million dollar companies.


David has taught the fundamentals of Internet Marketing to over 500,000 students. And according to Forbes is “one of the most genuine 8-figure earners to learn from.”

Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket affiliate program that also teaches how to be successful with affiliate marketing with it’s many courses and webinars.


My Review: My Personal Opinions Of Legendary Marketer…

Legendary Marketer Can you really make $60,00

I was introduced to the Legendary Marketer program in 2017 and was immediately impressed by the professionalism as well as the approach ability of the founder, David Sharpe and the many team members that I had a chance to speak with.

Upon signing up with Legendary Marketer, I was assigned to a coach who called and spoke with me about what I needed or desired to get out of the program. We discussed my experience with affiliate marketing and where I wanted to take my online business.

After my first phone call with my coach, I was left with a feeling of excitement and was eager to get started. I continued through the 15 core steps, absorbing as much information as I could and taking extensive notes in the process.

I was familiar with affiliate marketing and had been making money with it for several years, but I knew I wanted to step up my game and be a 6-figure earner. Legendary Marketer gave me that opportunity.

The one thing that was important to me was affiliating with a high-ticket program that was truly legit and respectable. I only promote programs that I believe in and that I would recommend to my family. I knew I had found that in Legendary Marketer.

This high-ticket program would give me the ability to earn even more and I was so excited to have this in my portfolio. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a high-ticket offering in addition to lower ticket ones. This is what makes a strong affiliate portfolio and thus a great online business.






What’s Included With Legendary Marketer

Joining Legendary Marketer is something that should be done with commitment and determination to succeed. That attitude is key to unlocking the potential that Legendary Marketer has to offer.

What can you expect from Legendary Marketer?

The Training:

  • Legendary Marketer Club ($30/month)
    • Subscription product
    • Teaches the basics of Internet Marketing
      • Facebook Ads
      • Lead Generation
      • Instagram Marketing
      • YouTube
      • Weekly Webinar
    • 15 Core Steps
    • Assigned Marketing Coach
  • The Traffic Rolodex ($47 one time)
    • Includes resources to drive traffic to sales funnels
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2500 one time)
    • Includes 4 main courses
    • Affiliate Blueprint (new)
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass ($5000 one time)
    • Brand Development
    • Product Messaging
    • How to scale your business
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8000 one time)
    • Live Event – 3 days long

There are several more live event opportunities where you can network with others and also get personal training from David Sharpe.


Also included (Done-For-You Marketing Material):


  • Landing Pages (sales video and free book offer)
  • Banner Ads
  • Email Copy (45 day sequence)
  • Video Ads
  • Ad Copy


Legendary Marketer Compared With Wealthy Affiliate

As I mentioned before, Legendary Marketer is primarily a High-Ticket program. But it also has a low-end entry that offers plenty of training.

Conversely, Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 Recommendation) is a low-ticket program that offers more than just training, with it’s many tools like keyword research, website hosting, and a solid community.

Both programs are great in their own right and I think that most affiliate marketers can benefit from being a member of both. I’ve already talked about the importance of having a high-ticket product in your portfolio as well as low-tickets.

Commissions Available at Legendary Marketer:

  • $18/month for each Legendary Marketer Club membership
  • $1000 for each Legendary Builder Masterclass sale
  • $2000 for each Legendary Leader Masterclass sale
  • $3200 for each Mastermind sale

Commissions Available at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • $1 for each Starter membership
  • $23.50/month for each Premium membership
  • $175/year for each Annual Premium membership


Legendary Marketer Commissions

I just mentioned the commission structure of both Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate above, but I want to talk a little bit more about the potential earnings that you can expect from Legendary.

Keep in mind, this is a high-ticket product which means higher commissions and the ability to make more money faster.

Think about it this way, you can make $1000 from each Legendary Builder Masterclass sale. So if you sell just 10 of these, you’ve made $10,000!!! Could that change your life?

It would take you 10 times as long to make that amount of money by promoting a $100 commission product. You would have to sell 100 of them to make the same $10,000.

So which one seems easier?

10 Sales = $10,000                                      OR                                                  100 Sales = $10,000


Personally I think I would have an easier time making 10 sales. In fact, once I realized the math involved, it became clear to me that higher ticket products are essential to making money faster.


Can You Really Make $60,000 with Legendary Marketer?

This is the ultimate question and one that has several answers. The first answer is YES! In fact, there are several people making just that EVERY MONTH!

The person that introduced me to Legendary Marketer (Nathan) is currently pulling in 5 figures a month. He has worked extremely hard and never given up. Nathan is truly an inspiration and to be honest, I can only hope to reach the same level of success.

This leads me to the other answer that can be given for this particular question. That answer is “Probably, but only if you work hard.” And by work hard, I mean implement the strategies that you are taught, stay consistent, and work your business non-stop!

Is this doable? For sure! It just depends on if you actually want to make $60,000 or not. Everybody says they want to make 5-6 figures, but do they really want to put in the work that it takes? This is what you really need to ask.

I honestly believe that you can make $10,000… $60,000… or even $100,000 if you put the work in and you realize the investment needed to reach those numbers. You can also make $0 if you don’t bother to put in the work. The choice is yours!




Conclusion: Are You Ready To Be LEGENDARY!?

The earning potential of this program is worth joining alone, but the training and “done-for-you” sales funnels is the icing on the cake.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer looking to add a legit high-ticket item to your portfolio, then you should honestly check out what Legendary Marketer can do for you.

I recommend going through the Core 15 Steps and then taking advantage of the Legendary Builder Masterclass. It’s designed to take you and your business to the next level. I saw the potential and joined within 3 days. My business (and monthly income) started to grow immediately.

However, if you are just starting out with your affiliate career, then I would suggest joining and learning all you can at the Legendary Marketer Club level (only $30/month).

With various price points, Legendary Marketer offers stellar education and potential income to those with any budget. All you need to ask yourself is “Are you ready to be Legendary?”












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Dec 02

What are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs? The 5 BEST

What are the highest paying affiliate programs


For Affiliate Marketers, making money is the goal and doing so quickly is what most online entrepreneurs desire. While Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick endeavor, there are strategies that make it easier to make money faster.

Finding and promoting the highest paying affiliate programs is one of the best ways to accrue a six figure income in less time.

If an affiliate programs pays more per lead/conversion then you essentially have to convert less people than if it pays very little.

For instance, let’s say Affiliate Program A pays $10 per sale and Affiliate Program B pays $1000 per sale. If your goal is to make $5000 in one month, then you would have to make 500 sales with Program A but only 5 sales with Program B.

It’s obvious that making 5 sales is probably easier (and more worth your time) than trying to make 500 sales. This is why it’s important to have a high ticket affiliate program in your portfolio.

1. Legendary Marketer

If you are looking for a program that has a high converting high ticket offer, then Legendary Marketer is for you. Not only is there the opportunity to earn $1000 per sale, they have a completely “done-for-you” system in place with dedicated sales consultants that work on your behalf once you have brought in the lead.

Legendary Marketer

Founder David Sharpe


So in essence, all you have to do is drive traffic to your affiliate link and they will take care of the rest. In the meantime, you get $1000 commission for every sale of their high ticket offer.

Think about it…. just drive 100 visitors to the link and if even 1 of those visitors decides to purchase, you have pocketed a cool $1000.

I love the fact that they have a sales team in place that are experts in making conversions. I’m not a sales person, so I’d rather leave that up to the professionals.

Legendary Marketer is probably the BEST high ticket affiliate program out there. I signed up and went through the core steps and then started driving traffic. Within the first 2 days, I already had several leads and got my first commission within a week.

Earning a Six Figure Income with this program is attainable and a lot easier than the lower ticket programs. I have enjoyed getting there quicker and I also feel like my efforts are not being wasted because of the huge commissions coming in.

2. MaxBounty

With the motto that their rates are the highest, MaxBounty offers its Affiliates the opportunity to earn high commissions with high converting advertisers.

MaxBounty is actually an Affiliate Network and there are over 1500 campaigns that can be leveraged. Advertisers include a variety of popular niches, such as diet, finance, dating, real estate, etc.

The affiliate sign up process is easy, however they may reject you if you don’t seem like a high quality affiliate. If you are accepted though, Max Bounty often runs promotions that offer bonuses to their affiliates for their performance.

3. Amazon Associates

One of the best things about Amazon Associates is that virtually everyone has heard of and most likely shopped on Amazon. This makes it incredibly easy to earn commissions from higher ticket products. Because people trust the Amazon platform, you have the benefit of tailgating on the brand.

Amazon Associates

With Amazon however, there are different commission structures for different categories, so you will want to choose the higher percentages and also the more expensive items.

Don’t waste a lot of your time promoting a $5 widget, only to get a 2 percent commission. Try to find a few good $300 products or better yet that $1200 product. One sale can equal a pretty good payday.

With Amazon selling everything and anything, the potential to find a high priced product to promote is extremely likely! That’s why I like the Amazon Associate platform. Plus, even if you don’t sell the $1200 product because the customer decides to go with the lower end product, you STILL get the commission on it.

4. Clickbank

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, odds are you have heard of Clickbank and you may already be a member. If you are not, you should check out what they have to offer.

Clickbank offers mostly digital products that are easily distributed and therefore relatively easy to sell. The categories are endless and no matter your niche, you are bound to find a high ticket product that will bring in a nice paycheck.

Keep in mind that there are also a ton of cheap products available, but as I mentioned earlier, it is important to promote the higher priced products if you want to achieve a six figure income with less effort.

There are plenty of Clickbank products that offer over $100 commissions per sale. The key is to filter them out and find out which ones you would like to promote. Be sure to make use of the promotional tools that most good advertisers will provide. These tools include things like email swipes, landing pages, and ad copy.

For those affiliates that are looking to up their game and learn how to earn 7 figures, Clickbank offers Clickbank University – an excellent course that is taught by experts and designed to teach you all you need to know to make money with Clickbank.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

5. Wealthy Affiliate

One of my favorite affiliate programs ever has got to be Wealthy Affiliate. It is so much more than just an affiliate program however. It is an entrepreneur back office and training platform.

Not only can you host and build websites here, you can also take numerous courses on Affiliate Marketing and Online Business. The amount of training and information available at Wealthy Affiliate makes it worth it alone, but the fact that it has an incredible Affiliate Program built in is why it is one of the Top programs available.

The commission structure of the Affiliate Program allows you to earn at the Free level as well as the Premium level. Obviously you earn more if you are a Premium member, which is what you want to do if you are trying to reach a six figure income level.

Another AWESOME aspect of this program is that it is Recurring income. Meaning that you earn the commissions month after month. This can be a game-changer if you think about it!

Why only earn a one time commission, when you can continue to receive it month after month!?!

Wealthy Affiliate Earnings

Learn more about the Earning Potential at Wealthy Affiliate here

Conclusion – Which One is the BEST?!?

So in my opinion, all 5 of these programs are great and offer high commission levels. But everyone always wants to know which one is the absolute best?

And the Answer is….. Legendary Marketer

If you are truly looking to create a six figure income, then promoting a program that is high converting as well as high ticket is the way to go.

So promoting Legendary Marketer with a commission of $1000 per sale means that you would only have to convert 100 leads in order to reach $100,000 in profit!

Success with Legendary Marketer is directly correlated with the amount of work and commitment you have to it. But in my opinion only having to sell 100 products to reach $100,000 is much better than having to sell thousands and thousands of products to achieve the same result.

So Legendary Marketer would have to be the BEST when it comes to high ticket products that can get you to a six figure income much faster!






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Nov 28

What is the Best Email Marketing Service?

What is the Best Email Marketing Service

If you have a blogging website, an online business or even a YouTube Channel, you NEED an Email Marketing Service to help take your business to the next level.

There are a bunch of options when it comes to Email Marketing Services…

  • Mail Chimp
  • Aweber
  • Get Response – MY Personal Recommendation (Best Value, Best Service)
  • Constant Contact
  • iContact
  • Etc…. the list literally goes on and on

But with so many options available, what is the best email marketing service for you and your business?

Should you go with the Free options (by the way, the answer is NEVER) or should you go with a paid service. What does the service offer and will it be able to grow with my business?

These are all great questions, but let’s start at the beginning… What is an Email Marketing Service and Why do you need one?


What is an Email Marketing Service?

An Email Marketing Service is also known as an Autoresponder. The service allows you to collect email information from potential customers (called leads).

Wikipedia defines Email Marketing as the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people via email.

Here’s an example of how it works: A visitor to comes to your website and reads one of your blog posts. Before leaving the page, a pop-up appears offering the visitor something free in return for their information. This is referred to as an Opt-In.


After entering their email address, the visitor now becomes a “lead” and their information is captured in the Email Marketing Service. From this point, you have the ability to email the lead with other offers and valuable content by setting up an Autoresponder (a set of emails that are automatically sent out).

In addition to sending out autoresponders, you can also send out broadcast newsletters. Imagine uploading a video to your YouTube channel and immediately being able to send an email out to your list letting them know they can view the new video. Game Changer!


Why You Need an Email Marketing Service

An Email Marketing Service is a great tool to keep you in contact

with your visitors and potential customers. By capturing their information, you now have the ability to reach out to them at any time with any offer.

An email list is vital to any online business. You don’t want to lose contact with people who have visited your site, because there’s no way of knowing if they will ever come back to your site.

With an Email Marketing Service, you can create landing pages or opt-ins that allow you to build your business and your audience.

Once you have their email information, you can contact them anytime you want with a new offer or just to offer them some valuable content that might help their business.

Imagine being able to tap into an already warm client base that is interested in what you have to say or offer. The conversion rate is going to be so much higher if you have touched base with your customers in the past and they trust what you have to say.


Get Response – The Best Email Marketing Service

So what is the Best Email Marketing Service to use? The answer is that there are many services out there and some are better than others.

Get Response

My personal opinion is that Get Response is one of the best available for the beginner as well as the expert. I started out with Get Response and have loved everything about it so far.

With Get Response, I can easily design and create beautiful and engaging opt-ins and landing pages that make people want to leave their info. There are a ton of incredible templates that can be tweaked to suite your needs.

Here’s an example of one of the Opt-In Templates available at Get Response:

Get Response Opt In Template

I also love their autoresponder format. I can schedule when each email is delivered to each lead.

The website interface is so easy to use and it’s very professional. The price points are reasonable for any budget as well. So if you are just starting out, you can get in the door for very little and then upgrade as your business starts to grow.

They also have a course available where you can learn more about how to generate leads and make the most of your email strategy. This is valuable information in my opinion because the more you know, the better you’ll be.



Key Features of Get Response

Get Response is an All-In-One Marketing Tool that has a lot of great features for any business. I’ll list a few of the most useful below:

  • Create Multiple Professional Email Campaigns
    • Autoresponders
    • Email Templates
    • Perfect Timing
    • Rss to Email
  • Marketing Automation
    • Automation Templates
    • Assign Scores to Customers
    • Web Event Tracking
    • Cart Abandonment
  • Landing Pages
    • Drag & Drop Editor
    • Landing Page Templates
    • Track Opt-In Responses
  • Webinars
    • Nurture Leads with Webinar Marketing
  • ECommerce
    • Ecommerce Tools
    • Platform Integrations
  • Forms and Surveys
    • List Builder Apps
    • Online Surveys
  • Analytics and Optimization


Try Out Get Response for Yourself

I’ve always been an advocate of equipping yourself with the best tools for the job. It is no different with online business… investing in first-rate tools is the absolute best thing you can do if you are looking to be successful.

If you are a website owner or blogger, and you don’t already have an email list, you MUST get started building one immediately. Everyone will tell you that an email list is the number one thing that you need to focus on in order to make your business sustainable in the future.

Like I said, Get Response is one of the best email marketing service available because of how versatile and helpful it is to automate your business. It fits into anyone’s budget and you can get started even if you are a beginner.

If you are serious about building a full time income online with your business, then you NEED to build you list.

Try out Get Response Now and get a $30 credit






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Sep 18

The Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to Promote

The Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to Promote

It seems like everyone is getting on the YouTube bandwagon these days. Let’s face it, if you have access to the internet you have probably watched a few YouTube videos. The potential to make money with YouTube is huge, but most people don’t really understand how these YouTubers are making most of their money.

You might be surprised to learn that most successful YouTubers don’t make the majority of their income from the YouTube ad revenue. Sure some of it comes from that, but the majority of them make money through Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to promote. YouTubers like Erik Conover, Maxx Chewning, and Christian Guzman utilize these Affiliate Programs to help supplement their online income.

So if you are trying to make your living through the YouTube space, you might want to check some of these out.


Amazon – Absolutely Anything and Everything

The first Affiliate Program is a catch-all of products and fits virtually any niche. Amazon is the perfect Affiliate Program to promote because anything you could ever want is being sold on Amazon and thus making it easy to promote.

Amazon Associates

One of the ways that YouTubers promote Amazon products is through the use of the description box. The description box is located below the YouTube video and lets you add content and links. This is where they will add the links to the Amazon products.

For instance, in the description box area some YouTubers list links to the camera gear and equipment they are using. I’ve also seen where they have listed the decorations that are found throughout their home. This is particularly useful after an apartment/home tour video.

People see the products in the videos and can easily click on the link and purchase the exact same widget or knick-knack for their own home.


Fitness & Nutrition Products

One of the most popular niches within the YouTube space is that of Fitness and Nutrition. Whether it be diet advice, weight loss trends, or workout routines, YouTubers are flocking to the Health and Wellness niche.

Fitness Nutrition Programs

Promoting products within this niche is relatively simple. Most people hear about a new product and are eager to give it a try, so affiliating with some of the top Fitness and Nutrition Companies is how a lot of YouTubers make their money.

From Protein Bars and Powders to Fitness programs and diets, there is an abundance of products available for YouTubers to review and promote.

  • Shakeology
  • PEScience Protein
  • P90X Workouts
  • Ghost Nutrition
  • Calorie Counter Programs
  • Recipe Books
  • Diet Programs

The products are endless and sell like crazy. For some YouTubers that have a huge following, mentioning one of these products can earn them thousands of dollars in commissions with just one video.


Style & Fashion Products

Similar to the Fitness and Nutrition niche, the Style and Fashion niche gets a lot of attention on YouTube. YouTubers in the Fashion niche are able to create Lookbook videos with their outfits or make-up tutorials that feature certain products.

Makeup Videos

Jessica Clements is a perfect example of this. In her makeup videos, she lists links to the products that she uses in the description box. Anyone who is interested in creating the same look as her can simply click on the links and purchase the same eyeliner or concealer.

Fashion is another avenue where YouTubers can affiliate with stylish companies that offer products such as watches, shoes, or sunglasses. MVMT watches is a great example of a company that pays its affiliates a commission for every purchase. They even offer some influencers a discount code to offer to their followers.

YouTubers like Maxx Chewning will often promote MVMT watches and other fashion products within his videos as he is almost always wearing the product. Showing the watch on his arm and offering a discount code typically gets viewers to purchase.



Courses & Tutorials on How to Make Money

The MMO niche (Make Money Online) also has a huge following on YouTube. Viewers are always looking for ways to make money online and YouTubers can offer affiliate links to courses or tutorials on how to make money.


Some people promote Clickfunnels and other Clickbank digital products and courses, while others choose to promote software such as email autoresponders and screen recorders and editing software.

On my YouTube Channel, I choose to promote the program where I learned how to build this website and make money with affiliate marketing… Wealthy Affiliate!

My channel is dedicated to helping others learn how to make money and a passive income online, so that’s why I promote this particular program.



If you are starting out on YouTube or even thinking about it, you will most likely want to look into affiliate marketing and partnering with affiliate programs in order to maximize your earning potential.

YouTube is one of the easiest ways to promote affiliate products and by doing so, you can create a very generous passive income.

Educate yourself first… that’s my number one recommendation! You will save yourself a lot of time and start earning even faster if you get the right training.

Find out exactly how to join affiliate programs and how to become an affiliate marketer here!







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Aug 30

What is an Email Distribution List and Why You Need One

What is an email distribution list

An email distribution list is a compiled list of emails from leads that have opted in to an offer. Within the world of Affiliate Marketing, an email list is an important tool that can be used to keep in touch with potential and past customers.

While an email list is not required for an Affiliate campaign to be successful, it is something that will definitely add value and help in growing your affiliate business.

Let’s take a deeper look at what an email distribution list is and why you need one.

What is an Email Distribution List?

As mentioned above, an email distribution list is just what it sounds like… a list of emails. But it’s more than just that. It is a list of potential customers and warm traffic.

When I say “warm traffic,” I am referring to traffic that is more likely to convert. It consists of people who are actively searching for your product or for information regarding your product.

Traffic comes to your website and upon seeing your offer, they choose to opt in to your email list. You have now captured a lead that you can send targeted emails to in the future. This is important because it translates to “return customers.”

In other words, you now have the ability to communicate with those leads without them having to return to your website.

Opt In Forms – Build Your List

So how does a visitor to your website or landing page become a lead within your email list? This is accomplished through an “Opt-In Form”.

Within a blog post or page, you can embed an opt-in form and offer something in return for the visitor’s email address. Below is an example of an Opt-In Form.

Email Distribution List

In the above example, the visitor who submits their email address will receive a Free 5 Day Course on How to Make Money Online. Depending on the niche, you can offer a free e-book or webinar.

Autoresponders – Stay in Contact with Your List at Any Time

After the initial email is collected and the free gift has been sent, the owner of the email list can then send periodic emails to the list about product launches or new blog posts or other value added content.

The process can be automated through the use of an Autoresponder. Emails are created ahead of time and dripped out slowly to the list at predetermined times.

So if you have 1000 email contacts in your list, the autoresponder automatically sends them the next email in the sequence (that you have created) based on when they signed up. You spend a few hours up front creating the sequence and then the autoresponder takes care of it from there, leaving you free to drink latte’s or chill by the pool. Set it and Forget it!

Email Marketing

Popular Autoresponders to Use

I highly recommend getting an Autoresponder if you are thinking about starting Email Marketing. It makes life alot easier and literally automates your sales/campaigns.

There are several really good Autoresponders that I’ve listed below. Each have their own price points so just choose one that is best for your budget.

I DO NOT recommend going with a “free autoresponder” because they are truly limited and not worth it. Invest a little into a good autoresponder and before you know it, your sales will pay off as a result.

  • Get Response <—- My Personal Preference!!
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact



Why an Email List is Important – Grow Your Business Tremendously

Customer Retention

In order to continue contact with a potential customer, you need a way to reach out to them. An Email List keeps you in contact with your visitors FOREVER and helps to grow your business.

If a visitor comes to your website, looks around and then leaves, you may never have the chance to convert them again.

But if a visitor comes to your website and joins your email list, you have the ability to contact them multiple times in the future and have a much better chance of converting them and getting the sale.

Email marketing is huge and a great way to retain customers/visitors when they would otherwise just leave your site.

To learn more about Email Marketing and how it can help grow your business, check out the Email Marketing Getting Started Guide at Wealthy Affiliate University.









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